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on July 6, 2016
Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty skeptical review-reader and Amazon purchaser. When I see a product like this that's kinda weird and it doesn't have a LOT of reviews, but they're all positive, I tend to assume that any of the non-veeified purchases are fake reviews.


I have really sensitive teeth, and normal whitening products make my mouth SO sore, and I find leaving them on for 20 – 40 minutes (depending on the type) really inconvenient. Plus they're stupidly expensive.

So I figured "why not?" I'll buy the weird charcoal mouth powder. It's cheap, so worst case scenario I get to laugh at my boyfriend when I make him try it. Win-win.

So I used it for the first time today, and I have renewed hope and optimism in life! This stuff is amazing. I put a little on my wet sonic toothbrush and just brushed like I normally would with toothpaste. Took a bit longer to rinse my mouth, toothbrush, and sink, but who cares? It's not a 20-minute strip of bleach and cling wrap on your teeth.

So I finally let myself check in the mirror, and holy s***! My teeth are already visibly whiter. I'm blown away. It seriously is more noticeable than one treatment of any whitening strip I've ever used. I unfortunately did not take a before pic, so I know seeing my teeth isn't very helpful, but I drink a LOT of coffee, and this actually is a noticeable improvement for me (I know, I know, for shame).

Anyway, if you too are a skeptical purchaser, from one cynic to another: this stuff is actually great.

• a little goes a long way: this tub will probably last me a year
• quick: no longer than normal brushing
• effective: whiter teeth after one application
• taste: slightly minty, not at all chalky like I expected

• after taste: may want to follow with mouthwash or a tiny quick pass of toothpaste if you want a better after taste
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on March 25, 2016
I bought this product in hope this tooth and gum powder would help get rid of the tea/coffee stains on my teeth - but it did much much more!
I've been suffering from gingivitis for years and this product turned my gums from bloody red into healthy pink! My teeth are whiter by at least 3 times and it got rid of major stains! Moreover, I used to wake up with morning breath but then when I started using this, no more morning breath!
I am really happy with this product, totally worth it!
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Honestly? I was skeptical.
I’d tried baking soda. Didn’t really work. Whitening trays and white strips hurt. Didn’t want to drop hundreds on professional whitening.
I bought some of this. What the heck, maybe it’ll do something.

The first time I used it. FIRST time. My teeth were a shade whiter.
And it didn’t go away after a couple hours like with baking soda. Oh no. It worked instantly.

There’s no real taste.
Clean up is easy.
You only need a little.

I’ve been using it every day for the last 3 days and am very happy!

Highly recommended!
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on February 6, 2017
love it very much, however, its a bit messy. I spilled it in my sink, so my sink is now much lighter an cleaner as well. Ha!
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on July 5, 2017
I purchased this product because I wanted a charcoal powder that attempted to mask the ashy taste of regular charcoal and because it boasts organic ingredients. I don't think there is much anyone can do to successfully mask the taste, but it was a nice try. I have been using this for 3 days now and after the first attempt my husband and I both noticed a noticeable change in the whiteness of our teeth. I was not skeptical buying this product as I know the qualities of charcoal in a lab setting (as an adsorbent) so this is one more application of it's chemical traits. Although the charcoal makes your teeth feel very clean, just make sure you continue to use a fluoride containing toothpaste as that is more strengthening to your teeth and can help prevent cavities.

One thing to note, it is messy. This is not due to the brand, this is the nature of the finely ground charcoal. Also, I find myself having to floss for about 5 minutes after using because the charcoal rides all the way up into my gumline. Other's can't notice it, but the line that meets my tooth is a sandy gray color if I'm not careful. My regimen is to brush with charcoal, floss, brush with fluoride toothpaste, and maybe mouthwash next. I will continue to use this product even though it has added a few extra minutes to my routine. It's better than the whitening agents over the counter because it is more inert.
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on June 8, 2017
So far, so good! I wasn't the best teeth-brusher, I would usually just brush in the morning to get rid of morning breath, and sometimes at night if I could remember, but this stuff has motivated me to keep at my oral hygiene. It cleans your teeth so well, it feels like I stepped out of a dentist office. It does (for me, at least) leave some charcoal spots along the gum line or between teeth, but again with the hygiene motivation: it's my reason to floss!! My mouth is adjusting to the thorough cleaning, but my teeth feel better than ever and LOOK AMAZING. I am an avid coffee drinker, and my teeth showed it (not too bad, though), and in the week I've been using this, they've gotten maybe 1.5-2 shades lighter! I will continue to use this product, purchase it again, and recommend it to anyone I know.
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on April 2, 2018
So, the item is everything you would expect. It is a powdery substance, and unfortunately, it’s chalky as hell. However, that doesn’t completely detract from the experience of using activated charcoal. I was afraid that the cinnamon flavoring would be overpowering, but it’s pretty subtle and definitely leaves you with a fresh cinnamon-y aftertaste. Just started using the product, and I like it overall. However, I can’t comment on the whitening factor just yet as it’s only been a few days. I feel as though it takes care of plaque better than regular toothpaste though. My only real annoyance to this product is, you can’t stick your toothbrush in the tin as it needs to be moisture free. So I pour a little into the lid and it makes a hell of a mess.
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on June 27, 2017
This stuff works great! It took a little while for me to achieve my results (about a week and 2 days) but you can definitely notice a difference! It's not as white as I would like, but I'm content with that especially for the price. The flavor is subtle and tastes like spearmint! I also love how clean it makes my teeth feel, even after a couple hours since I used it!
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on March 24, 2017
At first I was so excited to have this product! First few times I used it, it worked great. But I woke up one morning with white spots all over my mouth and a weird coating on my tongue. I went to the doctor and got a throat culture done and it came back clear but I later found out I had thrush. Now I had no clue how I could get a yeast infection in my mouth. Out of curiosity I took a swab of the charcoal powder and did a culture on it. The results were disturbing. In the picture you see white colonies of yeast forming and a large mass of yellow mold. Now I have found the culprit of what gave me thrush. I didn't want to make such a bad review but for anyone's health who is using this or wants to please take a look and decide if you want that in your mouth.
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on June 6, 2017
Yuk. After using unflavored charcoal powder I thought I'd try this for a change. The sweetener tastes terrible, cinnamon taste is odd, the powder is chalky, and it just tastes weird. Plus it didn't whiten like the plain charcoal powder (another brand) does. Won't be using, glad it wasn't more expensive.
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