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on November 20, 2016
I bought this MR. SIGA microfiber mop to use on bathroom floor tile in place of the Swiffer wet mop that I'd been using. I figured that the pole handle would be sturdier and that the fasten-on cleaning cloths would do a better job of getting into the grout area between the large tiles, rather than just skimming over the tile surface like the smooth Swiffer cloths do.

But now that I've had it for a while, I find that it also works well for our rougher-surface slate flooring in the kitchen as well as our wood flooring throughout most of the house. I've even used it (with the plush side of cloth) to apply a special hardwood floor restorer to our wood floors.

As expected, the stainless steel swivel pole is considerably sturdier and less wiggly than the one on my old Swiffer mop. There's a telescoping mechanism in the middle of the pole. You simply unscrew the lower part of the mechanism, twist the handle in/out to desired length, and then retwist the lower mechanism to lock. There's a plastic handle with a hanging loop.

The washable and reusable cleaning cloths work well. The blue microfiber side is for wet mopping as well as dry "dusting" since the microfiber attracts dust and small particles. The opposite side of the cleaning cloth is a beige plush that I've used for applying polish or wood restoring products to my wood floors. The cleaning cloths clip in and out of the mop plate easily and machine wash/dry well.

The only thing that sort of bugs me is that the cleaning cloths extend beyond the ends of the mop plate. While it's nice to have the cleaning cloths extend out a tiny amount in order to avoid scratching baseboard trim or furniture, I really think it extends out too far in that it makes it harder to put any cleaning pressure on the very edges if you're mopping along a wall.

I've actually found the little included dirt removal tool to be handy for when I'm mopping particularly dirty floors (I have a very large dog who often tracks in mud to our aptly named mudroom/laundry room). While I often just rinse the cleaning cloths off in the sink, it's sometimes more convenient to dip the mop head into a bucket of hot water with cleanser. When I do that, the dirt removal tool allows me to scrape or almost "squeegee" the dirty water from the mop before touching the floor with it again.
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on January 28, 2018
I gave up constantly replacing the Swisher Spray mops. After several uses the spray nozzles always clogged up rendering the mop useless. I tried repairing the clogged heads but gave up and trashed it. I ran across the Mr Siga, ordered it and my problem was immediately solved. Well made and very durable, No spray heads problems to contend with. Only necessary to remove heavy duty cloth mop head, soak in sink to remove wax or cleansers products wring it out, let dry until needed again. This mop is half the price of the Swisher mops and far more easier to use. My wife loves the fact she needs only to squirt the wax/ cleaning product out the bottle it came in. I can easily visualize this MR. SIGA PROFESSIONAL MOP lasting years at a fraction of the cost. The stainless steel handle adjusts to fit any person, Installing the cloth mop head is a piece of cake, simply lay it on the floor and fold over the plastic holders, three seconds MAX.
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on May 7, 2017
I like to use thing before I give a review. On that note I have had this product for a little over two months and the clamps on the head have already broke on one end. There is no way to fix it and cannot be buying one every two months. The cloths are great for all types of floors but wish mine wouldn't have broke already.
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on February 6, 2017
I would like to thank Mr. Siga for this product. With many mops, the micro-fiber pads get loose and come off while cleaning your floor. The mop handles themselves also feel cheaply made. The price you pay for this product gives you a micro-fiber mop that has a substantial feel to it and the cloth pads lock into position. Not once did the pads ever slip off the mop. You are able to give your floor a good scrubbing and you get an even distribution of any floor care products you might want to apply to your floors. This is a definite winner. You may pay a little more for the mop but you definitely get a great floor cleaner. I enthusiastically recommend this product to anybody seeking a good quality, long lasting mop.
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on September 1, 2017
System parts add up to a lightweight (but not flimsy) easily maneuvered (but not too floppy) tool. Mophead is large enough to clean a floor quickly and small enough to get into most of the small spaces. It cleans to the very edges of the floor and uses little effort. The thickness of the easily changed pad is just right, carrying enough water to mop a fairly large area without ruining hardwood floors. The blue side is capable of holding a lot of dirty water without leaving it on the floor. Go figure. The reverse polishing side is wonderful used dry on a dry floor to give a surprising shine. Having a set of spare pads makes the process much faster, not as much rinsing. Washing with other microfibers in lukewarm water and NO DRIER keeps them functioning longterm.
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on September 28, 2017
I love this mop. We have an old laminate floor in our kitchen, and a sponge mop was leaving the floor warped-I suspect too much water was left behind. I've searching for a cleaning system similar to my Shark (which is only recommended for hardwood), and this seemed to fit what I needed. Did it ever! I had to do some serious reconditioning, and the fiber head held up well. I used half Murphy's Oil Soap, half water, and some orange oil cleaner mixed in. The finished solution had a milky appearance. I thought it's too much oil, but the floor needed it badly! This mop also works great on tile. To clean the microfiber cloth, I rinsed in the sink using lukewarm to warm water. I then tossed it in a delicate/warm wash, and then hung to dry. It was ready for the next days' chores. Also, a hint from a retired subcontractor's assistant. If you're grouting a tile FLOOR, try using 50% Murphy's and 50% distilled water as a sealer instead of the more noxious chemicals. This method has been used with great success, and people love the fact it's safer for both themselves and the environment. We've used this for decades-it's my understanding a mixture similar has been used for centuries. Paint Murphys/Water solution on grout lines liberally with a brush, and let soak in for at least 24 hours. Be careful walking, it WILL BE slippery! If you have a more porous grout solution, use 60% Murphys to 40% distilled water. Careful with the grout-it does need to set! This mop is GREAT for any clean up afterwards!
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on February 3, 2018
This review is for the Mr Siga professional floor mop. This mop is wonderful - it is very very wide and gets the floor really clean. The way I wash floors is to use diluted Simple Green in a spray bottle, and spray a portion of the floor and then mop it. I was able to mop three rooms without changing the cloth pad, that's how good it is at absorbing liquid and dirt. And the pad (soft but scrubby) really scrubs out sticky spots. I just bought their microfiber cleaning cloths, which I hoped had the same surface - they don't, though they are otherwise very nice.
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on May 6, 2018
It arrived on time but oh did it stink! It reeked of dog or cat urine or something similar to that. The plastic mop head and at least two of the pads. Perhaps it was used, not cleaned, returned as is, and later sent to me. I had to use all different kinds of cleaners to get the stink out of the plastic, and it still smells somewhat. I laundered the 3 pads and they are ok.

