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Milk-Bone Peanut Butter  Dog Treat, Small
Flavor Name: Peanut Butter|Size: 7 Pound|Change
Price:$10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 24, 2016
Great taste, great "treat" for big dogs, too! Box in good condition, expiration date one year plus away. Super quick shipping. I would appreciate it very much if you mark this review as helpful--thanks! :-)
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on August 23, 2015
My 13 yr. old German Shorthair absolutely loves these things. It's almost like they put some kind of addictive drug in them. She'll come get me and "ask" for one. I know I have spoiled her but she is so beguiling I can't say "no".
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on September 29, 2016
Every morning my little pug wakes up and patiently waits while i get ready to go outside and do his business. Upon our return he loses his patience and quite verbally demands one of these little dog snacks. Sometimes, he will get impatient and ask for one in the elevator before we even get in to the kitchen. Attached is a picture of this little guy who loves these Milkbone Mini Flavor Snacks.
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on February 4, 2016
MILKBONE speaks for itself. Three happy dogs, but my Rocko went crazy and could not wait!
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on October 23, 2016
I received these: no mold or moths!

Having three v. little dogs that can't really deal with more than 300 calories/day THESE ARE GREAT. Not only the small *5 calorie*/bone/content, (that doesn't seem that much worse than what we humans consume,) THEY LOVE THEM... it's easy to "throw" a couple/dog, scatter pattern, and they LOVE chasing out their treats and chomping them down.

I AM SORRY for customers that got "moldy or buggy" treats but I'd think Amazon would help you replace/exchange them?! Geesh, you write a review of "bugs in the box"? Mine were pristine in a nice sealed container.

For those with little dogs that have such low-calorie needs these are SO GOOD for their diet! Lily, Ivy and Nikki say: YAP-YES!
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on February 25, 2018
I just opened this box. Once i took off the flap there was a layer of dead bugs. I opened up the box, the treats all had holes in them. Dumped it into a plastic bag. The crumbs were filled with dead bugs, and what looks like larvae or maggots inside the actual treat. So disgusting
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on September 19, 2016
These treats, I stumbled upon. I was talking to my neighbor and telling her how picky my little one is. She is a Ms.Prissy and doesn't like large treats. These snacks are about an inch long and small enough for my little tiny bundle to eat. They come in three flavors, low fat and you get your moneys worth. THere are over 400 treats in this contains and believe me they are full of vitamins, making this an ideal treat for any pet. My little one loves them and you know that means alot when she's turned down almost every treat up to this point. They are great for the teeth, inexpensive and healthy. If you have a picky eater, I bet these will be something they will love.
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on September 20, 2016
My dog loves these. This is the highlight after a walk, to be honest I sometimes think she is only willing to go for a walk because she knows she will get one of these after. We bought the mini sized treats for her before but figured we would give these small sized treats this time because it was a better value. We have a small dog, approximately 13 lbs, and these were not too big for her. I would say the small sized milkbones are equivalent to 2-3 of the mini ones in size.

The biscuits can be broken in half, if you are scared of the biscuits being too big for your dog. The biscuits come in the box and are not individually packed or packaged in a plastic bag inside the box. This was not a big deal for us since we keep the box inside in a storage room, but may cause a problem if you plan on storing the treats in a room that tends to become wet or damp.

My dog also loves all the flavors and eats it up every time. Would definitely purchase again
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on January 15, 2017
I think this may be laced with doggie drugs or dogs can't ever get enough of it & will stop at nothing for a dog treat. Seriously. They almost smothered me to death just today over the possibility of getting a dog treat when I asked the question, "Whooooo wants a cookie?" Both dogs (a pushy boxer & a bossy Westie), decided today that, instead of calmly following me back to the area where treats are kept, they would throw their bodies upon mine & attempt murder in the 1st degree by smothering me with what I can only assume they wanted me to believe & THINK were puppy kisses. Hmph. Puppy kisses, my elbow.

Those were suffocating "kisses". If it weren't for me being bigger than both of them (not by much, mind you), and the fact that I could roll over out from underneath them (they tried to pin me to my bed, of all places...ridiculous dogs)...well, I don't want to even think abt the dreadful ending that COULD have been.

Besides, once the dogs got their milkbone cookies, they were happy little bodies, & murder was no longer on their minds (they have very short memories...which is a good thing for me!).

But I do wonder, have any other dogs tried to kill by kisses...just for milkbones???
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on April 18, 2018
I've been buying Old Mother Hubbard dog bones for my dogs but was making a donation to a group where there were a lot of dogs and so I wanted something more affordable, given the large number of dogs. Well, I bought these and gave them away, but now I'm sorry I did. These "treats" contain artificial flavors as well as BHA and BHT, both preservatives, which are two of the top three most dangerous additives! Many better dog (and human) products use mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) and/or rosemary (oil) extract as preservatives. I felt so bad about it, I looked on a website devoted exclusively to selling products for animals and found healthy dog biscuits (Triumph), 20 lbs (almost three times the amount of these) for less than 14 lbs of these would have cost. I made a second donation of those to soothe my conscience. The point being, you can get your dogs better quality for less money and save them from dangerous additives!
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