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Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Cat Food, Chicken & Salmon, Grain Free, 2.8 oz. tub (Pack of 24)
Color: Chicken & Salmon Catterole, Grain Free|Size: 24 2.8 oz. Tubs|Change
Price:$21.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 29, 2016
When i received these and fed it to my cats, they loved it. So I just reordered another 36 cans. Then i noticed the expiration date was July, 2015. My cats are going to be pissed, but when that next shipment hits my door.......back it goes even b/4 opening it. Selling expired food is not cool and quality control is missing here or just a lack of caring. I am truly upset about this.
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on April 25, 2016
Looked and smelled just like canned chicken that you would buy for your own supper. Our cats loved it. All that said, it gave our cats the worst smelling gas and frighteningly horrid poops. Paint peeling, eye watering, do we need to call HAZMAT? toxic poops. We started mixing half dry food with half of the Nutrish cup and this seemed to balance everything out. I would not recommend giving this food to your cat at full strength by any means, not unless you have a gas mask and a crisis hotline number handy.
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on September 28, 2017
First of all my cat has never been picky with her soft foods before. I've fed her quite a variety from Iam's, wellness, friskies, and more... All different varieties and consistencies. Yet she does not like this food. I gave her two flavors of the three to try. The ocean fish and chicken (very smelly) she only licked the sauce off and wouldn't touch the chunks. It has fairly large chunks of meat and maybe that is why she doesn't like it. Also gave her the chicken and liver flavor she ate the chicken but the liver pieces in it are very solid and she wouldn't eat them. Overall sad that it didn't work out I like the idea of this product but the cat wants what the cat wants I will prolly donate the rest to a shelter maybe they will find a kitty who doesnt mind chunky food.
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Top Contributor: Petson March 18, 2017
Well, not me personally, but my cat patients love this and if I can get them to stuff their face during a vet visit to my clinic and are too busy feasting to notice me sneaking in a vaccine, then I'm a happy camper and owner's are super happy. I don't personally have cats but from a professional standpoint, this is a nice quality, balanced food, and I ALWAYS recommend canned food over dry food for all cats. I've had two clients in the past few years refuse to allow me to offer this as a treat to their cat at an appointment because some of it is made in Thailand. As a veterinarian with a profound interest in veterinary public health and world-wide infectious disease, yes, there are some scary things going on in fish hatcheries in other countries. Do I have faith in the USDA veterinarians that help inspect and protect animal products and for-animal-products offered in this country, YES. Do I believe Ms Rachel Ray would go down in flames (and outrage) if there was anything ever found to be wrong with one of her many products, YES. Until I have a suspicion, or reason, that this could be unsafe, I am happy to offer it to cats to make them happier when they come into the clinic. These three flavors are a great mix. I'd say kittens tend to be more open to any of the 3 flavors, the chicken and liver wins over patients who aren't into shreds or seafood (has chunks of almost patte), and even a really picky cat may not eat the pieces but will happily lick the juice and base. Now if I could only find food lids that fit these suckers I wouldn't have to battle with saran wrap in between.
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on October 23, 2017
My poor cat scratched himself bald after eating this food. According to our vet, lots of cats are allergic to something in Rachel Ray's Nutrish. Not so natural after all I guess.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 27, 2018
I hate to give three stars for this, but I’ll explain why. I have tried a wide variety of canned cat food, Expensive named brands.... Soups, patte, grilled, gravy lovers, prescription food from the vet. My cats just don’t like the actual food in most of them. At times, they’ll eat a little bit of the actual food. They LOVE the gravy or broths but not the darn food. They leave it behind.
I had high hopes that they’d like this one. But I was wrong. I don’t think it’s the actual company’s fault, my cats are just very fussy eaters.
They used to love fancy feast but lately they snubbed it even though I mixed up the flavors and different kinds they offer. I thought I’d give Rachel rays a chance.
This food does have large chunks of food and looks well made, it has a decent amount of gravy in it and like I mentioned my cats will eat that.
I’m about to give up on these cats. I have 3. One has hyperthyroidism and is 17 years old so I try to get him to eat as much as he can. Although cats eating just the gravy is common. I Just don’t get why they don’t like the actual foood?!
If I gave them a piece of chicken, turkey, tuna or ham they’d eat that! Maybe it’s the food grade if meat these cat food brands are using?
I guess it will remain a mystery because I don’t get it. Lol
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on March 25, 2018
This is the only flavor of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food my cat will eat. Chicken only! He is a 30 yr old Maine Coon & he will be 31 yrs old July 16, 2018, 'Jimmy'. The stores don't stock enough of the Chicken Purrcata....he deserves to be fussy at his age. Thanks Amazon! >^.^<~yeps
(Got some more for my cat made him happy! Thanks.)
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on January 2, 2017
My picky kittty had reached a stage where she would not eat anything we put out so she started catching rats and mice and birds to eat. Nutrish stopped that as she immediately began eating it. The only problem seems to be that some of the meats are just too large for her mouth. If I chop them she eats all of it. If I don't chop it she leaves the larger pieces. No waste tho because the dogs love the leftovers.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 19, 2017
Would give it 0 stars if i could. This stuff looks and smells like the stuff you can get at the dollar store. My cat didn't eat it. I tried giving it to the homeless street kitties and they didn't even eat it all. Every time I left a container out they would only eat half of it before walking away. I gave up. Didn't want to torture them with this stuff. Waste of money, had to throw it out. Btw, those street kitties eat the stuff from the dollar store just fine when I'm in a pinch.
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on July 8, 2018
My cat loves most of the flavors of Nutrish Wet Cat Food. The only drawback in buying the variety pack is that he doesn't particularly care for one flavor. I don't like to feed my cat the same thing over and over, so I like to buy varieties. That won't really work if he doesn't like all the flavors. I don't want to have to buy a whole box of one flavor at a time but I might have to do that since he does have favorites. I gave this 5 stars because I have finally found a wet cat food that is the right amount for one big cat. I haven't had to feed only one cat in a LONG time. The tiny cans in the stores are not enough for one meal, while the larger ones are too much. You can actually see the real ingredients in Nutrish. Highly recommended if you only have one cat. Would be too expensive for me to feed an army.
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