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In general, this is a good SD card case and does the basic job OK. I found that if you drop the case, or give it a good thump, the cards come loose inside... Also, you can only put the cards in one way...

- Really solid construction
- 12 card capacity is plus (I'm still in the spray and pray mode of photography)
- Closes securely - nothing will fall out when it is closed

- Cards can only go in in one orientation - if you want to put a card in backwards or upside down to let you know it has been used, you can't
- Cards coming loose when the case takes too big of a shock

It would be nice if you could put your cards in with any orientation and that they would stay there when you bump or drop the case. I ended up purchasing a DIGIANT Memory Card Case Water Resistant Card Holder SD Card Carrying Case for SD TF SIM NANO SDXC SDHC Cards (Black+Red) and am much happier with it.

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on March 3, 2017
If you're looking to save space your camera bag, this isn't it. It's much bulkier than it looks. In fact it's bulkier than a smartphone with an Otterbox.

Yes, it'll keep your cards (3 CF + 6 SD) in one place, but it takes up space. Quality wise it is built like a tank and does appear to be able keep water out; though I've not tested it as I'm not sure about the rust factor on the metal hinge pins. That said, it does come with a latch hook to attach to a belt/belt loop, but honestly I didn't buy it to keep on my body, I bought it to keep in a camera bag. Not bad though, just bigger than I thought.
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on February 24, 2017
I wasn't expecting this storage box to be so sturdy! It's not flimsy a thick case, well built, and the inside "molds" are made from thick, firm substance, but not harsh or abrasive. I know a few have said that their cards don't fit, but you have to place one long side in first, and then press the opposite side in and press snaps right in, and each compartment hold the cards tightly. Each compartment is also, is curved at each short end for easier removal...I love the fact that you can store a mini card and place the larger, adapter over it...and you can fill your mini compartments and then also, store larger card over them. Also interesting was the cards they include that are numbered, that you can place over each side. It's like a convenient card index! You can write on these card to document what each compartment's card has on it. I am going to make copies of these cards for future cards that I may use for other content. The bag that is included is a well-made , sturdy, black nylon one with a thick draw cord. (It's a cord...not a "string". It's large enough to not only hold the case but there's plenty of room to hold additional things, as well. All in all, I am VERY impressed and extremely happy with what I much so, that I'm going to purchase a second one!
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on May 8, 2017
Used this for daily data backups on a movie shoot. The material for the card cut-outs is a firm rubber-like material. Initially that seemed like it would be good for holding the cards in place. But by the end of the first week of shooting, one of the data cards had split along it's seam. By the middle of the second week, another data card had lost it's write-protection tab. So from then on, I just didn't press the cards into the openings and left them laying in the case.
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on December 22, 2016
I'm a photographer, and this has worked VERY well to keep all my SD cards in one place! Life saver!
Durable, water resistant, and the wrist strap really helps.

The SD cards stick in just fine- I'm a little worried that they might become a little looser as time goes by, but so far the SD cards fit nice and snug.
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on January 23, 2017
I currently have 9 microSD cards for my goPro and Phantom 3 that I used to store in the clear plastic containers that come with the cards. End result, started losing cards and losing track of what card had what data.

This a godsend for anyone who has more than 3 microSD cards and is constantly swapping cards in and out of equipment. You can store up to 12 microSD cards into the microSD slots (the trick is to insert along the long edge first and then push down on the short edge to ensure it's securely in place) and 12 more normal SD cards (can fit another 12 microSD card if these are SD-microSD adapters). The foam is REALLY REALLY firm, more like and open cell rubber than neoprene so is very secure to hold you cards in place. The case itself is very light and the exterior is quite solid, dropped six feet onto concrete without popping open. I end up clipping this to my dash and carry this around everywhere I go.

Also, very useful for swapping cards between device as you end up with an extra sd card that needs to be put somewhere. Putting it into this case makes sure you won't lose it in your pocket or backpack. Tested the waterproof function in my sink, works fine, so it will protect your cards from normal rain, but I don't recommend going swimming with it. If you wanted to, you could pull the foam out of one half and store some cards/id in this case. Very versatile and works better than expected for the price.
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Great product. I got it yesterday. The box is "tough plastic, not flimsy junk that is all show and no go. The box will clearly take more impact abuse than most folks will ever give it. Nice little "extras bag" (though I'm not sure why they provide it but I'll use it for SD Card cases, adapter cords and misc "stuff". Great little locking "mimi-carabiner". Most minis are crap and you can't trust the gate to stay closed. The locking feature fixes that and makes this "Mini" actually "Trustworthy"...Nice touch. I'm rather impressed. "Little stuff matters", this company gets that..KUDODS to you!
The photos others have taken show it well. Good quality item.

"THE TEST"...I was fresh off a run when I got home to find my new Amazon Package waiting for me in the post box and needed a shower so I took into the shower with me to give it a little "Test". I placed the box directly in the water stream and rotated the sealing edge against a pretty strong water shower (call that "biblical Rain"!), straight against the seal. I rotated the unit so that the entire circumference (thats the water aimed straight at the thin edge of the box, straight against the gasket/seal) was exposed for three full-slow rotations. Then, while I soaped up and took my shower, I had the unit laying (or is that "lying", I'm not an English major!?) in the corner of the shower stall with water spraying directly onto the unit and in a bit of a puddle because, that was where the spray was concentrated. Shower over, I allowed the unit to dry off and I opened it up and no water had penetrated the box. Now that is not a Military "MIL-STD-810E - Environmental Qualification Test" per see but I doubt for a unit such as this, it was far off. Considering the pressure and flow of the water when I did my rotation test, it may have exceeded a "810 Test" though. Bottom Line: It should be just fine for anyone who gets simply "caught in the rain"! Swimming (Snorkel / Free Dive) to say 3-5 feet, hard to say...I don't have a pool so I did not test that aspect but I'm guessing it would pass as long as you ensure the seal is seated in the groove and you properly latch the unit. Anyone have a pool? IF so empty the box and take it swimming and report back!
PS: I'm on travel next week so I'll have it with me and I'll use the hotel pool for the "Swim Test" and update my findings! (LOL)
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VINE VOICEon October 19, 2016
My other cases are soft, so I worry about the safety of the cards. I record sound for film, and if a card is damaged, a whole day's work will be lost. Not good.

My only complaint is that the cards have a tendency to fall out while the box is closed. Not a fatal mistake, but I don't like that. Otherwise, a good investment.
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on October 28, 2016
This case is super durable and has a rubber seal around the inside. I found getting my cards in and out were a snap. It comes with a storage bag and clip so you can hang it on your belt for quick card changes. It also has a reference card so you can write down what card is in what spot inside the case. I would recommend this item for anyone looking to protect their cards and for long term storage. Perfect for the photographer. I found the price point to be just right. This version has a spot for both the Full Size SD cards and larger Compact Flash Cards. There is a different model if you need to store just SD Cards, so you may want to keep that in mind when purchasing.

I highly recommend this item and will be buying more as my SD Card Collection Grows!
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on June 12, 2017
I brought this with me to Colorado and while 4 wheeling, this opened up while in the back carrier (while secured) and spilled all the memory cards out. Luckily they were inside a pack, but if I had this attached by the supplied hook, I would have lost all of my memory cards.
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