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on October 3, 2016
I really don't want to give the seller a bad review, as they delivered this product quickly and it was exactly what I ordered.

However, the product it's self is not great. When I saw "made in China" on the package I was pretty leery but I still wanted to give it a go. It feels and smells wonderful but the tines are not well sanded.

I bought this comb because I read about how plastic combs have flashing that can snag beard hair, causing split ends. Unfortunately, the tines are poorly sanded resulting in fraying and splintering, which is much worse than a little plastic flashing!

I really like the way it smells, so I am going to try sanding the tines before I throw it away. But at over $18, I would certainly never buy another.
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on July 29, 2016
Looks well made, wood has a mind of its own sometimes though, one of the wide side teeth has a spit in it but I'm just going to carve that guy out and that will only add character to it. It combs my beard and that's all I need it to do...

Update: I've owned it for less than a month and the woods decided to split now.. it's useless.. extremely disappointed.. and apparently not a good investment..
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on January 27, 2016
If there's one thing I can appreciate it's fine craftsmanship this comb is so well-made you can tell as soon as you pull it out of the box. I'm new to the beard growing community but I have to say this is a must-have for anyone with a beard. Upon first using it paired with a really good beard oil that I also just purchased from the Gentleman's Beard Company the comb performed beyond expectations and felt great on my face. I actually considered other combs but what's unique about this comb is that each side is curved to contor your face which makes sense when comparing to straight combs . The sandalwood gives out such an amazing aroma yet it does not transfer to your beard I found myself holding this comb even after I had groom myself just because it felt so good in my hand and I could appreciate the person who probably made this comb by hand. I would recommend this as a gift or for personal use the boxes well-made and actually the foam insert can be used as permanent storage for such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship I will use this box as its home.
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on January 25, 2017
I bought both the comb and the brush based on the Amazon ratings and with the (admittedly careless) assumption that these products are made by a small company in either the US or Canada. In reality they are products of China. The RMBC website suggests it's a small company of outdoor enthusiasts, but in reality Rocky Mountain Barber Company is a trademark of EasyWay International Products Limited, which produces everything from paper towels to heavy duty degreasers.. In the end the products are both fine but nothing remarkable. I suspect the generally high ratings are the result of this marketing.

Not sure about brushes/combs but there are several beard oil/wax products on Amazon that are indeed made in the US.
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on May 25, 2016
Rocky Mountain Barber Company knocked it out of the park with this comb. Very seldom do I slow down to appreciate the presentation of a product, but I did just that with this comb. Upon opening the box, the smell of Sandalwood wafted up to greet me. The comb sits inside a very snug recess with a pull tab placed underneath for easy removal. The comb itself is beautifully crafted and provided your beard is long enough to comb, performs its intended function very well. Having varying widths on either side as well as detail-oriented cuts on the ends make this more than a one trick pony and eliminates the needs for multiple combs. If you care for your beard, and you should, I can't recommend this enough. Small touches and attention to detail show pride in a product and will keep me coming back again and again.
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on February 15, 2018
I have had no prior experience with beard care products, but I let my beard go a bit this winter and decided to try and get it under control versus trimming it short again. I picked up their beard brush and one of their beard balms. I was very happy with both products and decided to add this comb for good measure. I tend to take a quick pass through with the 1mm side in the mornings after I have applied the beard balm and used the brush. It keeps the beard looking tidy and helps me address scraggily and fly-away hairs more easily. While not static free, I will concede that static is at a minimum when using it. It feels solid in the hand and seems to be well crafted. The packaging for all of their products has been quite good. I find the sandlewood an oddly pleasant scent. It's strong, but not overwhelming, and does not transfer to my beard. It took me a few uses to determine how I felt about the scent. Overall I am very happy with the beard comb and have no hesitation recommending it along with their balm and brush.
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on October 26, 2016
I absolutely love this comb! Aside from that, the packaging is extremely nice and even if you get the box from Amazon after a sweaty, blue-collar day with no lunch and 3 hours of overtime, the moment you open the Rocky Mountain Barber Company Comb box, you're immediately feel as though you're transported to a time when gentleman were gentleman; you feel decked out in a clean 3 piece suit with an Eldredge knot in your tie in live jazz venue with whatever whiskey you prefer and a handmade cigar (if you drink and/or smoke, otherwise, you still feel extra dapper and debonair, but hey, you've got a beard, you should feel that anyway. )

