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on August 19, 2016
Been eating these for years. Used to LOVE this product to the ends of the earth. The pinto flavor has a nice sweetness and it really satisfies a salty craving without having to indulge in greasy potato chips. Not to mention the beans are better for you! The reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because I don't like the new formulation. I feel that when they revamped the chip (turning it into a triangle), they must have changed the recipe slightly. Maybe I'm being sensitive, but the new chip is just not as good. I still like it, however I don't think I will buy it as often. My favorite is the Pinto, but the Black Bean is decent as well. I'm sure that they won't change it back, but I still wanted to add my two cents just in case someone is listening.
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on December 14, 2016
Beanitos a great chip with higher protein than other chips (potato, tortilla, etc). They taste great, without a big bean flavor and have an awesome crunch.

These are my "go-to" chip that I have most lunches with my sandwich. I'll even skip the "combo" at the sub shops, just so I can have Beanitos instead of potato chips, or even Sun Chips.

The plain salted ones are my favorite, but they come in many flavors, including nacho cheese (I think those are navy beans, tho). So far, I haven't found flavor I don't like. The salt they use is very tasty. Do like to like bottom of the package using your finger? Yep.

These specific ones are perfect for lunch boxes, or if, like me, you just can't stop eating them and you need them individually packaged. I switched to pita for a while, but I missed these too much and had to switch back.

I write reviews to help others make informed decisions when buying. If I helped you make your decision (to buy or not to buy) please rate my review helpful. If you think I left something out, disagree, or have a question, please comment! I will never post a review if it is not my genuine opinion/experience.
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on February 2, 2017
My son loves these - we've been enjoying them for years. I have had an issue with the last two cases and amazon sent me a refund, but I worry that this is how they are now. THere is no flavor powder on the chips! They're just like plain corn chips with a tiny amount of powder. They used to be completely covered in flavor powder like doritos. I don't know how to let Beanitos know about this but I'm hoping they're aware...otherwise they're amazing and taste just like doritos.
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on September 26, 2017
I love these chips. I've had diabetes for over 20 years and after many years of not taking proper care of myself, I'm finally well controlled. I've done that with a high fiber, low glycemic diet which brought my blood sugars to a more healthy level. These chips fit right into that diet plan as long as I eat a handful at a time only. It keeps me satisfied and I don't feel deprived. There is a good variety of different bean flavors but pintos are my personal favorites so I pretty much stick with them. They stay nice and crunchy and fresh tasting. They have just enough salt and are just damn good. But they can be addictive so it's important for diabetics to remember portion control and moderation. The first ingredient listed is whole beans which is important in keeping this chip healthier than the others.
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on September 1, 2017
Amazon packaging was awful - shipped these thrown into a box along with a 100 pack of batteries and other heavy items, so bags were popped open and all chips crushed. CS was great about sending a replacement though. Chips themselves are tasty. Good for those with corn and gluten allergies. Not as tasty as a corn chip (or my former favorite - Sunchips!) but work in a pinch if you can't eat those any more. The lime flavor is a but too salty.
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on May 13, 2017
Low sodium, great bean flavor, and more nutritious than pototo or corn chips. These are my favorite chips now, having displaced our previous fav - Trader Joe's Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips. I discovered these in the diet food section of our local grocery, but the price was daunting. Amazon to the rescue.
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on March 7, 2014
As someone who thought that an allergy to corn meant the end of restaurant style chips to use with salsa, was a forgotten love song, I'm am stoked to say that my dreams have come true, and from a bean no less.

I decided to try to go non GMO in snack products after reading about how awful GMO stuff actually is to the body. After reading about Benaitos on the web, I decided to give it a try. And wow, was I shocked. The flavor is amazing. I had some friend over, put the chips in a bowl and brought over salsa. I told them it was this new chip brand and to try it out. Everyone loved it - and next thing we know 2 bags of the White Bean Chips are gone. Afterwards, we told our guests what they were eating - as in white beans and they were stunned.

Had we told them before or showed them the bag first, there is no doubt they would have either declined or had second thoughts. Because, I did the same thing. I was like "oh, how bad could it be", and then chomp. And more chomps and chomps after that. Now, I am a bean believer.

Thank you for your chips. Next time, I go to a Mexican restaurant, I'm bringing in a bag of the chips for the salsa. As someone who misses the corn chip experience due to an allergy and waiting 18 years for a chip that brings back all the flavor w/o the corn is a pure magic.

Yes, magical beans.. without the beanstalk, Jack or that Giant.
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on April 2, 2016
Great taste, better than all of the other Beanitos flavors by far. My wife and I decided to cut out sugar and processed carbs (mostly flour and regular pasta) from our diet, but nachos are one of our staple meals. These taste like corn chips but are made from navy beans and rice. Even without the diet, it's doubtful we'll go back to regular chips. So glad Amazon Prime started carrying these because we were paying about 33% more just because we love them so much. Hmmm, but reading the ingredient list, these do contain "cane sugar"...
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on June 4, 2017
These are good, relatively low net carb/low glycemic. They're vegan, gluten-free, and even non-GMO if you're looking to minimize herbicide and pesticide exposure. Plus my kid, the nacho king, likes them. They're not cheap, but I like to have them around for snacks.

Caution if you've got food allergies: this product is certified to be free of various things, but the facility it's made in is not.
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on February 25, 2018
UPDATE: I have since purchased several bags from the grocery store and those were awesome. All six that I had ordered here were bland and had next to no flavor. So a bad batch for sure, however others have mentioned this too, so now I'm hesitant to order these again. (end update) I'm a huge fan of these chips. I usually buy a bag or two at a time from my local grocery store and they are super flavorful. So I was disappointed when I got my shipment of 6 from Amazon. Not sure if it's a bad batch or what, but there's hardly any flavoring on the chips and they are bland. I'm on my second bag of the 6 and it is just like the first bag, so I have a feeling the rest will be the same. Really hoping this was just a manufacturing glitch.
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