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on September 12, 2016
This is the best mop ever! I have an acre of floors to mop (and7kids) so I have used my fair share of mops over the years. I love the very sturdy handle on this Linkyo mop. Even with the extension handle attached, (include in the box) it did not bow at all. I appreciate the three washable mop pads included in the box, and that I can control the amount of moisture to go from mopping tile floors to wood floors. The mop pads are double sided, and much larger than just about any other mop on the market, making the cleaning process go faster. It is very easy to put the mop heads on or take them off with just a snap. I rinse the mop head a lot when I mop so I appreciate that feature Linko has. Overall l LOVE this mop. I did not get this mop free to test it. I used our hard earned money to buy it. I heavely depend on reviews when I make a purchase. I would purchase this Linkyo again, but with how well it's designed I don't think I'll have to. Thanks for making a well thought out product Linkyo.
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on September 13, 2016
When I ordered this mop, I was replacing another microfiber mop that I bought through a home representative with Norwex. The replacement mop heads were so expensive for the Norwex that I decided to try a different brand. I also was not happy with the velcro on the Norwex that didn't hold the mop properly and often folded over on itself. Not only is the Lynkyo floor mop as good or better quality microfiber, the system for attaching it to the mop head is genius. No slippage and the mop glides effortlessly over the floor. Hooray for Linkyo!
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on March 28, 2016
Oh my gosh. How can a person get excited about a mop right? We just installed some really beautiful wood grain laminate flooring and I found out that I could not use my steam mop on it so I looked on Amazon for some options and found this jewel. I love that it is lightweight, I can wring out the pads and put them back on and continue mopping without a huge mess or hard work trying to get the water out. EASY. The tabs hold the pad in place firmly but are not hard to open either. The only thing I noticed that is a downfall is that it obviously picks up the dirt along the two outside edges and not so much in the center, this is evidenced by the two lines of dirt and no dirt in the center after mopping. I am thinking maybe it will after it wears in? I don't know. I am happy with the product despite its one shortcoming. Best mop ever, in my opinion.
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on February 4, 2018
Bought this because I hate mopping and needed something easy that worked good. I am so happy that I did! I love it! Easy to use and my floors (tile and laminate) look great! Cleans better than any mop I tried. I use some Pine Sol squirt and mop so no rinsing. I liked it so much I recommend to my kids. They love theirs too! Anything that makes cleaning quicker and easier is worth it! In response to another review who said hers flips over, don’t get the pad too wet or over reach and it will work great!
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on February 1, 2018
This mop is fantastic! I read the reviews, and it seemed to be what I was looking for, so I ordered it, and I'm so glad I did! The handle is modular and super sturdy, and was very easy to assemble. Instructions were included and very clear. The bottom part is well engineered. It comes with 3 washable mop pads that are supposed to last for over 100 uses each. You could probably easily use thick microfiber cloths instead of their pads. But I'll cross that bridge if and when these pads wear out, which isn't going to be any time soon.

The mop is wide, which is wonderful, but narrow enough in depth to fit behind toilets, etc. The pad is easy to attach and remove with the clamps, which work so much better than velcro fasteners. It took me half the time to mop my floors than it normally does, and because the mop is so sturdy, I didn't have to push very hard either. I filled my sink with hot water and cleaning product, and just rinsed out the pad under my faucet once it got dirty, then dipped it back into the mop solution, wrung it out, snapped it back into place, and kept cleaning. Easy. I've used a lot of mops over the years and this one is definitely a keeper. I tossed the pad in with the laundry and it came out looking like new.

5 stars. Very happy customer. Plus, it's got a 2-year warranty which is amazing.
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on January 10, 2018
Love this! Can’t believe I put up with a cheap rag mop for so long.
It comes with microfiber pads that I only use to mop with. They toss right in the washing machine.

I love that it is generic. The teeth on the mop head will bite down on any towel so you can mop with anything you want.

The head swivels in every direction. It’s easy to mop the baseboards and the fronts of each stair. That eliminates a whole baseboard scrubbing spring cleaning project. You can just wipe them up whenever you do your normal mopping.
It also swivels easily around the toilet.

Anything that needs extra scrubbing I just step on the mop head to add pressure and it usually cleans up tough stains on the floor.

