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on April 8, 2017
Has a bleach smell...I'm into it. The smell is strong but it cuts the other odors...I use and run away...and try to keep cats away too. After you sprinkle there is dust, so...idk if the dust is toxic or not. I would buy again but I will always sprinkle and run. After an hour or so the bleach smell mellows and no odor is noticeable. Buy it, try it, don't breathe it. Solid purchase...unless I get pneumonia or sinus infection ;) I'll update if respitory struggles ensue. If you don't hear back buy the shiz outta this stuff or call the po lice about a cat lady who stopped breathing and is being eaten by her cats. Either way.
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on October 18, 2017
This stuff is seriously amazing! I have three high-yield poop machines masquerading as cats, and it’s a never ending mission to make sure the house doesn’t smell like a liter box. I try really hard to ensure the house is clean and smells good without using harsh chemicals or aresol sprays. Within the first day of using this I noticed that the slight lingering ammonia/ poop smell wasn’t noticeable when walking into the house anymore. After a few days I realized that I couldn’t smell anything even as I was scooping the three liter boxes. There wasn’t a fake perfume smell covering up a smell, there literally wasn’t a smell at all! The product smells very fresh and clean in the container but there’s no odor when applied into the liter.

I’m very happy with this amazing stuff and I recommend it to anybody with cats who doesn’t want to use potentially harmful sprays or perfumes. So thank you NonScents. I’m a very satisfied customer!
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on March 23, 2017
The NonScents Odor Control is legit and effective.
Only problem is the price.
I bought one bag then realized I was overpaying for nice packaging.
The exact ingredients can be purchased wholesale in bulk for much less $$$.
Just sayin'
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on March 9, 2017
this stuff works a lot better than the over prices arm and hammer pet deodorizer. I have 6 cats and 4 ferrets. I sprinkle this in the litter boxes after each scooping or litter change. I am also subscribed to this item as it has become a staple in my household. Honestly none of my friends can even tell I have animals until they see one. The litter boxes and ferret cager are all in my home office and I cant smell anything fowl when I started using this stuff. Product lasts longer than other brands I have tried and the scent of it is like a faint blech smell if you litterally put your nose in the jar and sniff hard. Once it is mixed with litter it does not smell this way at all. It jusr neutralizes the clay and urine smell from the litter box. It isn't dusty either. I keep a hepa filter right by the litter boxes and I've had to change the filter less often since I switched to this. Also I noticed the arm and hammer ones soak up odor and actually decrease the life span of my litter so I had to dump litter boxes more often with the other brands. I only dump once a month when all my litter comes in and I scoop every day. I used to have to dump all the litter every week because it would just get too fowl in the box with all the cakey scented products I've used. I love the packaging as well. Since I have been ordering this stuff I have never gotten a busted container and I like to reuse the shakers as well. Very good product that trumps the rest in my opinion
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on July 21, 2016
I had low expectations for this since I feel like there's only so much one can do to control the stank that comes with litter boxes. I had previously been using a different deodorizer that was at least better than nothing, but it couldn't really handle the foul things that come out of my 2 cute kitties. It this other deodorizer was inexpensive so I was like whatever. But I decided to pony up $11 bucks to see if anything else would work and bought NonScents. I have the litter box in a laundry area that doesn't have any airflow so yeah, it can start to get funky even though I scoop at least twice a day. I put 2 capfulls of NonScents on top of the litter without scooping out anything prior. I swear the stank went down to zero within minutes. I thought I was crazy because I didn't think there was anything that could get rid of the smell 100%, but it's been a week so far and I still don't smell anything. I haven't had to use the vent in the laundry room since adding this stuff to the litter (which was slowing dying due to how often I used it). The other stuff I was using I'd have to add every couple of days, and even then there was always a lingering funk I thought I'd just have to get used to. So glad I bought NonScents. While I wish it was cheaper, I'd pay $20 for it just because it works so well.
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on June 14, 2017
I have 3 lil kitties (onenot so lil, Maine Coon) and they all use the SAME liter box that I clean or used to, 4 times a day. Due to this WONDERFUL product I now only do TWICE but because of lack of "Cat Box Smell" you would think I have NO cats! I have tried almost every product out there plus other store household products and NOTHING I have ever used works as great as this does! I read someone post that the smell scares their cat from using box etc.. or smells like bleach etc.. I Have NEVER experienced this! This product has no smell!! My cats love it because they think (by their use) the box is clean (with 3 cats one is always trying to out scent the other) This is the BEST product out there! For the $ it is awesome, especially compared to other items in same category. Get it you and your cat(s) will be very happy 😊 😻😻😻
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on June 12, 2017
Great product! No more face masks, I think my cats like it too, it doesn't have a artificial scent
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HALL OF FAMEon August 23, 2017
NonScents Odor Control Cat Litter was an item I decided to purchase for my 4 kittens after seeing it as a recommend item after I added a similar item to my cart. I looked at the item specifications also the read the reviews which looked positive. I just purchased my second bottle after having much success with the first bottle. It really has helped me with my litter box odor so, I will continue to purchase this brand.

