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on October 30, 2017
I purchased the Yi Lite after making the mistake of getting sucked into buying another camera with 'all the accessories'. That other camera was more like a toy, with the end video/picture resolution looking like it was taken on an old android phone or something. That camera went right back into the box and was returned. After that, I did a bunch of research into sub-brand action cameras, and the one that continually comes to the surface as being the real deal with exceptional image/video results was the Yi camera line. For my needs (family/trip recording), the Yi Lite was the perfect fit. All that comes in the box is the camera, a battery, and a USB cable. That's it for hardware. The instruction manual was quite good, too. Upon receiving the camera, it was notably more substantial than the other one I bought. The operation is simple, fast, the touch screen on the camera is incredibly responsive and quick, and I was up and running in seconds. I downloaded the app, and connected it quickly. I was then prompted that there was a firmware update for my camera, so I downloaded it and updated my camera (via wifi). The app works smoothly (the other camera used some 3rd party app, and it wouldn't connect). What I really wanted from a camera was something that took gorgeous photos and videos at 1080p60fps, and this one does it wonderfully! Any larger format, for me, would be too big and heavy of files to work with (and I'm not sharing my stuff on a big screen... just family TV's or computer screens).

One thing I wanted to note about my first-time experience in buying an sub-brand action camera is that I was surprised how much rebranding of the same generic product that is going on in the market. Much like many 'smart watches' on the market, these cameras are the same components and housing with different brands and packaging. Whats even worse is that some of the cameras (or so I read) don't actually take the MP rating they state, but instead (due to their sensor hardware) they take a lesser number of physical pixels, and their software chops those into finer resolution... so it technically is the higher pixel rating, but from a lower resolution photo. Now that's sneaky... and nothing I want.

The Yi Lite isn't even a sub-brand camera. It's from Xiaomi, a top-tier Chinese electronics manufacturer. It's just lesser known by mainstream consumers (like me). I am so thankful and appreciative of man online reviewers (here on Amazon, through blogs, and through YouTube) for giving me the information I needed to make a smart choice in an action camera. For just under $100, there is nothing else out there on the market that comes even close to delivering the quality and value that this camera does. Super happy customer on this end.
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on July 21, 2017
 After having a disappointing experience with the Yi 4K+ due to the poor unusable audio quality (even with good full-range external microphones), I did not have high expectations with the Yi Lite that I received today. Besides the "tinny" and muffled audio of the 4K+, there was audible machine-like noise that was present in every situation using BOTH the internal and external microphone. Fortunately with the Yi Lite, this machine-like noise did not exist. Furthermore, the onboard audio was usable for production, as it sounded more rich and full. The video (in good daylight) is comparable to the Yi 4K+, albeit it records 1080 60P at a lower maximum bit rate (31 mbps versus 60 mbps). I hope in a future firmware update, the maximum bit rates will be increased.

My only gripe with this camera is somewhat minor (see update of 9/28/17 below, as this was corrected in a firmware update) - the optional date and time display is located in a distracting location on the video. This is the worst location I have seen in any action camera from China to date. As shown in Photo #3 (Yi Lite), the date and time display is located at somewhat of a high location on the right, making it somewhat of a distraction. Photo #2 shows the 4K+ display in 2 rows (also used in the original Yi). This is not bad, but it is still a potentially noticeable distraction to the viewer. The best location I have seen is in Photo #1 used by both Eken and Gitup - small fonts in a single row on the bottom right-hand corner. I would strongly suggest Xiaomi to simply move the display down to this location so that the it is less of a distraction to the viewer. I use this display when I am filming travel documentaries. I sincerely hope that Xiaomi reads this review and will address these issues in a future firmware update.

In conclusion, the Yi Lite design has the foundation to be a winner and is technically a clear upgrade over the original Yi in my initial test ). I will do more "torture" testing later and provide an update to this review.

Update 7/28/17 - I conducted a low light torture test at a local karaoke pub comparing this camera to the original Yi. From first impressions, it appeared that at 1080 60P, the original Yi was superior, as shown on the attached video. However, the sound quality went to the new Yi Lite. Overall, this test only indicated that both cameras had their strengths and weaknesses with no clear overall winner (see update of 9/28/17, as the low light issues were addressed).

Update 9/15/17 - Thankfully, Yi Technologies cam through on the "unofficial" firmware (as to not yet being available on their website as of this review) firmware and relocated the date and time stamp to the bottom right corner of the screen (see Photo #4). Furthermore, they re-formatted the date to read by month-date-year (commonly used in the US). Great job, guys! I hope this same change will be done to the other Yi models, as well. However, I noticed in this firmware update that they also incorporated a non-switchable auto low light adjustment that lowers frame rates to accommodate low light. This is fine, but I have suggested in an email to Yi Technologies that this should be a switchable menu option (similar to that in the original Yi ). Sometimes, these abrupt change of frame rates while filming may be abrupt, especially when the lighting conditions are not very dim (i.e. indoor room light). In certain filming situations, I would much rather increase the iso speed in the camera and deal with the potential added noise than suddenly change frame rates back and forth (see update of 9/28/17, as Yi Technologies added the switchable auto low light function in the menu options).