Now, the comb a.k.a. The Primary Tool of Olympus, it's finely crafted and exceptionally awesome. I won't describe it in great detail because you've likely read it in the description, so I'll summarize simply and say that it works almost effortlessly. The teeth on either side, fine or slightly spaced, glide through your beard, especially if you've applied whatever balm or oil you use, and it spreads it uniformly and even gets slightly coated by it for the next time you have to comb it. It has a fresh and light sandalwood scent (because it's a sandalwood comb, soooo YEEEEAAAHHH!) that will leave you with a hint of lumberjack that will give you a G.I. Joe-esque, cooler-and-more-muscular-than-the-Brawny-paper-towel-guy feeling, and if you already feel that way? you might ask, well, it will heighten it and jack it up to level 9,000!!!

I normally trim my beard, but with cold weather and No Shave November coming, I've been letting the mane grow for about 2 months, which isn't a long time, but I'm (un)fortunate (depends on personal preference if you're like me, but I prefer it) enough to have thick, coarse, yet strong and soft hair. Literally, my beard hair is basically like fishing line or black thread and I stand by this comb because it works!!

**this is a real review from a real buyer that paid for this comb 100%. No discounts, no coupons.
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on January 11, 2017
This could be one of those really cool products with 5 Star ratings all day and strong word-of-mouth sales, but for a couple little details. Like many others have mentioned, the comb I received also has imperfect teeth, especially on the fine side. It makes a difference to the perception of quality; it wasn't bad enough for me to return the comb, but I do love it less. Also I haven't found use for the side combs, but it doesn't bother me that they're there. The smell of the sandalwood is fantastic, and sometimes I can smell the lingering scent in my beard which to me is pleasant. The carrying pouch is also very nice, a little misshapen upon arrival, but storing the comb in it has corrected that. I guess "Rocky Mountain" is just a name, and it worked on me as I liked the logo (and really like the name carved into the comb), but it would be nice if they actually made the products there instead of China, but hey we get it, cost cost cost. I for one would gladly pay twice as much for such a product had it been made in the Rockies and didn't have the imperfections with the teeth. They do snag my beard from time to time. It seems to me that it will be durable however so all things considered, I'd say 3 or 4 stars.
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I had another sandalwood beard comb, but lost it.
My beard ranges from 1-3" (usually the lower end in summer, higher end in winter). It's always going to be a joke for my family, especially my wife and her family. They think it's so unusual for a bald man to buy a comb of any kind. I shave my head because I don't look fooling with my hair and have been doing it for 20+ years. In turn, I grew a beard, which some people think is scruffy, but that's because some men don't comb their beards. I like mine neat and clean, just like my bald head ... except with hair. I picked this comb thanks partially to the name. I too live in the mountains, but it's the Appalachians. And for more seriousness, because I can't believe other beard combs only have one size teeth on two sides of a comb. This one has different sizes and has the little mustache combs on the ends. That's a pretty big deal if you've ever tried combing your mustache and realize there's a nose there. Great smell too, love the natural scent and feel of this comb. I'm definitely keeping the box which lets your comb fit down in it snugly so you won't lose it.
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on February 2, 2016
Great feel in the hand and evidence of excellent craftsmanship. The gentle curve of the comb combined with the slightly rounded tips (but not too much) feel great on the skin even through my thick, long beard. Having course and fine teeth is excellent -- I can use all the aesthetic help I can get and the fine side really helps. Grin.

Sandalwood scent is not my thing and it clashes with my homemade beard balm, but I've helped it along by gently heating it by the fire and giving it my essential oils, and that has helped a lot. I can't get function out of the end moustache and sideburn combs, and much prefer using the full edged combs for everything.

All in all, a great comb I hope to abuse for years to come, the true test of hearty doesn't come until ten years from now. I got one for the house and one for the bike pack. Enjoy!
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