When I received my first bottle, I had just cleaned out my litter boxes. I now have 4 litter boxes in total, 3 in the house and 1 by the pool area. I added 1 capful at the bottom of the litter and then 3 capfuls on top of the litter. Then afterwards, when I scooped the litter box 3-4 times a day, I added a capful. I didn’t immediately notice a difference but after several days of use, is when I could tell that it was working. Since using NonScents, I have been able to go longer before having to completely change out the litter box. This has been a great cost saver. This product may be more expensive than other brands but I have found that I am saving money on how much litter I need to buy. So, in the end it all works out as a big plus.

I have read many reviews where these granules smell like bleach and in a way, it does but not like straight bleach out of the bottle. To me, it is more like a very clean scent that smells like a load of laundry that has had bleach added to it, instead of an overpowering perfume smell. That is the only way I can explain it. I personally love the smell of laundry that smells like fresh linen bleach, like white sheets and white towels. I will agree that this brand is much stronger compared to what I have tried but, it does say that it is 4 times stronger.

Going forward, if I continue to use NonScents I will purchase it in bulk as some customers have suggested. This way, it will be a cost savings and I will always have it on hand. I personally like this brand and it has really helped control the odor from the litter boxes. My kittens have not had a problem using their litter box since I have tried this new product. This is a product that I would recommend.
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on December 7, 2017
I believe I found the Perfect cat litter, Finally! Except for the odor control. Even cleaning daily, the litter needed something to tame a scent that builds up a little. This was the answer. I was skeptical but wow, I bought this about 3 months ago, no longer have Any issues with smell and still have about 1/4 of the bottle remaining. I now have the perfect combination for my cat litter and could not be happier. It has taken about 16 years and countless brands and types of litter and deodorizer to figure out. There is no scent to turn the cats away or be weird, just disguising the litter smell, it's just not there. Natural zeolite is the ingredient. Looking that up, I don't fully understand but it is naturally mined and used as an absorption agent. They say it is safe, I tend to believe it because our new puppy has decided to munch the cat litter and there are no visible issues and the vet seems fine with the situation (yes, we are trying to rectify)
The cat litter is Smart Cat. I have a full review under that item.
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Top Contributor: Petson September 12, 2017
Wow....I'm not sure what to say.

I have two bengal kittens that I love dearly. They are everything to me...but I'm also a neat freak. I'm the guy who will wash an entire load of laundry twice just in case I forgot to start the washing machine the first time....

I'm the guy who has two vacuums....a light duty and a heavy duty cleaning one....and I use both every week....

But most importantly I am the guy who HATES smells. I can't stand homes that smell like animal, or old food, or just musty. It makes my skin crawl.

Enter bengal kittens - they are well behaved and ALWAYS use the litter box but I would ocasionally walk by their box and catch a whiff of that "used litter" smell. It would always make me gag and I would have to run for the Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System with Odor Free Pail System, Black.

This product has likely changed my life. I will continue to monitor and update the review - but it's been about 4 days and the product works incredibly well. I have yet to notice any litter smells at all. The product does emit a slight chlorine smell when it is put down but it quickly goes away and honestly it makes me feel better...because I know something is happening.

My only complaint is obviously price, but I hope as the company grows they can scale production. I wish they would team up this product with Arm & Hammer or some other litter manufacturer to have it built straight into the litter itself. It is really fantastic, and the kitties couldn't care less.

If you have a sensitive nose like me, be sure and give this a shot. I doubt you will be disappointed.
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