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on July 9, 2016
I purchased my Samsung refrigerator about six months ago and was surprised when the replacement light went on for the filter already since I live alone, how much water could I drink? When I read into it, it seems that six months is the shelf life for these filters and they recommend, so I set out to order my new filter. After seeing the Samsung price on their website, I was dismayed at how expensive it was for something that had to be replaced every six months, so I headed over to Amazon and found this substitute for under $20. I ordered it and it came promptly and was a breeze to install. The water comes out as crisp and clear as the original Samsung filter, so no complaints from me. I didn't actually test the water before or after for contaminants, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of that, but for good tasting drinking water, it works great.
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on June 17, 2016
Awesome! Works so much better than the Samsung brand filter and is cost effective ($60 vs $18) The Samsung brand has a tiny hole , so it takes such a long tome to get filtered water for cooking. The water flows freely with this filter. I will definitely purchase again.
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on September 21, 2016
I've been avoiding changing the filter in my refrigerator (I know, it's bad) because of the cost of the OEM one that is recommended by Samsung.
I finally had no choice but figured what could it hurt to try this lesser priced alternative.

Price: Can't beat the price and saved over 50% of the cost of the recommended replacement.

Ease of use: If you have ever replaced the filter before, this one is just as easy. It's just about knowing when and how quickly to turn the unit for immediate attachment to the refrigerator.

Issues: None. I had no water leaks, no problems inserting the filter.

Recommendation: A definite must buy. I will absolutely purchase this again.

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on April 10, 2018
The filter fits and works OK. However, upon further investigation, I find these filters are certified to NSF 42 standards only, rather then also testing to NSF 53. What's the difference you ask?

From the NSF: The commonly tested chemical reduction claims for products seeking certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 are: chlorine (taste and odor), chloramines, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, pH neutralization and zinc reduction.
What this means is that NSF 42 is primarily concerned with taste and smell.

Again from NSF: The commonly tested chemical reduction claims for products seeking certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 are: heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury and selenium), inorganics (fluoride and nitrate plus nitrite) and volatile organic chemicals (chloroform surrogate as well as individual organic chemicals).
What this means is that NSF 53 is primarily concerned with potential health hazards.

I didn't know/realize this, but now I do. I will not be purchasing these filters again.
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on August 2, 2016
The original filter that came with the fridge was replaced with a Samsung factory filter after about 6 months, right away I noticed the water flow was slower and by the time it was due to replace the filter I was very annoyed with the time it took to fill a glass of water, (review of the Samsung filter posted in Jan 2016). So after 7 months with the second filter, I wasn't going to spend the extra money this time. With this filter right away the water flow was back to normal and the taste of the water improved, it was an exact fit and I had no trouble getting it in. If the filter lasts 6 months with decent water flow and I don't have a drastic change in taste I will purchase again.
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on July 5, 2017
After purchasing our Samsung refrigerator in 2014, it has become increasingly frustrating to see the price of the OEM filters rise every time we need them (y'know, each 6 months).

So, this time, rather than plunking down ninety bucks for a two pack, I decided to give the EcoBlueLife filter a shot. At a deal of a price of $19, it was worth a shot.

It arrived in 2 days (Prime!), and I immediately installed it into the fridge. I was optimistically skeptical, based on the mostly positive reviews, countered by the harsh negatives.

I hoped it would work.

I prayed for no leaks.

I wanted to score a bargain.

The EcoBlueLife filter delivered on all aspects.

It works perfectly!!!

Thank you, Rojo, LLC (EcoBlueLife filters)

I will definitely use, and recommend, these filters from now on.
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on October 1, 2016
This was my first time buying a filter for my Samsung refrigerator. We were long overdue to replace our filter but the cost of a new filter at the big box stores was ridiculous. I went on Amazon to search for Samsung filters and was very happy to find this one. It went in perfectly without any problems. My water filter has stopped alerting me hey it's time to replace me haha. I think this is a high quality water filter that works just as well as the name brand ones from Samsung directly.

I recommend this water filter to anyone who needs to replace a filter in their Samsung Fridge
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on June 4, 2016
Love this water filter for my Samsung French Door fridge. It works as well as the name brand for less than half the price. I've experienced no leaks, only great tasting water. Do make sure to prime and burp the filter by running water through it before you use it for drinking. I ran about 12 cups through mine before it stopped "burping" out air.

***I paid full price and was not compensated for my rating.
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on November 29, 2016
So, I have always purchased SAMSUNG DA29-00020B filters for the refrigerator, and this is my first foray into using an off-brand. I ordered it, and will update this review as time progresses. It may take a while, as the filter probably won't need to be changed for about 6 weeks.

Update (19 Feb 2017): Just installed this a few days ago. No problem installing it at all. The instructions say to run 3-5 gallons through the filter. This is a bit difficult, since we can do about a quart at a time. We did run 12 quarts (3 gal) through. I'm not sure of the purpose of this; the instructions seem to indicate that it is to ensure that there are no air bubbles left -- they seemed to go away after about 6 quarts.

As to taste, I'd deduct about 0.3 star; somehow, the SAMSUNG filter made our water taste absolutely WONDERFUL for a few weeks after the new filter is installed. It was something I always looked forward to. This didn't happen with the Ecoblue, but the water does seem clean, and comparable to the SAMSUNG after the "wow" taste wears off. I'm willing to give this up for the savings.

The other thing I'd deduct 0.4-0.5 star for is the noise. This filter is NOTICEABLY louder in the refrigerator. This is something we can get used to, as long as the filter holds up for the six months it is supposed to.

Update (25 Feb 2017): This company gets a gold star for customer support -- they sent me an email in December asking about my purchase (but I hadn't installed it yet). I finally replied to them with the same information in the review above. They responded that it shouldn't be loud; that the carbon core may have become loose. The new filter arrived promptly on the 23rd; I installed it, and the new one is quiet, like the Samsung. Excellent work on their part - I'm moving the review to 5 stars!

Update (Oct 2017): One drawback of (at least) that we accidentally discovered is that the filter change light doesn't function with this brand. We realized that we had gone past the replace date by many weeks, so we swapped it out for our last Samsung filter.

Update (Apr 2018): The filter change lights ARE working with the Samsung brand, so it was clearly that filter.
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on May 19, 2017
I bought this off brand due to the reasonable price. I am very pleased with the product. I arrived as promised and fit perfectly in the frig. I guess I should have replaced the old one sooner because once I installed this new offbrand I had much better flow of water in the door. At this price I will replace the cartridge once a year. The only reason I kept the original one for so long was I thought the replacement price was ridiculous. Now that I have the reasonably priced off brand option I will do it once a year.
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