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This is my third tuner, and I think it's the best of the three. The Mugig is easier to read than my D'Addario NS and is more responsive than my Axerig clip-on. The clip works effortlessly, it's simple to operate, and overall the tuner seems sturdy (I've only had it for about two weeks).

It's small enough that it doesn't really stand out on my concert and tenor ukuleles, and still has a large enough screen to be very easily read. I keep it on 'chromatic' since I switch between uke and guitar, but it's nice to have the option to set it to a particular instrument.

This is now my go-to tuner, and if/when the others fail I'll be replacing them with this one!
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on March 29, 2017
I bought this tuner as an alternative towards using my cellphone all the time as a tuner.

So lets start with how the tuner works. Its operated by a cr 2032 battery which came included with the tuner. It lights up green when in tune and its initial display is a digital orange. You can change the frequencies with the top button. Ranging from 430-450hz respectively. With simply tapping on the power button you can change modes. There are five modes of tuning scale. Chromatic, guitar, bass, violin and ukulele.

For weight this thing weighs practically nothing!

On look this tuner isnt an eyesore either.

Overall great product i would buy a secondary one just for the sheer number of instruments i have at home.
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why you may have trouble tuning "B" string on guitar.
The default
mode is ‘C’. The modes are designed for different instruments and
operations. These are as follows:

C = Chromatic Mode

G = Guitar

B = Bass Guitar

V = Violin

U = Ukulele

This tuner has 5 modes but only one button to select them all and its also the on/off button, so if you press for too long it will change modes.
if you are in violin mode, indicated by "V" on the right bottom corner of the display, it will show "A" when you strum the "B" string, since it thinks your violin is sharp.

I use chromatic or guitar mode and it works fine.
but be aware if you are in the wrong mode, it won't recognize the tone properly

I own several Snarks in various colors and options, and though they work well, they have a tendency to break at the connector that holds the ball joint, so I picked up one of these. A nice surprise it was, I like the display that changes the entire screen color when your in tune. Very handy, very obvious and very fast for tuning.

I have several Ovation guitars that have that unique Ovation headstock that makes it impossible to clip a tuner to the end of the headstock without it just sliding right off, so I have to clip it at the nut or between the tuners and this clip-on fits perfectly between the tuning heads which is great.
The on/off button location is handy and repsonsive, unlike the Snark which sometimes seem to refuse to turn off no matter how I press.

I've also used a Korg tuner, and have lots of gear that has tuner circuits built in, but this one seems quicker and more responsive to me.
It would be nice if the polarity of the battery was marked inside the unit, rather than only in the instruction booklet, I guess I'll use a white paint marker to mark inside the unit, so 6 months from now I'll know how it goes without having to find the book.
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on January 29, 2018
This tuner's readout is easy to see, and it changes colors as you arrive at the correct tuning. It also tunes in cents, which I prefer to relative tuning (just close or not close). I really like the fact that it is a contact tuner (it senses vibrations in the instrument rather than sound) which makes it easier to use in a noisy environment. My only complaint is that the swivel on the head seems a little too loose, but not so much that it flops around.

I also read in some reviews that it uses some strange battery - it doesn't. I believe is a CR 2032, which is a very common size.
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on March 1, 2017
I own several different tuners and will probably make this one of my favorites. Easy to read, goes from orange to green when in tune, has different settings for different instruments. This is the one I would recommend and priced right!
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on April 12, 2017
Seems to be a little sharp out of the box. I calibrated it to 438, 439 Hz instead of 440 and it seemed a little more accurate.
My other gripe is that it can't detect if something is in tune while flat. Eb standard, for example, can't be precisely tuned to with this tuner.
Otherwise, this is an easy to use, cheap tuner that I would recommend buying for simple applications.

EDIT: I have updated this review to 5 stars. You can tune this to flat tunings, but NOT while it is in "guitar" mode. Just keep it on the first setting and you will probably be good.
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on June 5, 2017
Nice and compact, good price/value, fits easily into violin case. Not as fast/accurate as a Snark brand, but just as usable. I would still get a Snark for guitar because of the feel and speed, this is more convenient for the violin case, and was cheaper.

Minor gripe: It would be nice if it told you the frequency or which octave it's detecting (example: C3 or C4). I didn't know if I had the A string on the violin one whole octave too low and was afraid to break the string if I over tightened, I used a free android app (da tuner) for tuning new violin strings for the first time, the app would tell me E6 or E5, and the frequency.
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on December 23, 2016
I'm old and constantly amazed with modern day electronics. This tuner is just that, amazing. Looks quality, operates quality and I don't know how it could be any better. Thanks for making life easier
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on January 3, 2017
Great versatile tuner -- easy to use, easy to read and extremely versatile. It clearly lets you know when you have tuned the correct note -- it lights up a different color. Very cool. Also, it has a range of tunings and can be used with several instruments. I've used clip on turners before -- this one is my 3rd and by far the best experience.
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on December 24, 2017
I was surprised by how much I like this. I prefer plugging into my higher quality tuner live, but for just sitting around and jamming, its a quick and easy way to be in tune. The only thing I'm not sure of, but perhaps somebody more inclined would know, is how accurate of a tuner this is compared to high dollar plug in model. I just play as a hobbyist these days, so for me this was an excellent purchase. Easy to operate, just make sure you have it set on the instrument you're tuning.
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