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on January 8, 2016
I have been a very particular shaver since about the time I started to shave. I started with an injector razor, strayed into electric razors for short while and then when back to blade razors. When I went into the Navy, I had to shave every day in bootcamp and we were issued BIC disposables. We had to shave very close and I quickly learned what razor rash was. I got in on my lower neck, especially on either side of my Adam's apple. This became a continuing theme in the Navy, trips to sickbay being rewarded with tubes of steroidal creams. I don't recall the razors I used then, whatever was available in the small store. When I went to sea in the Persian Gulf, I tried a beard for a while but it was too hot and started to shave again and the hot, humid weather made the rash worse.

Later in life, I standardized on Gillette razors and treated the occasional rash with steroid cream. First the two blade Sensor and later, the Mach. The Sensor worked, especially with the premium blades. The Mach did not - almost from the start I got razor burn. The problem is that the whiskers around my Adam's apple grow to the side, with some angled up and some down. To get that part smooth, it takes several strokes and that leads to irritation.

When the 5 blade Fusion arrived, I bought one (I probably have 3 handles now) and loved it. But over the years, the cost of the blades has risen enough that it bothers me. I know Gillette spent a lot of money developing this razor, but paying about $4 per cartridge is a lot of money, especially for people who have been in the habit of changing the blades every week. So I extended to every two weeks and that mostly worked. And then I decided to see what else was out there.

I've tried Schick in the past and didn't like it, at all, so I skipped that. First I tried Harry's. Nice handle. ok blades. Went back to the Fusion. The I sucked it up and tried the DSC. Their two blade razor was about the same as the Sensor, so the experience wasn't better and the cost was about the same as buying the blades on Amazon. Then I tried the 4 blade and I had a better experience, except that to get a smooth shave, I had to press hard and the razor seemed to drag. So, a month later, I got the 6 blade cartridges. They worked well, but now I had another issue. The handle design works great if your hands are dry. Wet or slick, not so much. By now, I had done my homework and realized that the DSC razors come from Dorco, so I went to Amazon and checked out the offerings. One thing I noticed right away was that the Dorco Pace 7 had a thinner handle design. The 7 blade razor also doesn't have a rear facing blade, which isn't a problem as the design of the head of the razor allows you to get it right up under your nose.

So today was my first shave with it. I used a 'shave butter' non-foaming shave cream which will usually gum up a razor after a few strokes. No problem with the Pace 7. It was smooth and didn't require much effort to make my cheeks smooth. Then the neck. Usually, I stroke down from the jaw, then have to reverse the razor and stroke up from the neck, and then angle the razor to get the problem area. With the Pace 7, I just stroked down. That was it. The 'Gartner Magic Quadrant' that is my Adam's apple area was smooth and not irritated at all.

So, I will be ordering another one of these for my shave kit (I travel a lot) and will probably give them out as gifts. I shave with commercial lathering shave creams mostly (Aveeno, Gillette, and Proraso shave soap) so I may update this if I get any significantly different results.
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on January 29, 2016
 This is a bald man giving this review so please take into consideration I shave more than twice the area of the average haired man. Also, I will not buy Mach 3's, Schick Quattro's, or similar because I think it is completely insane what they charge for their blades. That said, I've been searching for a blade NOT Schick but that still does a smooth job on my face and entire head. Yes, I did Dollar Shave Club, which is also a Dorco product, but their three blade razors cut me like no other blade ever has, they are horrible. So why, if I know Dollar Shave Club is Dorco, would I try another Dorco product? Call it a gut feeling but I felt based on the price of the 10 pack on Amazon these would be at least be a worthy experiment. I was correct.

These blades are fantastic! They provide a very smooth shave on both hand and scalp as good or better than any $4 blade on the market. Seriously, I'm loving these blades. My skin feels smooth, they glide effortlessly, in two weeks I have gotten ZERO nicks or cuts. These are seriously an excellent shave.

