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on February 8, 2017
I cloth diapered my first but had a really hard time keeping up with the extra laundry. I was Discouraged because I reallly do want to do everything I can to reduce my footprint and chemical exposure. These are worth every penny knowing my babies sensitive skin isn't exposed to hundreds of chemicals and bleach.
I've been using Seventh Generation for over 3 years now, while I do prefer the plain brown diapers these new printed ones are super cute and vibrant.

Update 4/26/2017
I recently gave birth to my third child and have been using these along with Earths Best and Honest Co. some key differences:
-Seventh Generation has by far the best customer service!
-Absorbency is even matched between Earths Best and Seventh Generation. Honest Co. leaked almost every diaper.
-Earths Best is more generous in sizing, Honest Co. are almost a full size smaller. Seventh Generation is slightly smaller than Pampers.
-Honest Co. caused redness around the legs.
-Seventh Gen is by far the softest and least papery of the bunch.

I have included comparison photos of three brands for those curious as to how they compare to Pampers (left) and Honest Co. (right) for sizing. Review of sizing is based on Size 1s. I did use newborns, however they were all much closer in size.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 2, 2017
These are our absolute favorite diapers! We tried a few different brands that we received at our baby shower, but nothing has compared to Seventh Generation. These are the only diapers that don't leave a red rash on our little one's sensitive skin and we love the great quality. We also feel good knowing that we're not exposing her to any unnecessary chemicals or harsh products that many other diapers contain.

I received a free sample of Seventh Generation diapers, but these opinions are completely my own and we have continued to purchase nothing but Seventh Generation diapers since then.
review image
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on November 27, 2017
My wife and I came to these after many failed tries with Honest Co which we were really excited about. We loved the shipping service for Honest but they were a huge let down. Way too many blowouts for us to handle. After finding out that Seventh Gen delivers in bulk we made the switch and we have not looked back. We have tried other cheaper diapers (at out local store) but the quality is still beneath Seventh. I'd like to see prices come down a little more but I recommend Seventh Gen to every new parent I speak with.
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on March 18, 2018
These diapers have treated us well! They are comfy, work well, soft and cute. Aside from amazon mama bear, they are usually the cheapest, semi-environmentally-friendly diaper. We have used these for about a year and tried mama bear - we like these better despite the slightly higher cost. We had less issue with diaper rash and less issue with any leakage. These seem to be better fitted to our kiddo’s shape. I also don’t like the waist on the mama bears (although if you like huggies you might feel otherwise). I appreciate that seventh generation set the standard that amazon has to beat and, in my opinion, they haven’t done it yet. So I will continue to fund seventh generation in hopes that they keep innovating!

For further info: We’ve gone thru 6 brands in total and some cloth diapers bc I bargain hunt. Bambo and babyganics but I like these better. New Bambos are outrageously expensive and I just can’t justify it. Babyganics feel like they are made of cardboard and i had to crumple them before putting them on my baby to soften them up. Pampers were great for our newborn but pretty awful for the environment and didn’t offer anything that seventh generation doesn’t. And I didn’t like the huggies at all since they’d leak on our baby and leach chemicals in the landfill.
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on November 28, 2016
I've used seventh generation diapers for 6 years now and have loved every one until now!! These diapers are not what they used to be! They are thin...don't hold! They are also white on the inside....they say no bleach but then how are they white?? I want the original diapers back!!! I've posted pictures of the "new" improved diapers next to the old ones...
review imagereview image
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Top Contributor: Petson November 14, 2017
So far, so good. These diapers are highly absorbent and my daughter does pee...a lot!! I have found that they do not irritate her skin, and they fit better in size than some other size 2 diapers I have used. These are a little expensive, so for a first time mom, I think I am going to stick with something more affordable and within my price range- recently amazon went up to about $37 for these. There are not enough in the package to make it worthwhile seeing how many diapers you go through with a newborn.
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on September 1, 2017
after much research this was our diaper of choice.
Have to say that I'm quite bummed they have since changed the design and feel of these diapers. They've gone more mainstream now with the uber absorbency which is not what i want nor what should be promoted! You're basically saying you can leave your child in a soaked diaper longer... WINNING aye? (after using this product for over a year i did receive a free sample of the "new and improved" version)

PROS: never had a reaction to these diapers, no rash etc, Free & Clear, no leakage issues,
CONS: limited availability to purchase. few stores carry them and they are pricey. the newer version of these is "more absorbent" and has a different feel and smell then the previous design.
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on January 10, 2018
I am very disappointed with the product. I bought this as an alternative to Bambo diapers since my one month old was having a bad diaper rash. But the tab used to fasten the diaper keeps breaking and I have had to discard atleast 5 diapers. Initially I was breaking them very often but I am trying to cautious now but even then I end up breaking the tab rendering the diaper unusable. Also, I have had a couple of leaks when my daughter peed.Guess I will go back to Bambo diapers.
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on September 27, 2017
We had to switch to a diaper brand that was free of EVERYTHING because our daughter had an unexplained terrible diaper rash all the time no matter what we did. These not only fit the bill but I loved the fit on the baby more than the leading brand swaddlers. They are much more money than your average diaper at a Big Box store but these helped us rule out so many variables. Because we went to a bleach, latex, sulfates, everything natural diaper we were finally able to realize that she was lactose intolerant and that's what was causing the rash. I would like to keep buying this brand but I don't know if my husband agrees with the price. If these were priced the same as the leading brand starting with a P then I think he would let e stick with them. Bonus: they are supper cute for a boy or girl!
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on July 26, 2018
Very good organic diapers. That fit well and don’t leak. We are very happy with this company over all. Almost all thier products are price comparable to the leading non organic brands. This is much appreciated as companies like Honest Baby are just unaffordable unless you have money to throw away and I mean a lot of money. Seventh Generation makes having an organic house an achievable goal and unlike Babyganics they are 100% organic. I prefer this brand above all others!
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