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on August 3, 2016
I originally came here to write a not so great review about this product, as I used it for the first time yesterday. Then I saw all the photos that accompany the product description. As others have noted, there are no instructions included. You might think a product so simple as this doesn't need instructions. But there are two tiny rubber clamps that I had NO IDEA what to do with. So, I stashed them away in a drawer.

When I used this mat yesterday, the first thing I noticed was the angle was way too severe. All I could see on my screen was the glare of the sun. Then I came here to view the question section. That's when I noticed the photos that show exactly how those tiny clamps are to be used. Now that I know, the clamps have significantly improved the angle (made it much closer to 90 degrees) and I think this product will work fine for me.

Would have been nice if they could have included some simple instructions with the product to explain the use of those tiny clamps....
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on July 18, 2016
I'll be honest, I was worried about this product. I didn't really believe it would stay in place on my dashboard while I drove. But I've been pleasantly surprised! The dash mat hasn't slid once. I don't even have it on a flat surface -- its edges overlap ridges on my dash. It still stays in place. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to avoid the risks of suction cups or airvent mounts!
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on October 10, 2016
Works well while being lightweight. Perfect for the traveler. I have tried them all. A heavyweight clamp that worked well but got my carry-on inspected or my checked luggage inspected by TSA every time. Got tired of fighting with the vent clip mounts. So if you travel and are flying then renting a car, this is great when using your phone as GPS. Lightweight, doesn't alarm TSA, stays in place on the dash and it's super easy to put the phone in and get it out.
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on November 18, 2016
I put this on my steering wheel column so that my phone is right in front of me. It stays in place, keeps the phone from sliding around and is easy to use. My husband and parents liked it so much that they all asked for one, too. Excellent alternative to something that attaches either to the window or air vents!
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on April 11, 2017
I purchased this to use in rental cars. It worked well without having to mess around installing something into the vent. My phone stayed in without sliding. There are no directions, so I'm glad other reviewers mentioned the use of the small rubber pieces that hold your phone forward. Unfortunately, I lost one of them after the first use, so it can be challenging keeping all the parts together. I brought both size holders that come with it as my husband had a large battery charger attached to his phone. Both his Samsung Galaxy with the battery and my iPhone 6 fit. I used it in Florida, where it was about 80 degrees outside, with the air conditioning on in the car and the phone overheated and I had to take it down. My 2 complaints are that the phone overheated because it was on the dash and the small rubber pieces should be attached so they don't get lost. It's great for a rental car, but I wouldn't use it for everyday in my own car.
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on December 20, 2016
Like this holder so much better than the windshield mount ones. I must have gone through 6 of those over the years. This really grips to your dash and you don't have to apply any adhesive. it is nice that when you are not using it, you just pick it up and put it in a compartment. No messing with suction cups !! I have owned this product for over a month now.
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on September 5, 2016
I was skeptical but this little gadget works great! My husband has a Galaxy Note and likes to use the GPS feature when we travel. Since buying this product the phone has stayed in place and the GPS is easy to safely use while driving.

Stays well on the dash, looks nice and is functional...can't ask for much more!
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on February 6, 2017
I had my doubts when looking at this thing online... but it turns out that this phone holder is great!

I purchased the 2nd-generation IPOW silicone phone holder for my Subaru Outback (2015- generation). It sits nicely on top of my rubberized dashboard. It is made of a fairly grippy soft rubber that conforms to the contour of the dash and doesn't slide around. It has a pretty sizable footprint, so it's able to maintain good grip without the use of adhesives. Although I haven't taken it off-roading or anything like that, I can definitely say that I have had NO problems with the iPOW sliding anywhere at all when driving on highways, in the city, or on mountain roads. My phone has always stayed put, exactly where I put it, with no issues at all. (Although I'm not a daredevil, I am also not a gentle-footed driver, FWIW.)

We use this with an iPhone 5 with an Apple case, and an iPhone 6 that has a typical, medium-thickness clear case. It works with both phones very well. It comes with an extra set of mounts that will fit somewhat thicker cases. We haven't had any issues with buttons being inadvertently pressed, or anything like that. The mounts that your phone sits in are fully adjustable side-to-side. The viewing angle is less adjustable (there's a little nub of rubber to help with that, which it does effectively, although it falls off easily and is annoying), but I've been doing fine with the phone at its default angle.

I would buy this one again!
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You can find a bazillion devices that are supposed to hold your phone in place in your vehicle, but to me the simplicity of this one is a real win. First of all it doesn't have to mount on your windshield, so forget those unsightly suction-cup rings all over your glass. Another disadvantage of the suction cup is they are prone to pop off if they get the least bit dirty - I still wage constant war with my GPS mount that always wants to jump off the windshield glass when it gets really hot in the car. This clever little mount is basically a piece of something like a rubber mat with grooves cut in. This allows two rubber clips to be positioned in a wide variety of ways that should hold almost any smart phone, either horizontally or vertically positioned. (NOTE: Product documentation says this is for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 edge 7,iPhone 7/6/6S(plus) SE) There are actually two sets of rubber holders for the ends - one set holds the phone at a slightly more upright angle than the other set. In addition, there are two tiny rubber pieces that can attach to the clips to make your phone stand up a bit more. (Make sure you don't lose these when you open the package!) So you just slide your phone into the grooves and place the mat on your dash - that's it! There are no adhesives to worry with and so far I haven't had issues with the mat sliding around on the dash. I have a Honda Accord with a curvy dashboard, and this sits just fine on it even though the surface isn't completely level. The one problem I had was with my intended application - I wanted the phone to be held upright at a near 90-degree angle so I could use a combination dash-cam / GPS app. I couldn't get the angle adjusted where my camera lens pointed down the road properly. I still think this is a nifty holder for a reasonable price.
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on August 6, 2016
Works great, no issues at all, highly recommend this product.
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