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Netduma R1 Router
Price:$199.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 4, 2016
I am a long time gamer. This Router is AMAZING. the control I have over every aspect of my gaming, internet connection and host to lobby's is ridiculous. This is a must have for any gamer.
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on July 14, 2017
 I have experience in the past and built my own pfSense router and followed foxale08's guide to distribute bandwidth evenly when the network is under-load. Then I also bought a $60 MikroTik Box and was able to do the same thing as this Netduma R1.

I bought this router because I wanted to see if it really did stop lag caused by people in your own household and it did! It's great for the average user and is so much easier to configure the anti-lag portion compared to a pfSense box or a MikroTik hEx box.

I set my bandwidth to 90% of my actual download and upload speeds. This doesn't seem to affect upload for some reason but does indeed cap downloads.

I had to use the slider to cap my upload (about 80%) in "anti-flood" for it to not lag my other computers. I would get massive ping spikes if I didn't.

I attached a video showing this. Sorry about the background noise... My test setup was a Surface Pro 3 with gigabit ethernet adapter, and a random windows 8 tablet with a gigabit ethernet adapter all plugged into this router. I ran on my surface pro 3 and ran ping -t in cmd prompt on my tablet. Without this router I would see crazy pings on my tablet when running on my surface pro. However with this router and the 80% upload cap my ping pretty much remained the same.

Without the 80% upload cap the tablet would shoot over 200ms ping during the upload portion of (one of the videos shows this). works flawlessly with the upload caps! Mind you I left the bandwidth distribution as equal and it works fine.

Conclusion: If your a newbie and have money this is worth the $200. However if you're an enthusiast and cheapie like me and don't mind the challenge it's much cheaper to buy a MikroTik box and set the PCM queues and you'll achieve the same thing! Or build your own pfSense router...

They were telling the truth when they said this wasn't QoS. MikroTik and pfSense methods are also not QoS and work! You do need to know how to set them up though. For Mikrotik hEx look up "PCM queues Mikrotik equal bandwidth" in google. For pfSense look up "foxale08 equal bandwidth for all users" in google.

This box has wireless built in. Whereas you'd have to buy an access point like the ubiquiti Unifi UAP if you wanted wireless with your pfSense box or MikroTik hEx. You'd also need a switch for more ethernet ports if you went the pfSense route.... because the hEx has 4 ports like this netduma R1.

The R1 is a rebranded Routerboard router. It is unique because of the software because it makes it easy for the average Joe to set up.Not a lot of people know how to buy routers that distribute bandwidth evenly under-load... That's why they lag when someone else in their household is Dling....

I wanted to do this as a business idea to but Netduma got in the business long before me! Anyways I'm returning this product because I bought it to scope out the competition and decided I gave up. If I could be an affiliate for these guys I would!
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on October 17, 2016

This router has saved my life! I've had to go through "the process of elimination" in order to fix my lab's network which started from contacting my ISP and eventually doing research on countless products in order to fix the problems of packet losses and frequent disconnections on a daily basis. These problems still persisted after I've had techs come to my home and run several tests. Next, I bought and replaced the cables and old router. The first router was from TP Link. It sort of did the trick but eventually the problems still persisted and that's when I decided to get the Netduma R1 Router. Setup was easy and I put it through several test runs by having everything connected and running. Never had a disconnection ever since I powered the device on! Connection is fast, smooth, and the user interface is practically self-explanatory. Playing online games that are known to have frequent disconnections during online gameplay (such as Call of Duty, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter 5, etc...) practically disappeared with the "Host Filtering" feature this device comes with. This router is ESPECIALLY useful for Twitch streamers, Youtube streamers, and businesses that need to always be connected for "remote office" work or simply to have conference meetings. With the help of the congestion control feature, you can prioritize which computer or mobile device can have the best connection. I can ramble on about the rest of the features but trust me when I say: do NOT get any other router unless you don't care about lag, big packet losses or frequent disconnection problems. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask or visit their website for further explanation.
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on April 14, 2018
This is the second time I've had to purchase a netduma since my first one failed , and I have to say the second one now has a problem where it just keep shutting itself off, I own many electronics and they all are in pristine condition I take very good care of my things , and I have never experienced something like this before. Netduma's customer service is also honestly terrible. They have no phone support and their shipment base is in the uk so if you are from the states get ready to wait 3 weeks to wait for something that cost $200. In addtion their web support is very slow and they dont say much at all and seem to have no hours of operation and respond to you when they feel like it. The actually device is absolute poor quality of the lowest standards. The software is great and it's a shame it comes on such a low quality router. Which for $200 dollars is unexcusable.. In the end I've spent $400 plus tax to end up with weeks of wait times and headaches.
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on February 23, 2017
I can't believe wifi is better than ethernet, and I can stream with no lag ha , this router wins!
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on April 5, 2018
This is a pretty cool router because of the various options you have available to you. I gave it a 4 star because there were a few times where I lost WiFi connection out of the blue and had to reset the router. Speed is noticeably slower on my phone when gaming if you are further from the router but I guess that is to be expected.
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on February 19, 2017
Definitely reduces laggy connections for online multiplayer FPS games, and for that one purpose this makes it worth the cost. I'm not a great player, but it was driving me insane knowing that I was playing against people who could see me 1/2 second before I saw them. This levels the field, and the difference is huuuuuuge. Now there are no magic players who shoot me before they even appear in my line of sight.
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on September 27, 2016
Works great. Host filtering and congestion control are really handy. I can also monitor who is using my network and how much with a graph that resembles task manager. Each device connected has a color and their color will fill the graph as they use more and more data. So you can tell exactly which device is even using the internet.
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on July 22, 2017
Too much room for operator error. Im sure its a great product. I just couldn't get it to work as advertised.
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on October 1, 2017
The best router out there for gaming, patiently waiting for DUMA OS.
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