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on September 12, 2016
My dermatologist had told me to purchase compression socks to help with blood circulation to assist in healing skin issues. So being a nurse, I wanted to evaluate some different ones to see which is best for me. Since there are SO many kinds and different brands, I decided to try 7 different brands and evaluate which felt the best. Why 7: because it is the number of completion in the bible!

So I tried blitzu, vital sox, ABCO direct, compression Z, A swift, and endurance shield. Some of them felt too tight - like they would wrinkle in the wrong place and feel like they cut into my skin in uncomfortable ways. And understand that they are all difficult to put on as they need to fit you tight to work well. But some were impossible to get on. Others I didn't like because they tended to be too tall and would roll. So after my thorough evaluation, I settled on these socks: blitzu as my favorite due to the feel of the material, the way the patterns provided pressure in just the right places and how they also made my feet feel supported since I have flat feet.

My second fav. was Abco Direct. The others I returned because they didn't work for me. I feel like compression socks are one of those things that may feel differently on various persons so you need to try a few and see what works for you. BTW for the short (not knee high) compression socks, I like the sock well ones. Compression socks are worth the effort of finding the to help with. Blood circulation that addresses a number of problems from arthritis, sore feet and legs, leg inflammation , andskin irritations to preventing leg cramps! Go for it!! 😀
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on September 1, 2016
Being new to wearing compression socks, I had no idea where to begin. So, my research began. I wanted something non-clinical looking but still functional, reasonably stylish and long lasting. So far, I've ordered 6 different brands. All of them good but the Compression Socks Blitzu Power+ Men and Women came out on top.

I am 5 feet tall and all the other socks I have tried were too long, cutting into the back of my knees (very uncomfortable after awhile). These are a little shorter and the top of the sock band sits at the top of my calf, just far enough below the knee. I was so happy to finally find a pair that fit me!!! Thank you Blitzu!!

These are extremely well made. Quality, durable materials. Each sock has a R or L indicator so you get them on the correct foot. The graduated compression is perfect, from foot to top of calf. They never seemed too tight or binding and never caused any discomfort. The foot of the sock was a little long (I have small feet) but not so long that they needed to be folded over. I also have wide feet and found the toe box to be roomy and comfortable. The top of the band fit as well as can be expected - without exception, every single pair of compression socks I've tried seems to dig in at the very top of the sock band. So, I'm guessing that's just something I'm going to have to live with.

I sit at a desk all day and as a result, have terrible swelling in my lower legs, ankles and feet. After removing these socks at home, I can actually see my ankle bones again!!! I have no swelling and no discomfort. My feet, ankles and legs do not feel achy, tired, heavy or full. These, by far, have been the best compression socks I've found!
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on February 15, 2017
Love,love, love these! I'm a hairdresser and stand on my feet for 12+ hours at a time. These socks have helped with fatigue and achy legs and feet. I recently had my veins treated for spider veins and varicose. and have been ordered by my doctor to wear compression sock or hose daily and nightly for 3 weeks. I've used several pairs and these have given me the most comfortable support of all of them. I had to return other brands. These are comfortable to wear for 15 hours or more. I swap these out at night and wear one that is called over night compression. So u do not sleep in these, but I could. I bought the small/medium size, I wear a ladies 7.5 to 8 size shoe. I'm 5'4. Calf size is 12" I first bought the black, then I came back for the white and the pink. I'm a fan of all of them! I attached a photo of my leg after wearing them for over 12 hours. The depression it made was slight, but the compression was very supportive! I highly recommend these for anyone that stands for long periods of time or that has circulation issues or vascular issues. Good luck and enjoy!
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on June 14, 2017
This is my first pair of compression socks. So far, they're holding up well. Be sure to use the provided instructions to put them on, and hand wash in cold water only. I use them to run; enjoy the extra support they provide. For reference, I am 6'0", 150 pounds, wear a size 10 women's shoe and purchased the S/M size which seems to fit well.
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on January 27, 2017
Love the color and whimsy of these socks. They're a little thicker than I expected, but not a major issue. Once they're on, they are very comfortable ... and seem to work well as compression socks. The challenge is with their thickness ... trying to gather them up as directed to pull them on is challenging. My hands are not muscular enough to gather the sock on my foot to multiple layer thickness, then pull it up. It's the good news and bad news ... The Good News: Lots of elasticity for compression, The Bad News: All the gathered bulk makes it nearly impossible to open wide enough for foot. Solution that works best for me: Push foot in as far as possible, gather and pull the toe backward several times to get it to fit as closely as possible at toe & heel. Then start gathering it up the leg, an inch at a time. At some point beyond the ankle, I can pull the length up my calf. Again, once the socks are on, they're comfortable, compress well, and even wash/dry well!
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on October 28, 2017
Great so far! I have Vasovagal Syncope and am required to wear 20-30 mmHG compression socks 24/7. These are very thick. I wear a women's size 8 shoe and my muscular calf is 15.5". The feet fit perfectly.. This is my first time with these and hope they will hold up. I wont be able to wear them in the summer, they are that thick! Not thrilled with the hand washing aspect!

They are 20-30 mmHg on me.
Great fit on the foot area.
Reaches to the base of the knee.

if you have even the slightest rough spot on your feet/heel it snags! (see pic) The inside material snags ANY rough spot on fingers as you pull them up and feet.
VERY thick.
Very hot for me, no breathing of fabric. (made me sweat)
Wore for 35 mins and left the design imprint on my skin-indents. (the grey areas on the socks)
Hand wash/ Air dry

Will NOT buy again.
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on February 14, 2017
I'm usually on my feet all day collecting and analyzing fuel samples at refineries and terminals for work. So one can imagine the pain I feel at the end of each day (which I've gotten used to). What I haven't gotten used to is the NO pain I feel after getting these socks. Boy.., do I wish I had these 10 years ago. Thank you so much Blitzu. These socks are great!! I'm ordering a whole bunch more!!
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on October 28, 2016
I am totally satisfied with my purchase of these compression socks. Wearing shorts pretty much year round, not only do they help my circulation but they also act as a fashion accessory. I am reordering these as well as their ankle compressions.
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on December 15, 2017
I only wore and wash them once before this happened. I'm really disappointed because I really enjoyed these and had intended on switching to the Blitzu brand. If the pulling hadn't happened, I would have given it five stars.
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on December 23, 2017
First of all, these are comfortable. I'm an RN and I've worn several different types for work. I haven't worn these at work yet, as I am recovering from a broken ankle, but they have been marvelous for the dependent edema that develops as I am unable to bear weight on my right leg. That said, I currently own a couple of other brands of compression socks that work as well in that regard. These don't pinch at the top though! They are also long enough to stretch all the way up over my calf, which is part of why they don't pinch, and the band at the top is stretchy and soft. The entire sock is much softer than others I have worn. It has woven ankle support that is fabulous and I'm particularly cognizant of that due to my healing injury. I do have another brand that has that feature but these have wonderful arch support and don't squeeze my toes. I have worn them all day, comfortably, a couple days in a row so I expect they will be comfortable to wear for a 12+ hour shift on my feet. Overall they fit all the needs without the typical drawbacks! I LOVE THEM!!!!
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