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on February 28, 2018
 Good quality mirror dash cam, very discrete and takes good video in day & night
Update 3/4/18 - I have just installed the rear camera & find out that this unit record both front & rear video simultaneously in addition to the parking assist. đź‘Ť
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on March 11, 2018
Works as advertised. I purchased this camera mostly because I wanted the back camera, but everything else is a really nice added bonus. I'm still figuring out all the features available. It's a lot easier to install than I initially thought, though I wish the wires were a little longer. The reverse camera works PERFECTLY once installed. I love the reverse detection feature! Definitely worth the price for that alone. I only wish that the camera took a micro USB cable as they're a lot easier for me to replace.

I would definitely recommend this for the value you're getting. I think I'll purchase one for my parents as well!
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on May 10, 2018
I just receives this dash and installed it in the car. I didn't route any wires through the car because I wanted to see it work first. The touch screen is easy to use and navigate, the mirror is very clear and easy to see in. My first major issue at this point is the downloadable app. You need the app to download and install firmware updates and it makes downloading video easier (based on the documentation) the problem is when I start looking at the permissions this app wants. It is way more intrusive than I am going to allow on my phone. It wants to track what apps I have, what apps are open, my browser history among other things. I will see how well it works without the app, because there is no way I'm giving them that kind of access. So far only 3 stars just based on the app. I will update once we use it for a bit, it could get worse depending on workability without the app.
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on February 23, 2018
First impressions well built unit, but video quality at low light is sub-par. While during the day picture is OK at night, there is a lot of noise on the front and rear camera and looks like rain fall during a storm. The manufacturer on their website claims 3D noise reduction, clearly this is not implemented. There is no option to turn on or off the 3d noise reduction in the menu. Also they claim night vision, not sure what they mean by that.
They also claim it support WDR functions, There is no way to turn the WDR on or off and what they mean by that they support those functions will be good to know.
I have to add a few more things, there is no dimming option on the mirror, if someone is behind you with High Beams on he will blind you. Also when looking at the mirror during the day you see a lot of ghost images especially headlights of the cars. Emailed YI 4 days ago and still have not heard from them.
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on March 20, 2018
Mirror, front and rear cameras work great. Easy install. It was a little difficult to mount this over my mirror, but the BMW X5 mirror is really thick !! I like the oversized longer mirror too. Instead of running the power wires to the cigarette lighter port. I’ve powered mine with a solar backup battery (Amazon purchase) and mounted the battery on my visor. I had to purchase a 64gb Micro SD card - $30. I still need to install the backup camera and get the iPhone app up and running.
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I like the unit as it is user friendly to use. I installed this HD mirror cam in my Ford Escape SUV. The unit mounted over my existing mirror using the rubber connections. I had to give up some electronic features of the Ford OEM mirror as it covers up their sensors. Some users may have problems with the installation depending on how thick the existing mirror is.

With the increased road rage incidents in Northern Colorado with the heavy interstate traffic congestion, I decided to have some extra protection in case a road rager tried some stupid moves and caused an accident! I've seen two road rage incidents in one year and I expect more until the freeway is expanded.

It was an easy installation, but would have been nice to include some clips to tuck the cabling along the inside edge of the windshield. I had to create my own clips. With the plastic interior, it was easy to tuck most of the cabling underneath the plastic edging along the windows for the rear camera. I placed the rear camera on the inside of the shaded rear window on my SUV and works well as it was easier to install versus locating the camera on the outside.

The pros are the HD display and camera gives great HD video quality, which is nice if you needed to play back showing an accident or other issue. It records front and back cameras at the same time which is a nice feature. It would show the person's face if close enough or their license plate. I haven't tried it yet, but like the fact you can download the video to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and email it to the law enforcement agency or your lawyer if needed. The instructions look simple to download the video and will try it soon.

The only negative is the weak display using the rear camera when backing up. Very hard to see during the day even when adjusting the mirror for the best angle and using maximum back lighting. The mirror display is normally off when driving for good reason!

I bought the San Disk 32 GBS flash card with Class 10 video specs. Being a videographer, this is important for best video recording!

Overall, very good unit for the price and quality!
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on March 31, 2018
 Pretty good dash cam. Front cam is very clear and steady. Rear cam is ok. Night vision is a little over exposed spots when there is headlights or street lights but its still pretty good and clear. Easy to install. Pretty good quality for the price. The app is easy to use. Recordings are 3 min loops and recorded in .mov, should have a few more options like mpeg recording but overall im happy with it.
I think the reason most people cant find the videos after they download it's because it is in .mov format and most video players wont recognize the video. You have to search phone file.
It attached to my rear view mirror and was very stable.
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Really a 4.5 star rating...I installed this on my 2015 MDX.