There’s several poles so you can customize its length.
The teeth don’t snap down so you don’t have to worry about catching your fingers. They’re very strong, just push it down on your mop good and it’s fastened.
There are hard ‘fingers’ all over the bottom to add more scrubbing power thru your mop pad. It makes a big difference than it just being flat.
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on September 26, 2017
This doesn't work very well. My 3 year old likes to go behind me and her swifter mop picks up more then this mop with bona spray. Seriously so disappointed. Look at the results between this mop used by an adult and the one pushed by a 3 year old after. Disappointed!
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on January 10, 2018
Wow! After reading so many glowing reviews, we were excited to give this a try.

First impressions: Sturdy construction. Way better than I expected for the price. (We paid just shy of $17 on a lightning deal.) The mop heads are also thicker than I expected. The scrubber pads look like they'll do the trick. And the traditional pad is so soft I want to cuddle with it on the couch.

Once we assembled it (which took about 30 seconds) we were amazed by how long the handle is. This has an amazing reach.

Okay, so how did it work?! First, we soaked the pad in hot water and wrung it out. Clipping it on was easy, peesy, lemon squeezy. The mop was easy and actually fun to use! The swiveling head works amazing and it is slim enough to reach under just about anything. The mop cloth stayed firmly in place and the mopping was VERY quick compared to traditional mops.

And the results? Well just take a look at the photo. I mopped over an area that we had just mopped THE DAY BEFORE with one of the infomercial spin mops (which we'll never use again.) I just soaked the pad in hot water and wrung it out. This hardwood floor area (maybe 10x10) received little to no foot traffic in that time and look how much dirt the LINKYO microfiber mop picked up! The white area is the top side of the pad that didn't touch the floor. Amazing! And it didn't leave streaks like

Ok... we are believers. Everything seems durable and built to last a while. If this makes it at least 6 months it was well worth the investment. I imagine it will last much longer than that, but time will tell. I'll update when/if it starts to wear out.

Any negatives? The inculded instructions were helpless. They taught you how to assemble the mop handle but there are no instructions for how to use the mop. Should we wet it? Hot water or cold? Which mop pad is for what kind of floors? How should it be washed? Can it be dried? I've found some good answers in the Q&A for this product but some instructions with the mop would have been nice.

Despite that small critique, this mop gets every bit of 5 stars.

Please note that I have never used the Norwex mop system (or any other microfiber mop for that matter) so I have nothing similar to compare it with. But against traditional mopping, this thing wipes up the competition!
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on January 20, 2018
I like the mop head size--not too small, not too large. I like the fact it's metal (durable). And it has "nubs" that grip the cloth.

However, I don't like the handle. One, it screws in and thus, it is prone to coming undone which is annoying. Really? All handles for mops of this type should be clip on because you must twist the handle to mop correctly. Two, it isn't continuously adjustable--there's an extension you add on. Without the extension, the handle is a bit too short and I find myself bending over (I'm 5'9"); with it, it's way too long--maybe adequate for someone 7' or so. Or maybe if you wanted to dust the outside walls of your house. To be honest, I did use it when I polyurethaned a floor--dusting in between coats--I didn't have to move as much and made the job quicker. But the handle was so long that as I walked from room to room, it would hit the walls. And it hit the ceiling when I replaced the pads (I put the mop head on the counter). If only the extension were about half as long. I'm going to attempt to cut it down.

Lastly, for those people who complain about the head flipping: you're probably not using it correctly. These aren't used like the old fashioned mops that you push back and forth. (I found a nice video on the internet about how to use).
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Top Contributor: Photographyon February 18, 2017
I always liked the Swiffer, but thought the attachment cups were just a little too weak.

This Linkyo floor mop is quite a bit better. First, the pads that come with this are very heavy duty, not cheap feeling at all. Second, the handle is a heavier grade metal. I was a bit worried about the plastic screw attachments, but they are pretty strong. They don't feel like they will crack under normal use. Lastly, and my favorite, is the hold down clamps. Genius! The clamps hold the fabric securely, and the plastic does not feel cheap at all. Not only will they hold the pads that came with it, they can clamp just about anything. I clamped two 3M scouring pads across the bottom and used it to strip the wax off of a floor 50' x 75' (3750 sq ft) with no problem at all. I rinsed the stripper with a regular mop, but then used the Linkyo with a microfiber rag to lay down 2 coats of floor sealer. Finally I used the included white and pink pad to lay down a heavy coat of floor polishing wax... no problem. Love it!
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