Update 9/28/17 - I've got to hand it to the reps at Yi Technology (Mr. Adam Ding) for addressing all of my review comments and suggestions on their Yi Lite action camera. Since its release back in early July this year, they have relocated the optional date and time display to a better location on the screen (bottom right corner), reformatted the date to display month-date-year (typically used in the US) instead of year-month-date (typically used in Asia), and added a switchable auto low light setting in the menu options. All of these firmware improvements have made this camera one of the biggest bargains in the action camera industry. Way to go, guys! You just went from a 4-star to a 5-star rating in my review thanks to your super responsiveness to address noted issues. Highly recommended!
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on October 11, 2017
I've been wanting to get a small sports camera for along time, I was thinking about getting a GoPro but they're too expensive and I've heard a lot of negative things about them, This action camera is awesome for what it cost..very dependable love that its lightweight and durable to carry around...happy and beyond satisfied with the quality of the pictures and video in 4K...some of the great features is that its touchscreen (2.0"), connects to WiFi, has a long battery life a little bit more than 2 hours which is more than enough for me..has a locking feature so you don't accidentally record or snap a the stylish black color...just wish it came with a microSD card and with accessories besides that I suggest anyone that wants a small and reliable action camera to get this one its totally worth it!
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on November 13, 2017
I just used it for the first time using skeleton case. On this trip, I used GoPro Hero 4 Black and Sony FDR‑X3000 as well for comparison. On this Camera, I used SanDisk Extreme 128GB XC I, V30 U3 class memory card. All three recorded in 1080p 60FPS.

1. Good value; price
2. Decent sound
3. Decent angle

1. Quality is not consistent - I see pixelation (maybe problem with compression?)
2. Backlight flickers (picture becomes light for a split second)
3. Weird artifacts in video (I've used the same memory card on other cameras without these artifacts)
- Picture attached
review image
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on January 13, 2018
I purchased this camera one month ago, returned, because I was bad luck to get a bad one, the video and image was blurry. The YI Technology technical support team quickly contacted with me, they professionally and patiently helped me to troubleshoot the issue, and finally solved the problem, they sent me a replacement, it works great like a charm. Now I have a great quality YI Lite Action camera. The photo and video image quality is great, very sharp and clean, the exposure and color are correct. I am very happy to own a YI camera. I am very confident to buy the product from them since they have a great costumer service to support, no worry at all. Highly recommend!!!
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on December 27, 2017
Touch screen display works surprisingly well. Picture quality is very good. Be sure to buy a fast speed SD card to avoid interruptions during recording. It is not the fault of the camera, but some SD cards are faster than others. My only complaint would be with charging the camera in the car. As soon as you plug the USB charge cord in, the camera thinks are trying to transfer video from the SD card. To control the camera, you have to start your recording, then plug in the charger cord. All the cheaper cameras I've had all act the same way.
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on November 11, 2017
My first action camera and I didn't have much time to look it over before we travelled. Easy to use and the pictures were great It's so small and light it is a breeze to carry. Took lots of snapshots and did miss the multi-focus lens (zoom).... but great cam when you just want to take pictures and not manage the complexity of a DLSR.

I looked at the cheap cameras and there aren't a lot of good qualitative review... however Yi seemed to be the standard everyone measured against. I'm also looking forward to doing some hacks on the camrea.
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on January 10, 2018
First impresions:
Video and photo quality is way above than the $80.00 action camera options on amazon so the extra $20.00 are definitely worth it. It doesn't include any camera mounting accesories. Video quality is really nice but no usable 4k, I also own a YI 4K+ and my pc has lots of trouble running 4K videos even though it is fast when I'm using adobe photoshop, ligthroom, flash and after effects. On my brother's super gaming PC the video files run smoothly. So unless you have a 4K TV or/and a computer with lots of power 4K is not necesarily, but it does have 1920*1440 at 30fps.
Photo quality is awesome, it almost gets the same quality of a jpeg from my Canon 40D using a EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM at 28mm f/3.5. The difference becomes evident when zooming the images and compairing them side by side.
External construction is nice and simple but this makes it intuitive, but plastic no big deal but it doesn't feels like my gopro session 4. However including the 1/4 thread screw was really nice it saves a lot of time when mounting the camera to a tripod.
Screen is very nice, easy to use (touchscreen) and sharp.
Interface: adjustment menu is divided in only two categories video or photo adjustments (depending on which mode you are using) and camera adjustments. I feel that only 2 categories makes the list of options quite large making it harder to use because it takes time to find some adjustments. I wished the video or photo adjustment category would be splited specifically the Image Parameters option because this is a menu inside another menu and it has in my opinion the most important adjustment options.
Inside construction: the mother board is mounted to a very nice aluminum frame something you're not going to find on another low price action camera (specially below $80), the sensor has a metal base, and the lens base seems specifically made for YI and made from a hard nice plastic. Screws quality are great seem strong (threads won't deform easily). Speaker is very nicely made, doesn't seem like an ordinary round metal speaker but it has it's own tiny plastic case. Besides from the lens, quality construction of the camera is more evident on the inside than the outside.
Packaging is very nice and strong as well I decided to keep the boxes.