I didn't bother with the rear camera at this time though. I tried just using a 16GB card I had laying around and it wouldn't take it. It said "Please use uhs sd card." I just took the one out of my phone and it worked. There was just enough length on the USB power cord to fully go around my headliner, to the passenger door weather seal, under my glove box and right to my power outlet without any extra cable length.

The mirror is also a bit wider than my OEM mirror, which is actually pretty nice. I also like the look of the mirror since it has very minimal borders. I was afraid adjusting would cause some issues, but so far the mirror doesn't hit the window or anything like that when adjusting. It also doesn't interfere with the sun visors.

1. Looks great.
2. Functional.
3. Good video quality.
4. Supports WIFI app to download to your phone/live view (this was the big reason why I got the YI instead of another cheaper version).
5. Power is with a standard USB cable that can detach from the car charger.
1. The biggest gripe for me, the SD card slot is on the top of the mirror, making it hard to access. If you ever have to remove/replace the card, you'll have to take the mirror off...If they ever make a revision with the SD card on the bottom, I'd be very happy.
2. The date/time isn't configurable in MM/DD/YYYY or 12 hour time. I'd really enjoy them updating the firmware to support this.
3. The installation bands seem like they'd degrade over time and snap. Only time will tell on this one.

Overall, I'm very happy and this beats having a dedicated camera with a suction cup stuck on the window. I'd definitely buy this particular model again.
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on May 23, 2018
This is so nice for $80!! It was easy to install and tuck the wires along the seams of my SUV. Very nice reflective mirror and great video quality. I LOVE the app so you can get the video connected to WIFI on your phone as opposed to having to take the mirror down to access the SD card. It also have audio to record conversations if you get pulled over, etc. I just purchased a second one for my other car. The touch screen is simple and easy to set up. I am not technologically adept and had no issues at all installing this and setting it up. Took maybe half hour. I purchased it because two friends recently had someone try to commit fraud in an accident. One was accused of a hit and run and the person went to the hospital and everything; saying my friend ran them over. The police went to his house saw no damage to his car and dismissed the case. BUT it was stressful and took weeks of agony/stress. My mom was recently side swiped and the lady tried to say her car was totaled and that my mom caused damage that she did not. They are still fighting it out, if she had a camera it would be a no brainer to bust all the scammers out there.
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on June 27, 2018
I got this due to 3 close calls recently, and just got back from a 1,400 mile trip (no accidents) and it worked fine (recorded everything). I hope this helps you - some things to think about as its ok, but not perfect:

- easy to install (front camera took maybe 10 minutes with some plastic tools; rear camera took about 45 minutes due to drilling)
- video is decent quality forward, ok in reverse (much less field of view reverse)
- not expensive
- seems to be reasonable quality (packaging is very apple-esque)
- night mode is decent forward, practically useless in back camera due to lights and glare, but if someone rear-ended you, you would get their license plate.
- has picture in picture for rear and front on mirror, but records the front and rear separately (nice feature)

- the mirror is large and in my car blocks the sun visors for both passenger and driver (you have to either pull them out, or not put them all the way back)
- the camera is fixed - in my car, for me to use the mirror, it is pointed to the right, so you lose a lot of field of view on the left. See pic. Also, the lens is wide angle and severely distorts what is seen
- you cannot flip the mirror angle at night to reduce glare, and my car sits fairly low, so glare is an issue
- the wireless connection is slow as molasses, takes over 1.5 minutes to download a single 1 minute video
- the external card slot is fidgety and it was hard for me to get the card in the slot (also, no markings, so it took like 3 tries)
- no battery, so only on when my car is on
- the strap hold downs are rubber and no doubt if left in the sun will dry up and break eventually
- the external card slot is on the top, and hard to get to to remove if you need to (should be on the side)
- you cannot set the sound volume (and its rather loud) but you can disable sound
- the rear camera attaches with screws and requires drilling (but probably the case with all such cameras)
- the mirror jiggles a lot more than the OEM mirror, and with windows down, it jiggles a lot due to airflow (not sure this would work in like a convertible)

It would be a 4.5 star review if: the mirror were not so large, the front camera was adjustable to point forward, and the sd card slot was on a side and much, much easier to get the card into and out of. It would be a 5 star if you could still adjust the angle of the mirror at nite to reduce glare from headlights behind you (which is the main thing I did not think about and is hard for me due to my eyesight at nite being great)

Finally, tip if you have a Honda Civic Hybrid (the rear seat does not fold down because of the batteries). I could not find a good install video - but if you run the cable to the top of the back seat, there is a baby seat strap latch - if you lift that up, there is literally a space to the trunk - you can run the cable right into the trunk, no cutting or drilling there at all!
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