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on June 13, 2017
Full disclosure: I'm an idiot. However, I live in a less than outstanding neighborhood and my laptop is life. So I was in the habit of hiding my laptop in the broiler. (It has gone well for six months.) But alas, the day came where I was truly idiotic and turned on the oven. MY LAPTOP CASE CAUGHT ON FIRE AND MY LAPTOP IS FINE. Buying another one, and keeping it out of the broiler. But one thing is for sure. This is one hell of a case. No joke. This is real life. I'm typing from my laptop now.
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This laptop sleeve is very well made, as other reviewers have pointed out. No hanging strings or sloppy stitching whatsoever. The small case for adapter or mouse is also very nice.

The sleeve and small matching case is available in 5 color choices; I ordered mine in the wine red color, the shade of which is just as it is in the ad’s picture. The version of the case with carry handles and side pockets comes in 4 color choices.

The case is indeed attractive; sleek and streamline (see image #1). The seams are encased in wide, rugged binding (see image #2) … very nice. The zipper appears sturdy (see image #3), and has binding that runs along side it (on the inside of the bag) to reduce any risk of snagging or catching on fabric – see image #4. Also note in image #4 how nice, plush, and soft the lining inside the sleeve is, offering great protection against scratches, as well as bumps and bangs. The matching small case for adapter or mouse is also lined in the same plush fabric. It has protective binding along the sides, and the zipper extends from the bottom of one side of the case to the other, and nearly lays flat when fully opened - see image #5.

In one review that I read, the person stated that the sleeve was much too roomy for their laptop. Both the sleeve (no handles) and the version with handles are available in different sizes: 11-11.6” / 12” / 12-13.3” / 14” / 15-15.6”. It would seem that if the sleeve was ‘way too big’ for the laptop, the wrong size case was ordered. I ordered my case in the 13 - 13.3-inch size to accommodate my 13.3 MacBook Pro with Retina. As you can see in image #6 my MacBook (which has a thin hardcover on it) slides right into the laptop sleeve nice and snug, which keeps it from shifting around once the sleeve is zipped up.

I read in other reviews that the sleeve was not truly water resistant and that it soaked water up like a sponge. I tested that for myself. I dropped water onto my laptop sleeve. After waiting 15 - 20 seconds I took a picture of the water, which for the most part had remained beaded up on the surface - see image #7. After taking the picture of the water drops, I used folded paper towels to blot (push down on - not wipe or rub) the water - see image #8. As you can see by image #9, taken immediately after blotting up the water droplets, the laptop sleeve was relatively dry. Perhaps not completely dry, but not wet feeling either. In my opinion the laptop sleeve will provide some protection from dampness. Although the case is not water proof it is relatively resistant to water. It is one of the unique features of neoprene - the fabric from which it is made.

In regards to the odor that some of the other reviews complained about. Yes, I noticed a slight odor from my laptop sleeve as well; the odor was very strong when I sniffed at the sleeve up close. The odor is reminiscent to petroleum, which shouldn’t be surprising since neoprene is petroleum based.

Neoprene is a synthetic polymer resembling rubber, or in some instances, a type of foam. It is resilient to oil, heat, and weathering. In fact, neoprene remains flexible in a wide temperature range, and is considered a good insulator. It also helps absorb impact, and is somewhat stretchy.

Some of the types of products made using neoprene include laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces, outdoor furniture cushions, saddle pads, cycling gloves, and wet suits (for scuba diving).

While the material is strong and enduring, like Superman it does have its kryptonite; there are several common-day chemicals to keep away from your new laptop sleeve. Boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, lard, palm oil, and urine … all will degrade neoprene if they come in contact with it.

