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on November 27, 2016
I always read the reviews before purchasing an item for the first time. I especially make sure I read enough of the one star reviews to get a general idea of how serious any problems are. I must admit that after reading the negative reviews in regard to leaks, I almost didn't purchase this filter. I finally decided that the price differential between this filter and the Samsung filter was so great, that it made it worth trying.

I carefully inspected the new filter for flaws/damage and found none. Upon removal of the old filter, I compared the old Samsung with the new Waterdrop filter. The only differences I found were that the Samsung filter had two thin O-rings and a round hole for the water flow. The Waterdrop filter had one thicker o-ring and a square water hole. In my opinion, the single thicker o-ring should at least be the equivalant of the two thinner o-rings at the relatively low pressures of household water supplies. The round verus square water holes should make no difference in water flow as they are of similar size.

In my opinion, the primary causes for leakage would be a damaged or missing o-ring or a filter that was not seated all the way (not twisted far enough). Careful inspection prior to installation should reveal an o-ring problem.

I have had this filter installed for about two weeks now with no problems detected. The water tastes great and there are no leaks. I will be purchasing another Waterdrop filter for my next replacement. I will post an addendum to this review if a problem should arise with this or future Waterdrop filters.
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on June 27, 2017
Worked perfectly, no leaks, and water comes out much faster than before with old 2 year old oem filter. I highly recommend these, save your money buy these over the over priced Samsung oem filters. As directions said, I drained off upto 2 gallons to release any air in the system, and any charcoal particulates ( which mine had none) To limit any issues, turnoff water supply to avoid making old one harder to remove! ( This step isn't a must do, but more so a preventative step to relieve pressure coming out,and with new one going in) if this review was helpful, please mark it helpful below, otherwise please move on 😎
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on November 9, 2016
Fits perfect, good water flow (maybe better than the Samsung one), at a price you can accept. It's all good! Yes, they are NSF 42, but unless you are on well water that's plenty good. If you are on well water, or any water supply that could contain heavy metals or arsenic, pay the price for the genuine Samsung filter which takes those out. For the rest of us, these are a great buy.
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So many filters to try which ones are good? THIS ONE IS GOOD. I don't know if the negative reviews on this are fake maybe a smear attempt because its at an affordable price they don't want you to buy it or what. HERE'S WHAT I CAN TELL YOU comes nicely packaged sealed everything looks exactly like the OEM Samsung from the orings to the size of the hole. I installed it with no leaking none. I used it and cleared a liter of it and found it to be NOT dark like other filters or the stock filter when you first use it. You know where they tell you to clear like the 1st couple of gallons ... The water was clear from the beginning. The water TASTES GOOD. Took out that chlorine chemical smell and taste from tap water. Now did I put some test kit to the water to test it? No but I will and post an update if I have the time. Could this be a filter with no internals and thats why the water isn't dark from the first flow? I don't think so because the water does not smell and it tastes clean pure.

Bottom line Its an exact replacement no leaks water tastes good. No break in water was clear from the start. I bought another filter to also try out and that filter is now twice the cost and the seller has been bugging me for a review. Sorry Pureline but I will do a review when this filter wears out and I have to replace it.
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Waterdrop has done it! I am happy that I spent extra time looking for a good, less expensive alternative to a brand-name filter. After all, for a price conscientious consumer, such a significant difference in price is a good reason to begin looking for options. I see no difference in performance whatsoever when compared to the more expensive brand-name counterpart. The water is clean and it does not smell of chlorine. The filter fits and works well with my refrigerator. It also comes with a set of stickers, marked for each month of the year, so you can attach it to the filter, as a reminder to yourself for when it needs to be replaced (unless you refrigerator tells you first).

Considering the price and the quality of this filter, it would be unwise of me to recommend any other brand / option.
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on August 15, 2017
This was my first replacement since purchasing the refrigerator, and I suffered some sticker shock when seeing the price for the Samsung branded filter. I decided to try this one out since the reviews were good.

Installation was quick and easy! I did turn the water supply off, per the directions from the manual, and removing and replacing was an easy task. Where I was most impressed was the amount of water needed for flushing the system. When I first purchased the refrigerator it took a lot of water to get it going, and before the water ran clear; whereas this was only took around the suggested gallon of water to clear the line.

I've had it installed for a few weeks now, and so far I'm noticing a good amount of flow (if not better than previously) and the water/ice is clean as a whistle. Going forward I will definitely continue purchasing these for my Samsung refrigerator.
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on January 1, 2017
Horrible product was leaking inside of my fridge definitely not a direct replace for Samsung filter
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on January 17, 2018
Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me. Cheap price was the only reason I bought it. Unfortunately it's garbage - after filling a glass with water it keeps dripping for 10-15 seconds making a mess. Also - picture shows 2 orings on top of the filter and the actual item has only one. Bottom line - suck it up and buy a genuine filter.
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on January 6, 2018
The OEM Samsung filters are $50 dollars each, at the time of purchase, these filters are about $8 each. I thought that getting six for the price of one Samsung filter was fantastically worth the money! And if one should fail, then there are others. However, I found that each one of these filters are great. What a deal! Highly recommended and save your money.
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on August 20, 2017
Product leaked immediately. Installed as per the instructions only to have the kitchen floor flooded with water. After turning off the water and considerable time soaking up the water, reinstalled the previous filter and no more leaks. Note to future buyers, don't install and leave as you will return with a flooded kitchen. Fortunate for the seller, for the $8 spent on the product I will not hassle with the return.
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