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on April 8, 2016
I was an early adopter of GoCubes chewable coffee: I backed their IndieGoGo campaign, and have had a box of 20 sitting on my desk for the last month. Not a day goes by that I don't consume 1-2 of these little cubes, and I've found them very useful for mornings (and afternoons, and evenings, and late nights...) when I don't have the resources or time to make a flagon of black coffee. I keep packets in my car, my gym bag, my workspace, and at home. Anything to assist with productivity, energy, focus, and concentration is a potential tool for my arsenal: I work long hours, have a big commute, and train intensely at the gym 5-6 days each week.

They taste great: all three flavors nail the profile of their respective drinks. The black coffee is slightly bitter and sour, exactly like a properly made cup. The latte and mocha are nice treats, with a slightly vanilla undertone and chocolate undertone respectively. Each packet is randomly packed with the three flavors, though I've found the plain 'black' coffee to be the most common. The texture is like a gummy candy, with an exterior sugar coating. They are chewy, easy to eat, and don't leave any mess.

There is nothing magical about GoCubes: they contain caffeine (about 50mg/cube) and theanine (a supplement used to smooth-out the jitters from caffeine and provide a more even, relaxed stimulation). Nootrobox, the company behind GoCubes, has marketed them as nootropic (brain, or "smart" drugs), but there's nothing proprietary, really, about GoCubes' ingredients. Each cube contains ~9 grams of carbohydrates, which at 70 calories (~18 g carbs) per "serving" (2 blocks) is a hefty dose. I only have 1 cube at a time, pre-gym, and on my commute, and have had to adjust my nutrition accordingly.

The biggest drawback -- and it's quite a drawback -- of GoCubes is the price: they average more than two dollars ($2) per packet, which is 1-4 servings, depending on energy requirements. Spending nearly sixty dollars on a pack of 20 is excessive, making these a luxury item - rather than an every day tool. Buying in bulk does not mitigate this issue, and as much as a convenient tool they've been, I likely won't repurchase them: a half caffeine tablet and a theanine capsule does the same job, without the added carbohydrates/sugars, and at a tiny fraction of the price.
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on August 3, 2017
I love everything about Go Cubes. First of all, I don't understand how some reviewers are complaining about the taste. Anyone who doesn't like the taste of Go Cubes doesn't like the taste of coffee, because that's what they taste like. This is not a taste for tea totallers, or people who like a little weak coffee in their cream and sugar. This is a strong coffee flavor that is appreciated by people who love the taste of strong coffee (such as espresso or a good dark roast). Even if they didn't taste great, Go Cubes solve very real problems in my daily grind (pun intended). working as a public school music teacher, I have to travel between 5 different schools. Teacher lounge coffee usually sits there for hours and nobody wants to clean the coffee maker, which gives that coffee a nasty tanic acid build up taste. I need coffee on the go and Go Cubes give me all the caffeine I need to finish every work day with a bang. And at
50 cents a cube, it's much cheaper than going to a local coffee shop, especially when you factor in the cost of gas and time taken to drive there. I also use Go Cubes extensively on my summer job as an Uber driver. After driving for several hours, I need a caffeine boost to keep going, but most businesses in the downtown area where I work won't let anyone use the bathroom, even customers. Besides, parking downtown is expensive. Eating Go Cubes instead of drinking coffee considerably reduces my need for bathroom breaks because I get all my caffeine without drinking all the extra liquid in a cup of coffee. Go Cubes give you a nice little caffeine rush just like coffee, but in the form of what to me tastes like a piece of candy. Finally a candy flavor for the true coffee connoisseurs like me!
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on February 20, 2017
I love this product for its convenience and effectiveness -- it gives me the caffeine lift I need with no muss, no fuss. I personally like the taste -- now, I wouldn't say that it tastes "just like coffee," but rather that it has a tart pick-me-up flavor without being overly sweet. A cube is about as chewy as a soft gummy bear, but better for you! And it's way more effective than freeze-dried crystals or other "coffee-like" products.