* The Mosiso laptop sleeve (made from water-resistant neoprene) is attractive and streamline; it is sleek and professional looking. Combined with the neoprene material, the layer of polyester foam padding and plush lining will offer good protection for your laptop or tablet against scratches, dings, bumps, and dampness - AS LONG AS YOU REMEMBER TWO IMPORTANT FACTS: 1.) this is a soft sleeve/case and not a hard one. Because it made from fabric and not a solid material, take commonsense precautions and handle your expensive laptop/tablet with care, even when it is inside the sleeve. 2.) even though the laptop sleeve is made from water resistant material, avoid getting it wet. It will offer protection from dampness, a little rain, or a light splash. (In those instances, remove the laptop from the sleeve at your first opportunity, blot the dampness off the sleeve, and make sure it is perfectly dry before returning your laptop to the sleeve.) However, it is a no-brainer that purposely submerging the laptop sleeve in water, or allowing it to get drenched with any liquid with your laptop inside, is not a good idea.

* Both the sleeve and handle versions of this laptop case come in several sizes, with various color options to fit most person’s needs.

* The laptop sleeve and small matching case are both well designed, well constructed, and made from reasonably strong materials. How will this laptop sleeve hold up over time? I’ve only had mine for little over a week, but so far, so good. Only time will tell how it will hold up with prolonged use.

* At $14.99 the laptop sleeve is reasonably priced.

Based on design and workmanship I give this laptop sleeve 5-stars. However, it looses 1 star for the reasons listed under CONS. (I was going to dock 2 stars instead of just 1, but reasoned that it isn’t Mosiso’s fault that I’m so anal about potentially negative elements, due to my ongoing health issues.)

* While confined in a small apartment with windows closed during a rain storm, the odor from the laptop sleeve became more noticeable and more of an issue as time went on. After my eyes started to sting after sitting next to the laptop sleeve for a few hours, I decided to research the fabric that it was made from - neoprene. I discovered that while neoprene has many good characteristics (listed above), it also has a few less desirable ones. Neoprene is petroleum based (thus the strange odor). Also, lead-containing compounds (which can have a toxic effect) are used to prepare finished products made from it. This is why some persons have an allergic reaction when handling or coming in close contact to something made from this material.

While I was offered this laptop case for free or at a discounted price, my review is unbiased and based solely upon my own experience with this product. I was in no way obligated to write a detailed review, or even a positive one. (If doubtful as to my credibility as an unbiased reviewer, visit my public profile page and read the personal message in my bio. Please also note that even when reviewing a product that I received for free or at a discounted price, I do not always rate the product 5 stars, or even 4 stars.)

This review took time to write, but I provided as complete and straightforward a review as possible, along with multiple pictures. Why? Because I am like you. I rely upon the comments and experiences of other consumers when making an Amazon purchasing decision. Thank you.
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on March 3, 2017
Laptop Sleeve-
Love this sleeve! Very protective. Good quality. The inside of it is very soft and stylish. It has a tiny bit of wiggle room for my macbook air 13" which I like if I ever decide I want to put a case on it. It's more on the soft side, so it doesn't have a firm feel to it.
Charger Sleeve-
I'm in love with the charger sleeve too! The only downside is that I'm worried over time the stitching will come apart. The charger is pretty bulky so it's stretching it some. It hasn't come apart yet so I'm hopeful! I didn't think a charger sleeve was needed but it makes it a lot easier to carry. It's the same softness as the sleeve.
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on August 24, 2016
Fits my macbook air 13" with a hard cover. The inside is so soft and fuzzy. The color is pretty true to the photograph. It arrived quickly and I think was a good price. The little cord bag is cute too. The zipper seems good quality, would probably buy again.
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on September 26, 2017
Material is sturdy. High quality feel. Like a freshly killed deer pelt if the deer pelt felt like high quality laptop sleeve. Haven't tested the waterproof features. I fear that my expensive laptop will die if the seller is a liar and make up waterproof story. But even if seller is liar, you would be stupid person to throw water on your expensive MacBook. If you read this and happen to be a stupid person with expensive MacBook, send expensive laptop to me instead. Or give to nice orphanage, is good for karma no?

A big bonus was the sleeve for the power supply. Huge plus. For everyone who does not have power supply bag, you do not know what you are missing. If you have nice power supply sleeve and not use, you must be stupid person who does not deserve an expensive MacBook.

This was good buy for me. High quality and inexpensive. I make one mistake though. I have small MacBook Pro. Not the big one. I thought from description 13.3 case was good size for my small MacBook Pro. When I get there is too much, how do you yankees say, too much wiggle room. But I don't return to Amazon because Amazon probably make me pay for shipping.

