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on April 27, 2017
A friend recommended I try these at his house to cook marinated chicken on a grill. I was amazed at the way the juices remained with the meat instead of dripping into the grill. Grill remained spotless and cleaning the mats proved fairly easy. Because of this experience, I have purchased two sets as gifts and highly recommend the product. And the follow up to see how I liked the mats was a very nice touch.
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on April 19, 2016
I love to BBQ and spend a lot of time over my grill turning steaks, burgers and the occasional swordfish steak. My favorite BBQ food is a rack of ribs, covered with sauce. Delicious but very messy. When it comes to clean up, forget it! Scraping left over bits of barbeque off my grill is not at the top of my list. When I heard about these Chef Remi Grill Mats I grabbed them right away. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I honestly have to say they really work. Easy to use and clean up is a snap. Just fire up the grill, place a mat right on the grilling surface and add the meat and potatoes. The grill marks come through and cooking time is shortened if anything. And once the feast is served and the grill is cool, you remove the mat drop it in the bottom of the sink and just rinse it off. The surface comes clean with very little scrubbing. I don't need my old grill brush any longer! No more scraping grill tops, no more scrapped knuckles! A great product. A great gift to give to my BBQ buddies.
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on April 24, 2017
My husband loves grilling food but hated GRILL CLEAN-UP, food drop-through, and uneven charred edges until we bought our amazing Chef Remi 2pc Grill Mats.
Suddenly he is a Grill Master producing evenly cooked, CLEAN and succulent grilled foods. He scrubbed the grill and to his delight, the mats rinse clean with mild soap and are

The mats are incredibly sturdy yet flexible providing a full cooking surface for our large grill.
NOTHING FALLS THROUGH, no matter how small the piece, everything retains light grill marks without burning, yet meats veggies and even fruit are grilled to perfection: moist and succulent.

NOTHING STICKS TO THE MATS, this makes flipping and lifting each item on the grill a snap without sliding all over.
Everyone who sees our Chef Remi Grill Mats goes nuts!
Weather permitting, we grilled food all year long this year, and our Chef Remi Grilling Mats STILL look just like new!!
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on June 7, 2017
We used one of the mats on Sunday and it worked great.

I washed it first in the dishwasher before we used it the first time and everything went fine.

After using it on the grill to cook marinaded steaks, we let it cool and then brought it in to clean. Everything rinsed right off in the sink and then cleaned it a little with sponge and dish soap, rinsed and let it dry. I would have washed in dishwasher after rinsing it off but I did not have room on top rack.

Very, very pleased! Would definitely recommend this product.

Plan on taking them to football tailgates for quick clean up and great results.
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on June 29, 2017
Interesting. We've had one of these in the bottom of our oven for 8 years. I forgot where we bought it, but it has worked well. I was surprised when they surfaced again, but I'm glad as we used one last night on our gas grill and it worked as advertised.
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I was excited to receive these. I have used the silicone oven mats so it made sense to try something on the grill. Two of these covered my grill perfectly. It is wonderful to be able to put our food on a mat that I know is clean. The food cooks wonderfully and has the grill marks. I was worried they would change the flavor of what I could but that just wasn’t the case. The food comes out great. Not always do I buy the 93% Lean burger. When I don’t the grill flares up pretty bad. Not a problem anymore. The mats have solved the flare up issue. My husband is very happy. Getting burgers or meat cooked the way you want it when there are flare ups is not easy. If you have really fat meat the fat will pool up. I have just used a paper towel to soak it up so the meat isn’t sitting in it. Nice to not have it dripping into the burners below. You need to wash the mats before use and allow to air dry. Love the easy clean up with these mats. Let cool and wipe down with a hot soapy cloth. I do this prior to bringing them inside the clean them in the sink. You can put in dishwasher but doing that will shorten their life. Love having a lifetime warranty. Nice to see a company stand behind their product. I am not an Amazon company affiliate. I am an Amazon Prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product at a promotional price or free. If my review has helped you, please thumbs up so I can continue to provide helpful information for your purchasing. If you have any questions or comments, please comment or message and I will be glad to help!
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on June 10, 2016
okay I am a skeptic but I just got a new grill and decided to try them. I am now a believer wow!!!!! they are the real thing. have used them three times now and they worked perfect every time. took me second time to get temp right so you will get the grill marks that everyone loves but when you do it's perfect. I like to slather my food with bbq sauce teriyaki and any other sauce I can think of. of course if you are like me you hate the clean up no problem with these mats. warm soapy water nylon scrubby pad rinse dry and you are back in business. my porcelain grill grates are spot and scratch free. throw away that abrasive grill brush you don't need it. I was not paid for this review I paid full price and they are worth every cent. will be on vacation next week and will really put them to the test.
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on May 12, 2017
This was my second purchase of them. I've given them to two friends. I absolutely love them. I've used them maybe three times a week for well over a year. They don't look like brand-new but they still function just like they did when they were new. They make grilling a variety of foods so much easier that I use them that often. I recommend them to all of my friends with grills. They allow you to cook grilled pizza so much easier than just using your standard grill top. I can't say enough good things about them. I've used them for burgers to get a flat top like grill and for scrambled eggs and most often for shrimp to allow me to grill it but keep it from drying out. My wife has even put one in the bottom rack of the oven when cooking to keep the over clean.
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on May 5, 2017
Chef Remi BBQ Grill Mats are terrific on a Grill but Amazing in the Smoker. When ever I use my Smoker it tends to get a bit messy in the clean up due to any sauces or marinades I use. But with these BBQ Mats it makes for a bit more controlled cooking and a breeze to clean up after. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for all my BBQ and Smoking needs!
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on April 10, 2016
I must admit, as much as my wanted me to buy these Grill Mats, I thought that they were a gimmick. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. These things are GREAT. What a wonderful grill cooking experience. I'm not the most excited person when it comes to grilling. The messy grates, food sticking all the time,etc. No more!!!! First, I tested the Grill Mat while cooking vegetables. AWESOME!! Never once did the squash stick to the Grill Mat. And the hamburgers came out perfect. Not as distinct grill lines, but I didn't loose half my dinner to the grill grate gods. My only advice when cooking veggies is to use two instruments. I tried to flip the veggies, and the Grill Mat is so slick they only wanted to move around. Using a spatula in conjunction with another spatula allowed me to move things around.
Clean up was a breeze. Easy as can be. I store them by rolling them up and sticking them in a paper towel tube. Great way to store. I've only used the Grill Mat twice, so I can't comment on how long they last, but so far, a great value. Check out this link:[...]
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