- They aren't super stupid expensive like many others. I have a problem with corporations charging more than fair and these guys charge what I feel is a fair price for the product.
- Smooth, smooth, smooth. This isn't just a chin or a cheek talking, this is an entire head making the claim. These blades are a smooth shave.
- No nicks, no cuts. Your mileage may vary but this head shaver is having a great experience.

- Rinse more than usual between strokes, there's not a lot of room between blades. Running your thumb DOWN the face of the blades tends to remove anything stuck in the tiny spaces.
- That's about it.

I'm also looking forward to trying Dorco's 6 blade razor which my gut also tells me is probably an excellent shave as well but I've got eight 7 blade razors to go so that'll be a couple months out at best!
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on July 26, 2016
These are nearly perfect. I switched to DORCO a few years ago from Gillette after getting fed up with the ridiculous cost of cartridges (and what I can only describe as the bait and switch where the new cartridges that came with a handle always seemed better than the replacements...). The Pace 6 was great. Nice clean handle, easy to swap out, and decent usable lifespan. Price was great. The cartridges were a bit bulky and the trimmer blade on the back of the Pace6+ was difficult to use, but it was fine. Finally ran out of Pace6+ cartridges and needed more, but decided to get the Pace7 instead. They are better in every respect. They're smaller and shave better. They're more comfortable. Same price. The only thing I will note is that I was expecting the Pace7 handle to have an additional rotation point (like some of the newer Gillette's do) but it's really just a normal handle (like the Pace6). Not a big deal, but I probably would have just ordered cartridges (instead of the cartridge + handle kit) if I'd known.
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on December 2, 2016
I purchased the Dorco Pace 6 and Pace 7 to try them both out to compare to my Gillette Mach 5. I've been using Gillette razors for over 25 years, but the cost of replacement blades is getting annoying.

The handle for the Pace 7 looks better, but I think the 6 works better in function. After a few months of rotating back and forth, I would go with the Pace 6. 7 blades on the Pace 7 is too wide and hard to fit on certain portions of the face and it also lacks the nose/sideburn trimmer. I will say that while the nose/sideburn trimmer on the Pace 6 blades doesn't work very well, it's better than nothing. The Pace 6 blade is actually slightly bigger, but the nose/sideburn trimmer helps some in those hard to reach areas. The blades on the 7 also do not glide on the face as well as the 6. I found myself needing to go over certain areas more than once to get a clean shave. The Pace 6 is also the same razor sold by Dollar Shave Club as the "Executive Razor", their highest end model.

Overall I would give the Pace 7 (3 stars) and the Pace 6 (3.5 stars). When I travel on business, I use my old Gillette Mach 5 because I have a few blades left to use up. Every time I use it, I think to myself sometimes in life, you get what you pay for. I plan on trying Harry's next as they now have a nose/sideburn trimmer.
review imagereview image
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on February 2, 2016
I dont care who you are, if you dont buy this razor then you deserve to have your nuts kicked. This is by far the best razor I have ever purchased. Now I like Gillette , I think its a great razor but I just dont feel like I should have to take out a second mortgage on my house in order to get a good shave. Im sorry, but on what planet should it cost $15 for 4 razor cartridges? Last week I bought a 16GB flash drive for $8. That flash drive probably cost 3 billion dollars to develop, yet costs less than 4 pieces of plastic with some sharpened metal connected to it. Im sorry but for $15 I should be getting 100 razors. We as consumers are so gullible. While I still think Dorco is expensive for what it is, at least its a step in the right direction.
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on May 24, 2016
The price is great.

This 7 razor handle feels high quality. It is hefty and comfortable. However, the blade ejection button broke before the second pack of razors was opened.

Let's talk about the cartridge itself...this 7-bladed version gunks up with stubble very quickly, particularly in the center part. It's as though the blades are so close together that they cannot shed the whisker particles fast enough to continue cutting. As it clogs, it tends to leave whiskers on your face in strips. So, you have to clean a lot and cut a little. Not a really good experience.

