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on January 27, 2017
I moved to a small apartment. My cats used to have a laundry room, now they have the corner of the great room. I was on the lightweight litter kick but it was so dusty and got so gummy and tracked like crazy. So I did a little research. So far, I have not done a full litter change in 28 days, just added a little more. It has stayed the same consistency, no gummy or change. There is no ammonia smell, ever! It clumps well and it seems to not track as badly as others. 5 paws so far!!
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Top Contributor: Petson December 18, 2016
I'm a multi-cat owner and caretaker with close to 50 years' experience as an adult - both with my own household and over a dozen years with cat care at two veterinary hospitals and a large SPCA facility. Consequently, I've had opportunities to work with countless different brands and types of litter and have a broad range of comparisons - and feel as though I'm fairly well qualified to pass along my opinions on the subject. :-)

For the past several years, I've had six house cat who live solely indoors.... and two kennels/stables/outdoor combo cats who are gainfully employed in the profession of Rodent Control Officers. However, the RCO's also have litter boxes available for those occasions when weather requires that they confined to the indoor kennel area - so we have a total of eight kitties requiring litter.

We had been using a "high end" brand of litter that's available only in large pet stores and online purchase..... so we were't supplying the cats with cheaper brands that gave us low expectations to begin with. It's decent stuff, and I had no real complaints with it. So, I really have no idea why I decided to suddenly try Boxiecat, other than wondering why the manufacturers felt it was worth the high price. It was, quite honestly, a whim.

I set up one indoor cat box with the Boxiecat and left the other box "as is". (I have only two indoor boxes; however, they're from a small US manufacturer and are absolutely enormous and definitely adequate for 3 cats each).

The Boxiecat was the immediate litter of choice for ALL of the cats! I'm not certain exactly what attracts them. It's definitely much softer on their little feet, so that's likely part of it. On MY part, I've found that it's easier to clean than any other litter I can recall - and there is conspicuously
less odor. And the need to put additional litter in the box as the days pass has been significantly reduced.

For me and my cats, it's proving to be worth the extra money. And having to use less of it than my previous brand will be reducing the over-all cost, thus making the price increase relatively minimal. I'm VERY glad that I tried it!
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on July 13, 2016
Used this cat litter in one box and Tidy cat in the other to see which the cats liked better. Boxie litter won, paws down. Even stranger, they waited in line or used the box two at a time.

The only con is that this litter seems weightier than the normal Tidy Cat litter. On that note, the price for Boxie is comparable to Tidy Cat Lightweight with only a few cents difference. The 18 pound lightweight fills the same amount of space as the 28 lb Boxie litter.

It's a great product, but it is heavy.
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on April 21, 2017
I thought I would give this litter a try since it has such high reviews. I was hoping for the elusive "perfect" cat litter that I am always searching for.
First the good...
This does clump very well. It is probably the easiest litter to scoop I have used (and I have used quite a few). There is no strange smell to the litter itself. There does seem to be less tracking than with Dr. Elsey's (which is what I usually use.).
Then the not-great...
This litter is definitely NOT dust-free (or even 99%). There was a noticeable cloud of dust that puffs up as I dumped the litter into the box. The individual grains are smaller and lighter-weight than typical litter and the cat seems to have it all pushed to the back of the litter box after only a few uses. The odor control was not as good as Dr. Elsey's, even with the activated carbon crystals added in. The price for a bag of litter is expensive.

This is definitely a good, high quality litter. However, for the price I would stick with Dr. Elsey's every time. This doesn't seem to last any longer and the stronger clumping power and less tracking are not worth the extra cost to me.
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on December 27, 2017
No fragrances, with good odor control. It does not handle stinky poos well, but I'm not sure any litter can.
Fast clumping. They weren't joking about this, but if you have cats like mine who only want to pee in one spot, it can still get to the bottom of the pan.