Driving my uber does not give me, how do you yankees say, throwing away money. So I keep my loosey laptop sleeve. After I make more money driving my uber, I buy me a smaller one that fit more snugly, yes?

My suggestion to seller, give better descriptions for size, yes? Is good for karma. I like my sleeve snug, like bear hug, not loose, like my neighbor's doggie.
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on September 23, 2017
So far so good! I have a 2017 13 inch MacBook Pro, and I don't put any case on my MacBook (or on my iPhone for that matter). I mean why ruin the beautiful aesthetics by covering it up with some flimsy plastic? I just wanted a simple sleeve that could protect my laptop from scratches/nicks when I carry it around in my backpack. For the price, this sleeve seems to fit my laptop better than most other sleeves on Amazon. I tried other sleeves at this price range and even though they claim to be made for the new MacBook Pro, they're usually inch or more too big, which means my laptop could slide around inside of the sleeves. My recommendation to others is to make sure to check the internal dimension before buying, unless of course you don't mind/care about the extra room inside of the sleeve. I also like that they include a smaller sleeve for other peripherals, although I'd much rather just have an extra pocket/slot on the sleeve itself then having extra thing to carry around. Of course, it isn't perfect. I wish the fit was even more snugger, and as others have mentioned, it does have a strong smell of off-gas (chemical), but I'm sure it'll dissipate soon enough. Overall, I recommend it.
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on July 13, 2017
Great for my new 12" Macbook, though the fit is a little loose (would probably be more snug of a fit for a Macbook Pro and/or a Macbook with a hard cover). The inside is lined with this light grey faux-fur material that makes sliding my computer in and out a breeze. Not sure how protective it would be if I dropped the whole computer while it was in the sleeve but I hope to never find out! The smaller case is perfect to hold the Macbook's power cable and I could definitely stash a few extra little things in there if needed (i.e. chapstick, flash drives, a few pens) I love the red wine color.
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on October 18, 2017
Purchased this for my 12" Macbook 2016 and it fits like a glove. I wanted a pouch that would protect my laptop against scratches from things in my bag like keys. I like the fact that there is an additional pouch to store the charger and any other smaller peripheral devices like USB sticks or other wires. I ordered the serenity blue color way – the stock photo is a little darker than the actual product color if you're concerned about getting the case dirty. For under $15, you definitely get what you paid for – the seams are sewn thoroughly and the product is overall solid. Hoping this lasts through a school year's worth of wear and tear!
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on January 9, 2018
Seems well made to protect a laptop effectively, but have been unable to use due to smell. It is strange that I purchased two, the teal in the 13 size and a gray 11 inch one. The gray has no odor at all, out of the box and could use immediately. The teal one, however, stinks! I turned it inside out and placed outside for a week, but the smell, although not as strong was still there. Finally took a chance and decided to wash in warm water. What could I lose? Couldn’t use with that horrendous smell. Two cycles later, after letting it soak in vinegar and laundry detergent for an hour each time, the smell is barely there. I have to place against my nose and inhale to notice. Think I’ll give it another rinse and it all should be good. It still looks brand new after the wash, just don’t place in dryer. Also washed the gray one just to remove any residual chemicals that might be lingering around. Would I purchase again? NO! The effort is not worth it.
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on October 4, 2017
-the moment you open the package, it screams "quality". Nothing out of place, no residue on the cover, no bad stitching; some people complain about a smell. The smell fades after a few days.
-inside is soft and has a "lip" so both your device and whatever you put into the smaller bag won't knock and scratch against the zippers
-both bags are a good size. I use the smaller one for my mouse.
Things to note:
-THIS IS NOT A HARD CASE. The entire case is soft, and while it's good quality there is NO rigidity whatsoever. I carry my laptop in this case, inside yet another pouch in my bag. If you're travelling, it's a good case to put into your backpack. It will protect against spills and such.
-GET A DARK COLOR; the bag gets dirty VERY easily. I regret getting a light color. Still, not their fault. Also, the Airy Blue is lighter than it appears in the picture.
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