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[Edit: I was able to run this off battery pack... see review.]

I bought this based on the specs, before anyone had reviewed it. I thought for the price, it was worth the experiment.

So this is the second review on the product.

I was amazed at how thin this is... think a tad thinner than the rubber part of the micro USB connector. It appears to be three layers. The top appears to be a thin acrylic. The middle is the LED part. The bottom appears to be some sort of sturdy styrofoam/soft plastic with small knobs for feet (so the cable can be plugged in). There is an optional (not included) rounded foot you can put on light box to create an angle. It does not have a clip (which I think is not necessary). It also sports a ruler on two edges.

The cable is long enough to have the tower sitting on the floor and light box propped up at an angle on the desk, but only just. I tried to run it off a 16,000 mAh power bank (back up battery). [Edit: I was able to run this off the mentioned power bank without problem. I didn't run it for long but it was okay for the time I needed it. The first time it seemed to go off quickly.]

I found the on - off function frustrating. It will shut down, seemingly randomly... but will turn on when the power "button" is touched again. The only thing I can think of is that pressing on the surface at some points may mimic pressure on the power button. (I was making sure I was not touching the power switch.) But that's a matter of touch that I think I have down now.

The light is adjustable (up or down) simply by keeping your finger on the power "button."

The work area is 9 inches by a little over 12.5 inches.

I've used this for two quick projects in full sunlight. I could easily see through Canson 140 lb water color paper and Strathmore Bristol Vellum 100 lb. (series 300) without eye strain (at three solid hours of use). So, heavy paper in full sunlight... not a problem. For those of you who are tacking your work to a window, this is a serious upgrade.

I do not know about it's reliability. It's pretty flexible. If I had a guess, it's week point would be the mico-USB port.

Conclusion: Inexpensive, acceptably bright, Mitsubishi Acrylic Panel, super thin and light. I don't like being tethered to a computer (or potentially an outlet) for a power source. For the price, I can live with that...
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on March 2, 2017
The cord that attaches to the unit reminds me of one of those cheap iPhone phone chargers you buy. It works great for a month, and then once that month passes and it's too late to return it, it breaks. It's just so cheaply made and it doesn't stay inside the unit and just ends up losing power. I am giving it 2 stars because I can at least wedge a Sharpie marker between it, so it stays for a little while longer while working on a flat surface. Unfortunately though, I can no longer use it on my lap while weeding vinyl on the couch for my Cricut machine and t-shirt application. If anyone reads this and knows of one that's worthy, please let me know.
**UPDATE- May 9th, 2017- I've had to change my review to 1 star. This officially no longer works while wedging the cord with a pen. I've wasted more money on cords than I want to admit. My last attempt was trying to hold it up with packing tape, this didn't work either. This is junk. Don't waste your money if you need it to last more than 2 months.
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on July 29, 2016
This is a great light table/box. I had another similar that broke while traveling. This one should hold up much better. The USB connection is flush on the table so no wires will break. (the issue with my old one). It is supplied with a nice long cord but what I like is for traveling I can use my laptop as a power source and any micro USB cord. The table is light and thin and comes with non skid feet to keep from scratching things. It has a light touch on/off button that also allows for dimming. One tip.. to turn on or off just "tap" it and it will go to full on or full off.
The price is really good too!
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on January 22, 2017
This is the best little tracing box ever! The light is dimmable, it gets VERY bright, and you can see through almost any type of paper. And it's plastic so it (hopefully) won't break if dropped. My mother also pointed out that you can trace over fabric.
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on September 29, 2016
Like other reviews here, l also had problems with it going on & off, but never staying on where l could do a project. I returned it immediately & was going to re-order, but after reading these other reviews that had my same problem l'll be trying a different brand this go-round. Glad we can post reviews!!
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on April 3, 2017
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!! I've gotten into applique & LOVE THIS BOX!!!! I actually bought the pad and the Keating holder together - NO REGRETS. It does exactly as described: the "finger" dimming or brightening works like a charm. The added cord & plug for wall use is really long; I also enjoy the option of using a battery charger or laptop when a wall plug is not available. And it is extremely lightweight. I bought my light box on 29 Dec 2016 - I use it at least 3 times a week, anywhere from 15 minutes to as much as 3 to 4 hours a sitting. It doesn't get uncomfortably warm when using for a long time, which brings me to the Keating multi-functional holder. Works really well, rotates and elevates the pad as needed. The "skid-proof" foot pads work well, too.
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on May 7, 2017
Being on the cheap end of light boxes this box has been great. The light is bright enough to see clearly with 3 to 4 sheets on top and adjustable which makes it handy for different lighting situations. I also found that the size is convenient as well. It is super light and thin which makes transporting it super easy. The power button is also easy to use. You hold it when it is off to pick a light setting to make it brighter or a simple tap to set it on its brightest setting. This also works vice versa to make it dimmer or turn it completely off when it is already on.

My only complaint is with the cord. After a month or so of using it the plug seems to fall off. Sometimes it just turns a little and the tablet will turn completely off and then I have to readjust the wire. However I just placed tape on the side and taped it to the tablet and now the problem is resolved. However, I wished that the cord would just stay in place instead of me trying to find a way to work with it.
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Very affordable, thin, portable, and bright. I've run it off my keyboard USB port, battery packs, and phone chargers. It seems to use next to no power yet remains so bright. I mostly use it for working with film negatives and it serves many purposes well. For example you can use with a loop to view or place a whole roll in plastic sleeves on top to shoot a digital contact sheet. Lastly I used an old shoebox lid to create a negative carrier that I can place on top to digitize with a macro lens. I've even used it as a light source for video chats by bouncing it's light off the opposing wall.
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on July 18, 2016
This works well when it stays on. When you trace things on it it some how activates the power button and it turns off. It's actually really annoying and I only bought this because I don't have enough money to get a better one. I was excited about it being LED, but the power issue sucks.
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on August 27, 2017
Great light table for a few dollars. I have thousands of photo slides from 50 years. Needed a way to sort and select only those I want to keep. I don't need a big boxy thing to store 99% of the time. This was the best solution for a few dollars. The only improvement I wish is for the light to be even brighter for some under exposed slides.
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