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on August 23, 2017
what a heaven-sent mattress. i was too lazy to buy a mattress at the local store, strap it to the roof of my 03 Honda and carry it up 3 floors to my apartment, Amazon shipped this directly to my door.
-The only smell i noticed was, i assume, the polyurethane, it lasted about 30min and wasn't a strong odor. The mattress opened up immediately to the 8", so I feel sorry for the people who had these complaints.. anyway, i've been sleeping on the floor for the past week and boy o boy did i feel excruciating pain from that after resting on this mattress, it was difficult, no, impossible to get up after lying down on this.
-This mattress is semi-firm to firm (like on scale of 0 being water bed and 10 being carpeted floor, id give it a 6.75), which is perfect for 110# me, personally i dont like squishy mattresses, they cause more issues, but this one actually eased my back pain.
-It weighs what feels like 100# when expanded, but it states 40# - im not very strong, it's heavy, so make sure when you open it that it's in the right place.
-the 8" Full is perfect for 5'7" me, i'm living in luxury now.
im super glad i chose this one, even at ~$170 it's worth it. i'll give an update in a year or so to see how it holds up.

UPDATE (05/07/2018):
After using this mattress for two semesters, it's still brand new. I haven't used a box spring either (bc im a broke college student), it's been on the floor, there's no permanent stress or anything. I would assume this mattress would last a lifetime.

Every time I've slept over at friends, family, boyfriends houses, I've always wanted to come back to this bed, my spine and intestines crave this mattress, my internal organs don't hurt in the morning at all, unlike when I sleep on someone else's bed. As a side sleeper with bony hips, it is ultimate comfort. This has been the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon if that tells you anything.

Since I am moving and can't take with, I will definitely be buying this again in a couple months.. maybe I'll upgrade to queen size.
Hope this review has helped.
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on October 25, 2016
I really didn't know what to expect from a box 'o mattress. I do know that the last time I had to shop for a mattress I found it such an unpleasant and tedious chore and the bed I ended up getting turned out to be an instantly regrettable lemon. So, this time around I wanted a lot less hassle and frankly after spending over $600 on a lumpy uncomfortable standard bed, this mattress sounded like a little bit of heaven. And, if it turned out to not be comfortable, at least I wouldn't feel like the same kind of chump I felt like when I spent over $600 on a bad mattress. ANYWAY... this bed is fine! I wasn't sure how to unpack it since there were no directions on the box. I had visions of the bed equivalent of an inflatable life raft unfurling in my living space, but it was a no drama affair. I cut away the entire plastic bag it came in so it could fully breathe. There were no fumes or off-gassing, which was a big concern for me when buying a foam mattress. I let the mattress sit out for 2 days just to be certain it was done doing whatever it is that takes place for it to adjust out its extreme compression and fully expand. You probably don't have to wait that long, I was just playing it safe.

Some of the reviews have commented on the firmness of this bed. I wanted a very firm mattress and while this one is probably firm to most expecting a soft bed, I found it a little soft. I sink in about half an inch, and then it is firm. It is kind of a strange sensation that I will probably get used to. I bought a very simple wood bed frame from Ikea ("Fjellse' only $40 and the matching slats at Ikea were only $30 for a twin size frame). I really like the look of my simple bed frame and simple bed with no box spring. The last bed I had took up too much room and the whole contraption seemed over sized and kind of absurd. This new bed is a lot less bed taking up a lot less space and I recommend checking out Ikea if you, like me, are sick of looking at gaudy or cheap looking bed frames. My simple wood frame is almost Mission style and you can't beat the price.

I have no idea if this mattress will last over the long haul, but for now I am loving it and the price is very reasonable.

UPDATE: I'm a couple months into this purchase and it's been a great mattress. No sagging and nice and firm.
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on December 31, 2017
WOW! **READ THIS** short and sweet as possible. I considered almost all the memory foam mattress thats on Amazon even though I ruled out everything that was less than 8 inch in high and has springs in them. I was more interested in a FIRM back supporting mattress that would provide support and relief when I lay on it and that's exactly what I got with this one. I was a little skeptical because this one had about 700 reviews as opposed to others with +4k reviews but I mainly went with this one because it seemed firm from review photos and now I can assure is firm enough to feel comfortable and support your back, but doesn't feel like your laying on the floor. I'm a 23 y/o EMT, I constantly lift people and put strain my back and my traditional spring mattress was only adding to my back aches. I haven't slept on it just yet to go into details about sleep quality but laying on it for a few hours..I know for my self that I can sleep comfortably on it.

Shipping was fast with prime, about 2 days. Packaging was smaller than expected which is a pro. Item was rolled up and sealed in 2 pieces of plastic. After cutting off the plastic, it inflated and went to it's advertise high of 8" in a couple of minutes. It fits perfectly on my couch bed which is a twin size. There's a very mild production oder but seriously didn't grow on a tree. It was compressed and shrink down to fit in the packaging box. The oder should go away after a day or two. I personally didn't notice it until actually checking for it.

