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on November 23, 2016
I'm almost 60 years old and recently took up rollerblading and was having trouble with balancing on the skates. I usually pick up physical activities quickly but my struggle with the skates led me to research balance improvement which led me to buying the Fury balance board. It's terrific. In addition to looking good it has a nice tacky surface that makes it easy to use while wearing socks. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 230 pounds and the board is more than sturdy enough to support me. It's about 3 inches tall and easy to use. Just make sure you have something close by to grab on to when you first start using the board. Using the board also helps with strengthening the core and ankles which is an added benefit for all activities. I've been using this everyday for a few minutes a day and I can feel the difference. During my research I looked at several boards and chose this one because it looked like it was the most durable and I'm glad I chose it. Wonderful product for a good price.
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on October 14, 2017
As a long-time physically fit person whose life was altered dramatically due to an auto accident, I've been struggling for years to get some strength and vitality back into my aging body. Even though I have good balance, after 5 days of not being able to stand on this board for more than 5 min's I was ready to send it back when I decided to sit on it while watching tv. I use it every other day for 60 min's and it works! These are the positions that I've discovered work for me so far:
Sit in the center (I put a small towel on top to protect my clothes from the grip pads)
• Knees bent, feet together, balance on heels, or
• Knees out at sides, outer sides of feet relaxed on the floor, or
• Straight (tensed) legs, feet together, balance on heels
I work my upper body (which of course also engages the core) with:
• traditional arm stretches, or
• Yoga poses, or
• Ballet arm movements, or
• Weight training arm exercises (both with light weights and without)
I'll periodically keep trying to stand on it.
I hope this helps you too!!
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on January 22, 2017
The board arrived on time, but the foot underneath was an inch off center – see the photo. As soon as it arrived, I received an (apparently automated) nice email from Fury Fitness asking how I liked it and offering tips on how to use it. They also said to respond to the email if there was any question or problem, because their goal is to provide excellent customer service. I responded to the email, telling them about the problem. A week later, after getting no response, I again responded to the email, telling them about the problem and asking about their excellent customer service. That was now a week ago.

Anyone can have a quality control problem, but it’s really disgusting to get no response from a company that claims to pride itself on “excellent customer service”. I will probably just fix this myself, but I would advise anyone to get a board from one of the many competitors making very similar boards, most of whom charge less for them. The quality can’t be any worse than this.

UPDATE Fury Fitness finally responded after my original 1 star review. They were very concerned and offered to replace the board or refund my cost. I'm still not sure why my earlier complaints were not answered, and they still have a quality control problem, but at least they were responsive in the end. So, I'm raising my stars to 4.
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on September 5, 2016
This is a fun board because you are working muscles and you don't realize it because you are having fun. When I first got this board, I could not stand on it without hanging on to the counter top. Now, 24 hours later I can balance without holding on for 20 seconds. I definitely felt the aching muscles the next day....but it was a good hurt.
Order this board. You won't be unhappy.
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I use that at work for my standing desk. I longer have back or knee pain and standing on this makes it fun and 8 hours goes by without realizing I been standing for the entire day. the product quality is excellent and very very strong. just make sure to practice at home until you can manage it. make sure first to stand by a wall to practice standing on it.
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on April 2, 2017
The board was shipped quickly, and it is very high quality. It does take a little bit to get used to it, but I guess that's why one would buy a balance board, isn't it? I have had knee issues, and it doesn't seem to have an adverse effect. My reasons for purchasing the wobble board, is to develop the foot and ankle muscles, and it h as been effective with that. Building muscle reduces pain. Working on balance has been a bonus side effect, and the fact that this fun. It's also durable enough that you don't have to worry about kids/grandkids damaging it. However, I haven't trusted my cat with it. I hide the side that I suspect he would like to scratch, and I keep it far away from the catnip.
Fury Fitness has been a great company from which to order. They are fast and they keep you informed of the status of your order. They also check back with you to see if you liked the product, but they're not obnoxious with the emails. Feel free to give your email address because they notify of you some greatly discounted stuff, one of which I ordered.
No, I haven't been paid or compensated for this reviews. I'm not shy about it when I don't like a product, so I try to give a good review when it's a high quality product that I really like. I've also benefited from thorough reviews left by others. Just trying to return the favor.
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on September 30, 2017
Well my decision to buy this alternative to the BOSU was more financial than anything. I had a BOSU and loved it but I moved to a new state and used it outside once and it busted. So to the interwebs...I do not buy something without doing some research and just because it is in my price range does not mean I will automatically hit buy. I looked at several things. 1. Ratings and reviews. This product had pretty high star rating and I read the reviews; not just the most recent but those up to a year back or more. My purpose in this is to see if there were poor reviews and perhaps those issues have since been corrected. 2. I looked at how it would help me physically. I have severe issues physically due to my service and require exercises that are low impact and one of those ways was using a BOSU, so this product has/had to fill that same role.
This balance board is way smaller than my broken BOSU, but that is not an issue, in fact it is better in a way. On this balance board it forces (highly encourages) a person into a more natural position of the feet being hip or shoulder width apart. In doing this it works those muscle, core and balance areas. It is harder for me on this balance board but it also presents more of a challenge. My one complaint (actually my hubby's) is the fact that it will damage our hard wood floors and carpet. I am highly encouraged (ordered) to do it outside or use a carpet mat. This is funny because I read on the information slip delivered with the item that it does indeed have its own mat, however, I was a bit disappointed because that same paper said that as a bonus it comes with a foam mat. Unfortunately, I did not receive one, so I am assuming that it is a mistake on that information sheet, that may cost too much money to correct and reprint or it was from some early advertising gimmick. So now I must buy a mat before I can use this in our house. Otherwise, it is a pretty awesome alternative to my now defunct BOSU.
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on November 21, 2017
VERY sturdy, well made product. but this wasn't right for me and my current physical situation. Let me explain. I am in physical therapy due to a car accident. and having difficulty with balance. My Phys. Ther. "vetoed" this item due to the extreme condition I have right now. and is sending me more towards a balance cushion (of which I can barely stand on and keep my balance). So, while this is an excellent product and well made, in my personal circumstances I am not able to do this, and had to send it back. NOT the fault of the manufacturer! WHEN I get past my current condition (and I know I will), this will be my next step. Until then, bon voyage! See on the the next "go around"! Blessings!
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on December 29, 2017
According to one reviewer, she recommended sitting on this balance board—and she was right! When I sit on it (on carpet) and kick both legs out, I can feel my “core” (midsection/stomach/back) getting an amazing workout! There are probably other sitting exercises as well; plus, I feel safer than standing with both feet on it (have Osteoporosis and if I fell, could break some bones). The handles are “handy” to hold onto while sit-balancing. Great workout product!
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on December 31, 2016
Just received yesterday and trying it all over the house on different surfaces. Lightweight but sturdy, this board will be used primarily at work at a stand up desk. It is stable, does not slide and the upper surface is non-slip. The company even sends a follow up email with several great balance and strengthening exercises. Received quickly and service has been great. Well worth the price. My background: aging outdoors enthusiast who broke an ankle and using to rehab...great also for focus. Kind of Zen-y
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