A packet of four cubes can be easily slipped in your shirt pocket and will keep you on your toes throughout your workday. I typically only chew one or two cubes a day -- but I could see these being REALLY optimal for a long road trip, staying at an isolated campsite, or taking a strenuous hike -- situations when hauling out the necessary equipment to "fix a good cuppa joe" is just not desirable or feasible. Once you use these coffee cubes, they can quickly become part of an active lifestyle.

I strongly recommend that you give this product a try!
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on November 26, 2017
Pros: exactly what it sounds like. Coffee flavored chewy cubes with caffeine and l-theanine. I chew one on the way to work to give me a nice boost if I know it's going to be a busy day, or one at lunch if I'm feeling tired. Does work at reducing sick/jittery caffeine feeling and helps with anxiety to an extent. I don't use the whole "dose" of two cubes, since they are more a booster for me rather than my only caffeine source. I start every day with a cup of black coffee.
Cons: a sweet yet bitter chewy gooey coffee flavored cube - YUCK. They are ok at first, but definitely got to me quickly. I can't even imagine sticking the whole cube in my mouth at once. The mocha flavor has made me almost spit it out a couple times, while the latte is more doable. It's just a really weird combination of flavors and textures. And like I said above, this is coming from someone that drinks black coffee regularly (and also generally loves sweets).
Overall, it is what it is. Still deciding if the taste and texture is worth it long term.
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on November 22, 2017
I teach night classes, so I've tried and been underwhelmed at weak "caffeinated" gum, breath mints, and so forth. Nevertheless, based on other's positive reviews and on some sort of sale, I thought I'd give these cubes a try. I took the serving recommendation of 2 sort of gummy cubes before my first night class with the idea that I'd take the other 2 (in the 4-pack) before my second class. Well, let me tell you, I never needed those second two! These babies will light you up! I love them and will probably reorder them. My only complaint is that they are really unnecessarily sweet. I sipped some water afterwards. Need energy? These are the real deal. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I'd walk on by. Otherwise, get ready to get stuff done! Recommended!
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on September 6, 2016
Awesome idea to be able to chew a delicious coffee flavored gummy packed with 50mg of caffeine along with B-6 and B-12. Very excited to find out they are vegan friendly! Love the convenience while at work and before a workout.
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on June 3, 2017
My first cube I admit I didn't like the texture but I've come to really like them. I eat 2 to get me up and moving on Mon & Tues of my work week.

They really give me the caffeine boost that I need. I don't have time to brew a cup of coffee in the am.
Latte is my favorite. I really can't determine the difference between Mocha and Drip.
Now if they could come out with a Hazelnut flavor I'd be really happy.
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on December 24, 2017
I'm into these. There are a lot of different ways I would use these to substitute my regular coffee. I'm already making plans to bring a box of these to Burning Man but why limit myself to that? These would be perfect for any camping or music festival in my book. Some people say that the flavor is off but to be honest they reek of the good dark morning roast as soon as you open a 2 serving packet of them. I love that smell. My only minor criticism is that there are 2 servings in each packet. Love to see this as a single serve item... I know more packaging which sucks but I don't always want 2 cups of coffee in one sitting. And since these are like gummy candy or at least resemble it I'd hate for them to get stale.
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on June 19, 2017
These tasted horrible and I could not get past the texture. I tried to give them away for free to people at work but after trying one, no one wanted them - that really speaks to how gross these are.
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on October 26, 2016
As some of the comments mentioned, these have a very unique taste. I personally like my coffee black, these taste like that but as if you over brewed your coffee. It's NOT as bad as expected,they are edible and do provide a jolt of energy, which is surprising because I have a high caffeine tolerance. Personally I would like them to be packaged in 2s VS 4s but that's all I can really find frustrating about this product.
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