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on January 12, 2017
To say I am a book nut would be putting it mildly. I read everything. Rapp, Jack Noble, etc. When I saw Whiskey and Roses I thought first, another new author, but I am always willing to read a good action series.. I really like Bradley Wright's book. Yes it is graphic in some places, but that is today. Do not let that put you off from reading a really good book. Xander King is probably one of the best heroes I have seen in a long time. He is rich, but mostly he cares, about his friends and his family. I think Bradley Wright is off to an awesome start as an author, and I am looking forward to reading more from him in the future. Don't be afraid to try a new author, you just might be surprised. so give it a chance. I wish Bradley continued success, and hope this new series of his has a lot of books to read. I am glad I read this book. I hope you all give it a chance, it is well worth the read.
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on January 2, 2017
I read a LOT. Hate tv. So I subscribe to places to get books at discount, new authors etc. I honestly don't remember my rationale for buying this book but I'm very glad I did. The protagonist is a guy I'd love to emulate (crazy rich ninja ass kicker). The story never bogs down, and it's time well spent. Haven't read the next from Mr Bradley but will definitely be reading more from this author. I suggest giving him a read.
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on July 12, 2016
The debut book of new author Bradley Wright.

I saw this book on FB as a suggested post. It had the tag line of something like; "If you love Mitch Rapp...." I see this hype a lot about books comparing themselves to popular characters in the genre and most don't live up to it.

There are glimmers here. While it's not that level yet (it is his first book so I'll cut him some slack.) there were flashes of a great character with a compelling backstory.

The main character is much more in line with a James Bond type but I can see why Mitch Rapp could be mentioned. Being independently wealthy and deciding to go the vigilante route is similar but the womanizing and other activities lean heavily to the Bond link rather than Rapp.

Some of the other reviews mention "a great romance" and while there is a heavy sense of that spark he is a little free with himself for me to classify this as having a romance angle but there seems to be an indication that it COULD have a romantic story line in the future. Depends if Xander can manage to keep his hands to himself.

There is a rich story line here with plenty of backstory to sell the image that the author is creating, that of a rich, heavily trained and battle tested hero that decides that he knows better than the rest of the government. A character that we are told from the beginning has reached a mythical standing in the armed forces and other government agencies.

It's a tough pill to swallow I must admit. Superman never really interested me, but through the story and battles we do get to see that in this case, there are flaws, flaws that cause the danger to be visited on those that choose to be on Xander's team or even in his presence.

It is clear that there is a profound love of Kentucky and it rich cultural attractions by the author as we are submerged into one the most famous Kentucky events through out the middle of the book. Usually these bore me but I have to say that it was perfectly written and I was really transported to events as they were described.

I really felt like that big battle scene was drawn out and at times very unrealistic, not that I mind suspending reality but there are limits. For a finely tuned warrior especially given the years of Seals and Black-ops experience I expected heavier armament and poor Xander seemed to have a major case of butter fingers. There was one scene that a character takes a full tilt knee to the family jewels. Now I can tell you as a man that a graze can put you on your knees so I always hate when characters seem to barley register or pop right back up after that.

All that being said, the story kept me turning pages to see what happens and at the end of the day that's what I look for in an escape from everyday life, so I would happily recommend it to action/thriller fans.
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on October 29, 2016
If you have served in the military and especially worked in the SOCOM community, prepare to suspend all knowlede of reality while reading. King is a Marine who becomes a Navy S.E.A.L. and carries two nickle plated 9mm while on the job. In short, the book is written by an author who watched too many bad spy movies as a kid and did no research before deciding to write about a world he knows nothing about.
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on December 3, 2016
New writer for me . . . same type that I prefer: Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, Ted Bell, Marc Cameron (i.e. the really good writers)!! New "hero", young, but very well trained and intense. Great 1st book, establishing his abilities and well as setting "those around him" who will be regular participants in his journey. I love it when the hero has lots and lots of money - they are not "beholden" to anyone for assistance. Similar to Ted Bell's hero, Lord Hawke, without the actual castle!
Read book #1 and #2 - just finished . . . now I find out that book #3 isn't written yet - or "complete" yet. Better get going Mr. Wright - your readers will be "chomping at the bit" very, very soon.
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on February 7, 2017
As another reviewer stated I saw this book on FB. Always looking for new authors I ordered for my Kindle. I have read the Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, Michael Bennett etc and from the reviews I decided to give Whiskey and Roses and author Bradley Wright a chance.