Well that's about it guys. There's really no cons for me because I got what I paid for and still am impressed to have a quality memory foam mattress for less than $200. I used to sell mattress and bed sets a couple years ago and I pretty much sold my self on this one. I would highly recommend this for someone that wants something more firm than plush and doesn't sink in much. Anyways enjoys guys and have a happy holidays. I Hope my feed back helps you.
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on October 6, 2017
Wow! Can't beat the value. I ordered 2 of the 8" mattresses for my youngest daughter's room. The lowest prices the mattress store could give me for anything that look worth sleeping on was close to $649 for a pair, which did include 'bunk boards and 'free' delivery", but I found bunk boards on Amazon for less too. But that's a seperate review. Anyway. This mattress came in a pretty big box, but even as a small woman I was able to handle it myself. I unboxed, unrolled, unwrapped, and POOF....I had a mattress! There was definitely and off gassing odor for a couple of days, but it's non toxic, and no one had any issues...even my asthmatic kid. It was a couple of days before the corners rose to the height of the rest of the mattress, but I was still impressed considering the price. Not only was it delivered straight to my door, but it's comfortable. Like...I have a Tempurpedic Allure bed that I paid an UnGodly amount of money for, and I'm comfortable sleeping between my bed and this bed. It is firm, but soft. My kids fight over who's sleeping in the second bed. I got my money's worth for sure.
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on November 20, 2017
Delivered on time and totally condensed and easy to move. Once removed it only took only about 24hrs for the foam to get into shape (note pic shows the full mattress was too wide for our standard full bed with slats at first. I was worried but then the next day the width lessened and finally fit the platform bed frame- will a bit tight though).
Foam is firm but still cozy. This is our child’s first bed transitioning from crib and she’s done great in it. She also fell asleep and I when i moved off the bed, it didn’t even move or shift her position at all, which is a big plus for reading in bed with her.
This is our first foam bed in a box, and it’s nice
Much better than I expected. I personally couldn’t sleep on it because I like more of a softer pillow top and spring mattress but perfect for kids or a guest bed! We are thinking about buying more of these for a bunk bed in our cabin.
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on December 16, 2017
I've had it for a year and a half and it still feels pretty firm. If I'm in one side too long(a few months) a minor dent will form over time but it comes right back when I move to another side. I'm a floor sleeper and this mattress is perfect for the floor. The support has remained firm yet cozy. Very comfortable and stays cool.

The package was large and heavy so have help getting it upstairs or be strong enough to push/slide it up quickly. I pulled it out andsaw it was double wrapped, once for shrink wrap and second to hold the roll up in place. Make sure to have it placed in an out of thw way area that it can rest uninterrupted for 24 hours. I made the mistake of unrolling it in my hallway then had to awkwardly maneuver it onto our guest bed so it would be out of the way while drying. While cutting open the 2nd bag(shrink wrap layer) it instantly started expanding and opened up to almost 8 inches. After an hour it was almost 9 in thick and was still expanding. Then 24 hours later it was dry and set. I was able to move it by myself by sliding it like most mattresses turned upright. It had a mild chemical smell that faded quickly and wasn't noticable after a few days.

I'm really pleased with this mattress. I don't wake up stiff or sore. My daughter has slept beside me and moves a lot all night. I never felt her move at all so that's a bonus.
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on May 1, 2017
Great firm mattress that stays cool!!! Great price and I like it better than name brands like Temperpedic. Comes with a soft cover that is waterproof! Great for platform beds with no box spring! I was going to get the 10" but this was perfect!!! The pic is my dogs bed, 2 Great Danes weighing over 300lbs total. Mattress doesn't dip or wear down. And cover can be washed easily!
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on October 20, 2016
I slept on a very uncomfortable regular mattress for several years and thought the aches and pains were because I was getting old. I originally purchased a 4" cot mattress with gel infused memory foam for my camper and it was so comfortable I replaced the mattresses on my bed with the gel infused memory foam mattress. I love it! It is so comfortable I fall asleep right away. No more aches and pains waking me up in the middle of the night. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time.
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on March 19, 2017
Excellent Mattress! I waited to post this review to ensure I would feel the same about it months down the road and I can without a doubt say after 7 months of daily use it remains in the same plush yet supportive condition in which it arrived! As an overweight individual using this mattress nightly and seeing no signs of wear or sag is a major thing. Would definitely recommend and do plan to purchase additional for other beds in my home.
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on August 9, 2017
I was very scared about ordering this but omg let me tell you this mattress came better then expected! I was co sleeping with my 2 year old and since I'm pregnant we all don't fit in the same bed anymore . I've ordered toddler beds for him and he wouldn't stay or sleep through the night . I ordered this twin mattress and my son sleeps through the whole night! I'm very impressed, happy with this mattress:)
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