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on July 6, 2016
Feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud. It is good for my back. It is firm with a touch of softness. Greatly passed my expectations.
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on June 22, 2018
Buying a mattress online is an admittedly risky proposition, but I'm so glad I did! I am a 56yo woman whose usual sleep pattern involves multiple wake-ups during the night. I have been using this mattress for a week, and I am having the best nights' sleep I have had in decades. I am no longer troubled by extra wake-ups. I don't toss and turn. I don't sort of wake up to roll over onto my other side. Nothing! Don't be fooled by the price. This is a high-quality mattress. And no shipping charges! Compare that to any brick-and-mortar mattress store.

The mattress is both firm and soft. No clue how they did that. It hits the pressure points perfectly. It is comfortable for back, front, and side sleeping. I also sit on the mattress with my laptop for hours each day, and it provides appropriate support in that position as well.

At 12 inches, the mattress is quite tall. Mine rests on a platform bed, so it's almost comically tall; I actually have to climb UP to get into bed now! Worth it.

Heed the warnings about unpacking the mattress. Even warned, we were quite startled at how the mattress exploded out of the packaging with the final scissor snip of the plastic wrapping. One second it was in a giant roll on the end of the platform bed - and a microsecond later it covered the entire bed. It also popped all the way up instantly. No delays.

Highly recommend! Just stand back when you cut it open.

Addendum: While I have no experience sleeping with another person on this mattress, I have several times had a cat jump onto the bed and not realized s/he was there until I got stepped on. (That's right. Crazy cat lady.) In other words, there was no sound and not the slightest give from the mattress. Come to think of it, when one of my kids sprawls across this amazing mattress or sits next to me watching something on my laptop, I am also not impacted. Much preferable to my old mattress, where everything shifted when another person joined me on the bed.
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on September 15, 2017
Don't be distressed when a box shows up at your door that's the size of a golf club bag. It's the Swiss Ortho Sleep 12" Inch mattress rolled up! I couldn't believe it when it arrived-- I thought I had been ripped off! But I opened it. It popped open to the size of of a full-blown, respectable, coil-supported, firm mattress. The Chinese are kicking our a** basically. This mattress is the best value of any mattress on the market, and trust me, I've checked scores of them!

One strange thing about the mattress is that when you sit on the edge of it, with your feet on the ground, its edge- support smushes. On other mattresses, when you sit on the edge, there is some slight give, but the mattress stays firm and supportive. Not this one, it really really smushes when you sit on the edge. So what? When you're getting on the mattress, the mattress is traditionally firm, and has the legitimate feel of a time-honored mattress costing hundreds more. I'm so impressed. And at this price point, it blows other mattresses away, and is comparable to coil mattresses at twice the price.
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on March 15, 2018
Take the chance and buy! After MUCH research on Amazon beds, I went with this one because it had the least bad reviews. It is always a gamble ordering online, because it is nearly impossible to return (being suctioned in a box/and needing to return in orginal box)-but the risk paid off. It is firm, but comfortable. Ordered a king. Quiet and motion resistant when partner moves which was an important factor for us. I normally like to sleep on a cloud, but suprisingly like this one-and the bed is very even. You will not sink into or indent-evenly supportive. If you needed extra comfort a mattress pad would work well. Great buy for the price and convenience of setting up. Super easy. Would absoutely recommend!
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on December 2, 2016
Boy do I ever love this mattress. I bought another one and paid $500 and it was hard and hot. This on is very cool and comfortable. I started out using a firm foundation and that was good but it is better with box springs under it.. Solid foundation seems to be the standard now but I will never use another one.
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on January 5, 2018
This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I've had since my Serta perfect sleeper. I have a hard time waking up because this thing is so comfortable. I weigh 235 and I feel nothing but comfort. I also purchased a 20 dollar separate pillow top for additional comfort That's not really needed but it was just in case type thing. Good for my back especially since I have back pains and money well invested. I went to a hotel and tried their mattress and it felt like laying on the ground compared to my mattress.
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on July 7, 2016
Amazing!!! Five stars for sure...this mattress was purcahsed for a spare bedroom and I love it so much that I am considering replacing my master room with one. Its soft but firm, thick and arrived so quickly. And well the!
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on February 25, 2017
Would definitely recommend I didn't measure to see if it's actually 12 inches deep but, after laying on it I could care less. I bought for my daughter and it's actually better than my more expensive mattress.
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on July 5, 2018
I bought this mattress for my husband on November 24, 2017. I didn't want to write a review right away because I wanted to give it time to either prove or disprove the wonderful reviews I had read about it. I have to say this is a GREAT mattress! I was concerned at first that it so easily fit inside a rather slim box. It has proven to be the best mattress we have ever owned. It's firmness has upheld very well! The coils still spring right back into place upon exiting the bed. I highly recommend it! We had purchased a rather expensive mattress in January 2015, and within a few months we fully regretted it. I love that this mattress is so affordable as well! I can tell it was manufactured to last.
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on August 13, 2017
Had this mattress about a week, and I'm really impressed with the comfort level so far. Paid $199 on Amazon for it, and like the reviewers say, its soft but firm, and amount of support it gives my lower back rivals $500+ mattresses I've tried in the past. The question that remains still is: 'how well is it going to hold up?' If it has good longevity, I doubt I'll be buying a mattress from a brick-and-mortar location anytime in the near future.
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