To say the book grabs your attention from page one is an understatement. Alexander King, a handsome, dramatic successful young businessman with buckets of money has this dark side, as you turn the pages you will find that while having it all, Xander to his friends is hurting over the brutal death of his parents..

Alexander King and his best friend Kyle, along with Samantha or “Sam” take you on a journey of the Kentucky Derby to the depths of assassins. The added introduction of movie star Natalie Rockwell adds an interesting spin to the story line.

Bottom line don’t be afraid to check out new authors. You will be very surprised at the remarkable talent many have.
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on March 26, 2017
how this got so many great reviews, I'll never know. It read like a very bad romance novel without the sex.I wanted to like it...I like romance novels now and then; but, they've gotta be more readable than this was. The best I can describe the writing is to say it was immature. I can't even say high school as it would be insulting to high school aged writers.
The characters were flat...but they were perfect, looked perfect, acted perfect. So over the top it was annoying. Finishing, for me, was impossible which says a lot because I have NEVER EVER abandoned a book in my 6 decades of reading, no matter how bad it was.
I read over 50 % though, which I believe is enough for a review. And I writet this review because it was the many 5 star reviews that got me to get this book...and they all could not have been honest reviews.
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on April 30, 2018
Ok… this is an action/thriller with an ex-SEAL ultra lethal-warrior who seems to inhabit a persona akin to Batman (parents both killed in front of him when a child, insanely wealthy, martial arts master, high profile public image) mixed with James Bond (always surrounded by babes, international intrigue with alphabet agencies, yachts, private jets). At times, it’s as if he’s channeling an American Austin Powers, minus the humor, with a high blood and body count.

As such, this is a comic book as far from the worlds of Lee Child, Barry Eisler, or Mark Dawson as it is possible to get.

I’m not saying any of this is *bad,* I’m just giving you a picture of what you’ll be getting into. I liked this first book – it’s a page-turner and entertaining (at least, if you can go with the flow and crank your suspension of disbelief faculties to 11). I’ve bought the second book in the series, to really see where this goes…!

Update: I've just finished book 2 in the series, 'Vanquish.' Better than W&R, IMO. I think I'm hooked. Have just bought book 3...
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on September 6, 2016
This book started off with a great pace , intriguing main character,humorous side kick.
Then the second chapter was a downhill slide, main character took on a super man quality of his ability to kill 30 people by himself in 12 minutes. If that wasn't enough poor writing the graphic sex had to happen.
This author has absolutely no ability to develop characters let alone an intriguing plot so he has to revert to sex and violence .
A waste of time
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on April 1, 2018
This is the story of the incredibly handsome, incredibly wealthy Xander King. He is the BEST soldier that the US has EVER produced and now he is an assassin. His girl friend is an incredibly beautiful - and incredibly sweet - famous actress whose life he saves when, after recognizing that she's his soulmate after one 48 hour date and incredibly incredible sex, he single-handedly kills 9 of the 11 trained killers who break into his incredibly fabulous Kentucky estate (after his horse wins the Kentucky Derby). He does this while wearing nothing but his underwear and without any of his own weapons. (BTW, he captures the other 2 invaders.)

If you enjoy comic book level stories, you might like this book. If you prefer a more serious work in the genre, I would recommend the John Rain series. The Tanner series, which is a less serious take, is still more realistic and enjoyable to me.
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