Pros: I like that it is thinner than most mops, with a wide head, allowing it to swipe under appliances and wherever. I like that it swivels so you can change position to reach into narrow corners. I like that you can even use throw-away rags (instead of the nice mop pads) to apply your floor wax. I might start using old rags to wash the floor, and save the nice mop pads for dusting jobs. The mop pads launder nicely in the wash machine.

Cons: The above-mentioned stink. And the mop handle will not remain extended. Every time I swivel the mop a bit, the handle sinks back down to lower position, much too short for tall me at 5'9". I may resort to taping it.

I can't speak for longevity because I've had it for just a week. I've mopped and waxed several floors here, and happy with how it does that. I like it well enough to keep it despite the cons. So far.
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We own a cleaning company in Chicago and we used microfiber string mop but each one cost $8 and they break easy. We found this one and decided to give it a try! So far we are so satisfied with it that we are buying more for our other staffs and switching them all!! Very strong handle!
Some people here complaint that it doesnt lock well but is because it has 2 locks! I didnt check it well and they were having the same problem as the handle would go down while mopping until I realize that it had 2 ways to lock and you need to do both! Best mop ever!
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on May 29, 2018
Be sure you really want this item before ordering it. I ordered thinking it would work for my needs. When it arrived, it was much too large. No problem - I'll just return it and get a smaller one, right? Wrong! This item is NOT returnable! When I tried to return, it said I should check the return policy. I have looked everywhere and do not find a return policy for this product. Had I known it was non-returnable, I would not have ordered it. So now I'm stuck with a mop that is brand new but won't work for me! I'm really disgusted.
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