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on April 19, 2017
This is a fun workout DVD. It has three 30 minute workouts, all completely different.
1. Steady Burn - 2 minutes at a slow pace, 2 minutes at a fast pace, then 1 minute super pace. Equivalent to 2.5 miles. I like that she shows you what the 1 minute intervals will be in the warm up.
2. Step and Stride - she uses a small step with easy moves. She never goes to the front of the step, so if all you have is regular step, you can use it. Equivalent to 2.0 miles.
3. Have a Ball - she uses a kid's plastic ball to work mostly the abs. Equivalent to 2.0 miles.
I'm not sure which workout is my favorite; they're all fun. Jessica works out with her mom, which I think is great. I was using LS videos, but they're pretty much all the same, and I don't like listening to the same conversation 100 times. I had to ramp up the workouts myself to get much out of them. Jessica pretty much sticks to talking about what you need for the workout, and I don't feel like I need to add to it. I already own three of her DVDs and will most likely purchase more.
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on July 29, 2017
I have several of Jessica's Walk Strong videos, and I really enjoy them - or maybe more accurately, I don't hate them - which is important for me, since I am NOT someone who really enjoys working out. They are varied enough to keep me interested (which is saying a lot because I get bored with my workouts pretty quickly) and are effective without being overly strenuous. I certainly work up a sweat with these and feel the burn, but I do not end up exhausting myself and causing myself pain. I do not really LIKE working out, so I have learned that if something makes me "suffer" I am not going to do it consistently. However, with Jessica, I get as close to FUN as I am likely to get while exercising. Using her routines, I feel like I have gotten a good workout without totally burning out. These Walk Strong videos also target different areas using different approaches which draw on a variety of techniques from Pilates to dance to yoga, keeping it fresh and engaging.
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on August 16, 2017
This workout DVD has three 30 minute workouts. The first one requires no special equipment and uses interval training. The second one uses a step, but can be done without one. The third uses a ball or a towel can be substituted. All three workouts are interesting and effective. I like that the exercises are low-impact, but get my heart rate up and work my abs.

I would recommend mixing in another type of workout in addition to these. I like to alternate these workouts with some resistance and floor work. But these are great to get some aerobic exercise when it's cold out and you can't make it to a class or a track.
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on July 1, 2016
I received this new DVD last night and did all 3 cardio workouts this morning for my daily workout. I used a small ball and stepper with no risers.

All three workouts include Jessica and her mom Debbie. The background is nice with a bright, home feel. The music is a little low compared to Jessica's talking, but I think its probably hard to balance the sounds without feeling like shes yelling. Most of the music on all three workouts had a beat, no words. I recognized some of the music, but there was alot of new music as well.

At the start of each workout Jessica gives a daily mantra, which I found really cool and inspirational. All the workouts are standing routines (no floor work) with no jumping.

At the bottom right hand corner, there is a 30 minute countdown clock on every workout.

Workout number 1 is called "Steady, Ready, Go!" (31:15 total mins)
*You do not need any equipment for this workout.

*She did about a 3 minute warm up and about a 3 minute cool down with stretching.

*There are 5 different intervals in this workout. Jessica shows us what the different intervals are during the warm up section.

*Although this workout is low impact, she keeps a steady pace for the "steady" portion, then the music beats speeds up more for the "ready" portion, and then an all out "Go" 60 second interval.

*I enjoyed this workout and I love that her mom Debbie seemed more confident and talkative in these workouts, than she has in any of the other DVDs.

Workout number 2 is called "Stride and Step" (29:55 total mins)
*You need a step (no risers) or small square space if you don't have a step.

*She did about a 5 minute warm up and about a 4 minute cool down with stretching.

*She keeps a steady pace the entire top since we use the step for the entire workout. She explains that she purposely did not do fast music or interval type music so we could stay safe using the step. I felt like it was fast enough to get a good fat burn and keep my heart rate up, but not so fast that I would twist my knee or get confused with the steps.

*I love step workouts but I don't feel very coordinated and I don't like high impact exercises. This workout was neither thank goodness! I used a full step no risers, not a half step like Jessica, and it worked fine.

Workout number 3 is called "Have a ball" (32:40 total mins)
*You need a small (non weighted) ball or a hand towel.

*I didn't feel there was a warm up to this workout at all. Although she did say after about 5 minutes that the warm up was over, but I didn't feel there was a music beat difference to it. You start immediately into the workout at a medium pace holding the ball, so I would recommend a quick warm up of your own if you start with this workout.

*You use the ball or towel for the entire workout.

*She does different "coordination series" exercises through out this workout; like a squat/ball chop and jog up/toss the ball in the air/jog back/bounce the ball on the ground.

*This workout was fun and I would highly recommend getting a small ball instead of a towel for this workout. I got a playground ball for $1.00 at my local Dollar Tree store.

I really enjoyed these workouts and can't wait to try her other new "Walk Strong" dvds!!
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on August 2, 2016
Step tip: If you have a full step (rectangle) and not the half step (square) that Jessica uses, don't worry. You can place your long step on the floor so that you stand at the base of the short side. She never takes you in front of the step, so you don't really need to buy a half step. I never saw that written anywhere and I could have saved myself some money. You can also use the setup that her mom Debbie has by taping a visual square on the floor and not stepping up and down during the routine.

I had to smile at the reviews that said these DVDs were boring because they are about to kill me. Those folks must be in great shape. I may get to that level too. I'm working on my attitude, but right now I exercise because I have to...not because it is joyful for me. Just being honest. Maybe I will change my mind later and think of these routines as boring and go for more gusto, but right now I'm just trying to get used to them. Jessica and Debbie smile and are so nice about it...bless their hearts. (I'm a hard sell.)

I'll keep working with the program. Jessica's customer service is outstanding. She encourages you to ask questions or send in your comments because she believes in her products. ...and it shows.
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on March 23, 2017
I enjoy working out with Jessica and her mom. I have purchased more than a dozen of her videos. Sometimes I will do two in a day so I can eat dessert and not gain weight.
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on April 7, 2017
Perfect workout for me. Low impact but totally gets your heart rate up and gets you sweating! I'm 57 and have some neck and lower back issues, I like having a workout I can do without jumping and still feel like it's helping to keep me fit.
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on April 5, 2018
This is the best workout for me (age 55)! There are 3 different 1/2 hour sessions to choose from and I really feel like I have accomplished something. It's not a cinch either - I feel like I really get a great workout. I bought this in December and do not tire of using it 5 days a week.

Thank you Jessica!
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on March 9, 2018
I love Jessica Smith workouts! Any one you pick is certain to be a winner. She will have you sweating with a smile on your face. Her instructions and routines are challenging, but NOT punishing! I love that she gives modifications for if you don't have the same equipment she does. For the "Step and Stride" workout, I did not have a step, but her mom Debbie did the workout without one and I just followed her lead and got a great workout!

Jessica is positive and born to be an instructor. If you want an easy and fun way to burn fat, look no further than this series of workouts.
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on July 15, 2016
I don't normally write reviews for DVDs, but I've written one for each of Jessica's new ones, because they're fantastic! I mostly use Cathe for my cardio and figured these would be good for easy days. Yes, they are easier, but not will sweat, but you'll have fun. I like that these workouts are more challenging than her Walk Strong DVDS. I enjoy all of the workouts on this DVD, but particularly enjoy the one with the ball. Fantastic job Jessica...please keep them coming!
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