After suffering through the Dorco 7 razor set, I decided not to re-order them. Instead, I ordered the Dorco 6 and have nothing but good things to say about the handle and cartridges. The 6 does everything better and for less money.
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on October 11, 2016
This company is GREAT!

OK, so the 7 blade cartridges were lackluster and I wasn't overly impressed so - in comes Zoey to the rescue, she sent some 6-blade cartridges and they were MUCH better! Why? They glide over your skin with less drag than the 7. They also seem to stay sharp longer but that may be a flaw in my perception due to the dragging feeling of the 7.

I am sold. I am also putting in an order right now for some of the Pace 6+ and I will review those.

You cannot beat this customer service!

Thanks so much Zoey and Dorco!


Been looking for a razor to get off the Schick Quattro because they are so expensive for the number of shaves.

I had high hopes for these and I wanted to give ample time of trying them before I gave them a score.

Although the first 2 shaves with each of these blades were 'good' I hoped for 'great. The razor seemed to drag along and not keep quite as good blade contact as I hoped for. On average I got 3 sometimes 4 shaves before needing to change the blade - maybe the blade was not dull but since it seemed to drag, I went ahead and changed it.

10/18/2016 - Update: Great customer service, will revise the review in a couple of weeks.

I got my razor handle from a friend that was very high on Dorco - so I figured I'd start with the 'flagship' blade rather than use trial and error to find a good one. These are not bad but for the price I was hoping for much more.

Not sure what I will do when this supply runs out in a couple of weeks.
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on July 22, 2016
Honest Review:

I had previously given them a 2 star rating, but I was contacted by their customer service team and offered a full refund immediately but first they wanted me to try their Dorco 6 blades to help earn a better review. I have to say I am really impressed with their customer service, the new razor came with 10 replacement cartridges. I have yet to try them because i just opened the package today, but any company that provides this level of customer service has definitely earned my respect and recommendation. My initial review was not to get any refund, it was rather just a review to inform that I wasn't impressed with the smoothness of the shave with the '7'. Maybe 7 blades is too much and maybe I didn't have a good shave that particular day, regardless, Dorco has won me over, basically with their customer service. If a company is willing to make a random customer like me, feel significant, I know that they are putting effort in making a good product. The big brands can keep their overpriced products, I will be recommending Dorco to everyone. By the way, I don't want a refund, keep up the good work.
I should have wrote this after my shave but I felt compelled to write this immediately. I am sure the blades are great, read the other reviews.
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on October 19, 2017
More blades means a better shave. I've been using the disposable razors with six blades (also Dorco), and love them because they last a long time and they do a good job. This shaver has seven blades. It's the first non-disposable razor I've bought in years, and when I used it today, I liked the fact that it is a little heavier. It feels substantial in my hand, but it did a good job and did not nick me anywhere. That is exactly what I was hoping for. I think it is a step up from a razor that was already great. When I read the reviews, some people said they had a hard time with the button used to change cartridges. I can't speak to that because I haven't had the razor long enough, but I am going to keep an eye on that. I might change my rating later if it proves to be a problem.
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on May 26, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this Razor, I get the BEST Shave I have ever experienced.
I have never experienced such a close shave, EVER!!!!!
The over priced other Razors are OK, BUT THIS RAZOR BEATS THEM!!!!!
The Blades are of such Quality, I have never cut myself at all with this razor, from day ONE!!!!
Give it a Try!!! It might take a few days to a week to get used to using it.
It gives me the Best shave ever!!!
I have a very tough thick beard, and have to change blades often.
One blade lasts me a week, which is Fantastic compared to all the other Razors, I have tried them all, which I changed blades ever couple of days, and they just irritated my skin.
This Razor doesn't leave a slippery lube on your face, but it is AWESOME.
Do yourself a Favor and give it a Fair Try!!!!
You will LOVE it!!!!
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