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on March 4, 2016
Hello, My name is Robert and Im 20 years old. I bought this mattress (king) for my parents. I figured its time to pay them back for all the "borrowing" Ive had to do over the past few years. And since they REALLY needed a new mattress I figured Id give amazon a shot. I did a little looking around and came across this. Looked pretty nice, sounded pretty nice, and it wasnt $3000 like the mattress store wanted. So I purchased it. I want to say I bought it on March 1st? It was sitting on my front porch at 12:30 pm on the 4th. It came all the way across the country from Cali to SC and told me to expect it anywhere from the 4th to the 21st. Shipping, FAST 100%
Its A mattress So I knew it would get tossed around alot. It came in a big s***ty looking box (Good thing I didnt need the box to sleep in or this review would suck lol) It was placed in a vacume sealer bag and rolled up to fit into the box which is what they do with todays memory foam to save space (I guess). I opened it and it started eating air. It started at maybe 4 inches and grew to the 13 inches as described. (This mother is heavy) I set it up, got on it, and past out in 5 minutes after a long day at work. Its not a temperpedic by any means. But its pretty damn close. If I was you, Id buy this mattress. Honestly. Im probaby gonna buy another for myself.
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on March 6, 2017
It's been over a month and this bed is greatly surpassing my expectations. It arrived quickly and was easy to take out of the box. We also purchased a bed frame and let the mattress unroll directly on the frame. After about 8 hours it was fully inflated. My boyfriend noticed a slight odor but after about 48 hours it was gone.

This is a firm mattress, so if you're not looking for a firm mattress then don't look at this one. It has moderate edge support which has taken some getting used to as I am used to traditional mattresses that have more support.

I'm sleeping much better than I was before, however. My partner tosses and turns a lot less- and I wouldn't be able to feel it if he didn't! We are both very happy with this mattress and would wholeheartedly recommend it.
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on December 1, 2017
I bought this mattress in September 2016 and for the first 9-10 months all was well and I had no problems.. Unfortunately in months 11-13 the mattress has started to completely sink in when I lay on it to the point my head is noticeably below my feet and legs and if I sleep near the side which I tend to do I feel like I’m going to roll right off the bed. I’m a 6’1” male weighing 190 pounds and there is just not enough support on the top and sides of the mattress anymore due to the degradation of the memory foam over time so unfortunately it will have to be replaced after only owning it for a year and 1 month.
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on January 11, 2018
This is a great mattress. I bought a queen 13". I did read all the "bad" reviews on this and I just don't get it. The mattress is not that stinky, the strongest of the smell is gone within 24-48 hours. It still has a lingering smell, but it kind of smells like paint but even out of package it was not that bad it was bearable. This is a memory foam bed, it is going to sink to your weight to curve around you, and then go back to normal. I was able to sleep on it later that night after I unrolled it and let it set. Within 48 hours it was fully expanded. I would recommend getting a platform bed or put plywood on your slats, that will help make the mattress more sturdy, we tried slats first and it just did not seem stable enough and it looked like the mattress was all floppy and not expanded to size. Once the plywood was put on, it was perfect! You can sit on it, I don't know why the bad reviewers complain about not being able to sit on the edges, between my husband and I, we range from about 160-180lbs and can sit on it perfectly fine without feeling like your going to sink through the bed. The only problem I've came across is when my husband sleeps next to me, it feels like I will roll into his spot bc he weighs more than me. When shopping for fitted sheets you have to find one with deep pockets because the standard queen size will not fit. I'm pretty happy with this purchase, there are nights were its not as comfortable, but I choose memory foam bc after sleeping on some during vacation I decided this is a bed I need. If you don't like firm memory foam is not for you!
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on July 7, 2018
I have a foam mattress from a different manufacturer and sometimes I sleep on it in my daughter's room. I was hoping that all foam mattresses are the same however if you go to a different manufacturer it's going to be different. And this foam mattress is just not for a master bedroom , it's meant for an extra bed a spare bedroom when you have vidtors. When you sit on the edges it just folds down. When you take it out of its package the first 24 hours and then the odor is gone. It would be okay for a children's bed like a toddler's room or in transition but it's just disappointing... It's not what I wanted and what I was hoping for. I guess when you have a manufacturer that you like you should stick with the manufacturer and not change. it's hit-and-miss with mattresses because you never know. I purchased from other manufacturers for my kids and I've loved every single one that I purchased this is the first foam mattress that I've gotten that I just don't feel that it has very good support. The mattress itself just seems way too soft. It's like your body just kind of seems to sink in it and I don't like that. So if you're looking for a spare bedroom bed you can buy this but I would definitely not recommend this for everyday use. It's not going to give you the support that you need.
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on April 20, 2017
I'm having great sleep on this mattress. The mattress has no issues with inflating to it's described 13 inches. The bed is on the firm side but sinks well with my body to provide comfort while not diminishing the support my body needs for healthy sleep. I live in Southern California and I'm 182 lbs; I have NO issue with the bed heating up so it's safe to assume that the cooling gel works. If you're worried that it's going to feel like sleeping on top of gel, in contrast to the memory foam, don't be because the cooling gel is only a thin layer. Additionally, I allowed the mattress to inflate for maybe 15-17 hours and I did not encounter any issues with the mattress reaching it's full inflation. Lastly, there is a smell to the mattress, at first, but it goes away after a week. A week may sound like a long time for the smell to dissipate, but the smell is not disturbing-- it's just different, don't worry. The purchase is worth it and I hope that other people share the same experience as I have had. The cover for the mattress is a nice plus to this purchase. I am VERY surprised that I was able to find such a quality mattress without spending the many hundreds to thousands that others do. There are no significant cons for this mattress and I continue to be excited about my sleep because of this purchase. Thank you very much!
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on June 12, 2018
Bed looked beautiful upon receiving it, however after about year , it starts declining, and by 16-18 months, is no longer usable. Buyer beware, they do not honor, in fact deny having the 10 year warranty mentioned in at least two places in both the description and features&details sections...VERY disappointed.
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on June 11, 2017
This bed is crazy soft!!! Its like flopping down on a cloud, lol--you sink into it. I actually kind of wish id gotten a medium-firm because of my back problems. This bed is great, but you Do sink into a hole after awhile, and its rather hard to sit up in. I do wish id known just How soft it was before i bought, but you cant really blame the seller on this aspect. Its so much simpler buying online--but theres downsides, too. Like not being able to try it before you buy it, u know? But as far as the quality of the bed--it is high! Its a Very nice bed. If you need firm support this is not your bed.
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on February 1, 2017
We bought this mattress for our 16 year old 6 foot 3 inch tall son. He. Loves. It. It is very comfortable. We paid almost 4 times this amount for our memory foam mattress and this seems to be a very comparable quality.

The biggest problem with the mattress is that our son can't get himself out of bed anymore. So much for independence.
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on March 12, 2018
I was looking for something firm and this mattress delivers a good foundation while being just the perfect amount of soft for me. I spent 3 months researching mattresses. I was looking for the best bang for my buck + good quality. I went to furniture stores + online options. And THIS WAS THE FIND OF THE YEAR.
I didn't have any issues with inflation and I was able to sleep on it the very same night. I don't think this mattress will need a topper. Didn't have any issues with smells either. Best mattress I EVER slept on.
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