It is costly if you have multiple cats. I have five cats with four boxes, so buying this makes my wallet cry.
Dust! I've yet to find a litter that is truly 99.9% dust free like they advertise. But once you get past the initial pour, there is far less dust than most clay based brands.

Lastly, tracking. This isn't quite a con as I never believed it would track less. I sweep up a palm full of litter twice a day, and that doesn't include what the litter mats catch. This could vary from cat to cat though.

Overall I am pleased and will continue to purchase this litter for now, though I can't find the larger size on Amazon these days.
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HALL OF FAMEon April 25, 2018
Boxiecat cat litter has become the new favorite litter in our home. Having tried the Premium clumping litter in the blue bag, I wanted to give the Extra Strength a try as well. In my overall experience both of them work effectively and are almost the same in that the Extra Strength litter is much finer compared to the Premium. I did not find that this litter worked any better or any worse with odors, both still need a litter box deodorizer added to it. Even though, I prefer using the Premium Boxiecat, I will still buy this one if the other one is not in stock. We own 8 cats, 4 adults and 4 new kittens and have found Boxicat litter works much better than the previous clay litter we were using. With both this litter and the Premium our cats did not have a problem with using their litter box and transitioning over to this brand, they actually prefer this brand as do I for many reasons. This litter is very soft and very fine much like the texture of sand and finer than the Premium Boxiecat.

Since using Boxiecat litter, cleaning the litter box has been so much easier because I am no longer stuck with having to scrape the bottom of the pan, because it just does not stick to the bottom or the sides. The urine clumps great and does not fall apart or crumble when I scoop the box. Previously, with the other brand when I scooped the box, I needed to wait awhile after the cats used it so the urine clumps had time to dry otherwise, they fell apart and left tiny balls that were impossible to scoop out. Now I can scoop immediately after they use their litter box without having a mess.

The odor is considerably less than before and that was one of the first things I noticed the most. I have not found litter that will take away all of the odor but this one at least has been the most less noticeable used to date. Using this litter in conjunction with a litter box deodorizer has made all the difference in the world. I will also mention that the litter does not have a scent and that is what I wanted for my cats.

Lastly, our cats all have medium to long hair and since using this litter we have not had any issues with any of the particles getting stuck to their fur which is something that we did have a problem with previously.

The longevity of this litter has been remarkable. Now we only do a full box clean every 3 weeks or so and just top off the litter on a weekly basis. With the other cat litter there was no choice but a full box clean after only 10 days. This has not only helped save with the time of doing a full box clean but also has cut down on the cost of cat litter each month.

Overall, switching to this cat litter has turned out to be great for us as well as our fur babies. Would recommend this litter to all of my fellow cat owners both the Premium and Extra-Strength work very well.
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on October 28, 2017
Very fine sand granules. Tracked everywhere, despite the indoor/outdoor rug we have in the utility room. I have two cats. One would get the wet sand stuck to his foot and would track it all around the house. Little white footprints through the house. I had to wet it to get it off the floor. YUK!
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on February 8, 2018
Amazon seems to have not figured out how to send the litter bags which are pretty heavy. It’s not the first time I’ve received a box in pretty bad shape. This shipment contained 3 smaller items that luckily and amazingly stayed in the box. Otherwise I’ve been using boxiecat for years. It really is the best litter for our needs.
review image
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on August 22, 2016
I've owned cats all my life, and this is the best cat litter I've ever bought. We had been using Precious Cat Ultra, which was very good; but Boxiecat tracks less, lasts longer and controls odor better. It is very expensive but well worth the cost because it scoops so cleanly. One of our cats clears a space down to the bare box before doing her business, and always in exactly the same spot, which leaves a pasty mess by the end of the day, no matter what kind of litter we've tried (and we've tried them all--clay, newspaper, pine, crystals, wheat ...). Boxiecat litter holds together better and cleans up more solidly and easily than has any other litter.
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on November 3, 2016
Extra strength not as great as the regular strength. I would not buy this again, but I would and will always buy regular boxiecat. it's awesome stuff!
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