Sometimes it is just uncapable to get a proper exposure, and image on the video starts blinking lighter and darker making the footage useless. Updating firmware didn't solve this.
Microphone position, when used as a camcorder it easily records my breathing.
No dedicated video output port, micro HDMI. Even cheaper action cameras have this, it may not seem important but with the great video and image quality this would have been a very nice feature.
No RAW photos, again it may not seem important but with the great image quality this would have been a very nice feature.

I bought two of these cameras, and a YI 4K+. I mainly use it as a point and shoot camera and camcorder. I really love this camera, took out one star because of the image blinking issue. The missing features mentioned above would make this camera extraordinary I really like the 16 megapixel sensor because of aspect ratio more simmilar to a reflex unlike the almost square photos of the YI 4K+. Attaching filters to these camera is fun I would really recomend this accesory. Me I glued a 25mm to 30mm step up ring to the camera but this way it will no longer fit inside a waterproof housing.

I really loved the time lapse feature, on vacation at dawn I just left the camera taking a timelapse while I kept taking more photos with another camera. This camera has been so much fun.

If needed I would'nt hesitate on buying another YI Lite.
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on December 18, 2017
- Fair enough video quality (for 1080/60, didn’t tried 4K)
- Good battery life (although battery level indication works incorrectly - it can show low level and than in a few minutes that battery is full)
- User-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface
- Good iOS App
- Good real-time lens distortion correction (anti-fisheye)

- Bad sound quality during wind or near loud music (UPD: promised to be fix in future firmwares)
- Electronic Image Stabilisation makes picture jelly-like
- White-balance changes drastically from shot to shot
- Picture is not enough saturated (imho)
- No option to start shooting after boot (you have to press main button once, than wait until camera boots and than press again to start shooting)
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on April 2, 2018
So, this camera is a very very very solid action cam, for most people, it's probably the perfect little camera...and for $100 (+ $20 for water-tight plexicase), you really can't go that wrong. However, I use this for filming rock bands on the music scene, so here are my pros and cons if you plan to use this in that VERY specific setting.

- Extremely durable! I set this on a GoPro jaw-flex clamp on a very hard-hitting drummer's kit for 90 minutes, and it went the entire time
- EIS (or steadycam) mode really helps a lot in taking the edge off of the vibrations, I don't think I have a single action cam that matches it
- Touchscreen is responsive, but not TOO responsive (like on the GoPro, which is irritating when you accidentally touch the screen, then you gotta cycle thru several screens to get back to where you were)
- Image quality in high to medium light is outstanding, and manually adjustable. It defaults to ISO 6400, but the image is very grainy, so I typically put it in the 1600/3200 range, and with ENOUGH light, the image quality is pretty good. There is a firmware update that has an auto setting, I need to get that and test it out to see if it work.
- Image color is fairly good with decent lighting, it's not overly saturated and looks real-world and not over-enhanced.
- Preset 150 degree wide lens is good and not
- Charge lasts over 90 minutes!! That's unheard of, most of action cams crap out after 45-60 minutes, so if you need long battery life, this is the one to get!! And it doesn't appear to take too long to charge up, I think it only took 2 hours or less to get the full (or nearly full) charge)
- Many different image quality settings, with 1080/60p being the best IMO. The 4K is like 20fps, so it's too choppy to be usable for me, but the 1080/60p is phenomenal
- Camera stills are pretty good, for an action cam...but I rarely use this function.

- Audio quality splatters in very loud environments...this was used on a drum kit, so when the drummer was wailin' away, the audio is basically unusable...and this is even when it's in the low audio setting and inside a water-tight case
- Image quality in very low light is dicey. Some action cams work well in very low light (and I'm talking in the 5 lums or less range), but this is NOT one of them. So for example, at a well lit stage, it does great...but in a very dark bar, it may not do so well
- Lens is fixed at 150 degrees...not a biggie for me, because you can correct this in post-edit some, but if you want that variability, this camera won't do it.

SO, all in all, it's a suitable camera for my specific purposes...and you can't beat the price, a GoPro (which has it's OWN issues) will cost 3 times as much.
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