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on March 11, 2017
Wow! I read the other reviews and figured I would give this book a try. I think I'm hooked.
First, this is the first book I've read in a long time since switching to eBooks and self published books that started out by creating a believable world.
Second, the main character as a woman WASN'T dreamy eyed, hopelessly enamored, or suffering from hormone soaked emotions.
Third, the vamps and other where's didn't follow the standard roles as driven by movie portraits. The human side was clearly shown as well as how that drives their personalities.
Then the plot reached and grabbed my attention and made me want to find out what happened next. The alien influence was a pleasant twist and obviously will play in the the rest of the series.
Yes, I will be continuing to read in the series but everything isn't all peaches and cream. Many times there were sentence fragments that caused me to stop and re-read the paragraph to make sense of the action. Sometimes there were words in the sentence that weren't meant to be, as if the grammar checker just through it in in case that was what was to be. I'm not an English language nazi but these detractors did slow my reading.
Overall though I will do, what is rare for me ( besides actually doing a review) and recommend that you give this book a try. It just might cause you to continue to get and read more of the story. I might just have to join Amazon Unlimited to save some coin on this series.
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on November 26, 2016
I probably would have given this a 2 star rating if not for the fresh take on the supernatural. Being a first book in the series I'm cutting a little slack for the stilted over-explaining done because the author is setting up the characters' personality as they're introduced rather than fleshing them out through the storytelling over the course of a few books. Hopefully book two will have less of that now that we already know all about them.

The biggest issue as noted by several other reviewers is the proofreading (or lack thereof). You can see where the author intended to change a word but instead of removing one they both were left. There are also switches of POV that aren't needed and don't make sense (main character is giving and internal monologue and suddenly there's a sentence or two that doesn't make sense until you realize it much be another characters thoughts on the topic before it switches back to the original person).
Much of the issues are typical of a new writer and poor editing. I'm willing to overlook the issues and read the next couple books in the series. With as many books as are in this series I would hope eventually the author goes back and re-writes this first one at some point and uses a professional editor.
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on July 18, 2016
I was looking for a new series of books to read as I tend to go through books pretty quickly. I will say I am glad I found Michael's books. I have just finished book 4 and decided I should really go back and review what I had already read.

This book is a wonderful introduction to a series I can see carrying on for many more books (the author says 13 but in my mind I can see spin-offs, books written from another of the main characters perspective, potential children carry on's once we reach the end etc.).

I loved the book - I was fortunate enough to get the post edited version so didn't have to face the issues earlier readers had. The book is a wonderful mixture of action, darkness, fun, intrigue, violence and very original cursing (did I mention that this is not a book for the young !!!). It engaged right from the start and has duly sucked me in - I have read the first 4 books in 3 days - each time reaching the end wondering what was going to happen next - please Mr. Anderle get some extended volumes together for the new readers - maybe a 1-3, 4-6 type grouping if you get the chance.

Thanks for letting us share your world - cannot wait to get to the next books - so good

PS And one of my best friends is actually from Brasov and I shared this books with her - she loved it too !
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on December 11, 2015
I liked this book for many reasons, but feel that it really needs to be seriously polished up by a good editor. I enjoyed the characters, and especially some of the plot twists. For me, the story was a little choppy, and the chapter headings are distracting and not really necessary. One of my pet Peeves are 2 fold, it,s is really yards for me to rite this cents to give an examples. Author, your English grammar, use of misspelled words, and abysmal usage of apostrophes needs to be corrected! I wanted to love this book, but it is distracting to be reading along then bam, your instead of you're, were's instead of the plural weres, and other typos and punctuation errors. It's like hitting a big pot hole in a smooth road. Please take this as constructive criticism, as I really did enjoy the book. I think you have talent and a great story here, so please get some help in editing. I will be buying the next one in hopes that you have found someone to proofread a little before you publish. Even the famous authors have editors correct their work. Keep writing!!!!
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on September 16, 2017
I've now completed the first three books of the Kurtherian Gambit Book series by Michael Anderle, and I'm happy to see a general improvement on writing technique and style from the first book. The characters are entertaining and the prose has a good rhythm that keeps you along for the ride. The main character, BA, reminds me a bit of Faith from the Buffy Series, but perhaps a little more bad***.

I have a couple of complaints that make me pause before rapidly consuming the rest of the series. The characters haven't changed at all since they were first introduced. There doesn't seem to be any character development, except for maybe BA (but only physically, mentally she is the same). There doesn't ever seem to be much of a conflict in the books. There is no challenge that BA or her henchmen (and I should say MANY henchmen) can't easily overcome. There also doesn't seem to be any gray area in terms of good vs bad. People are either good and immediately help the main character. Or they are bad and are immediately taken care of in one way or another. The books are relatively short, with very simple conflict/resolution plots. I feel that you could easily combine the first three books into one complete story, and perhaps that is the case for why there are so many in the series. But they are relatively cheap and short. So I don't mind this as much. I also feel that it is strange that the vast majority of the characters are extremely accepting human beings that don't even pause after finding out that there is a supernatural world or experience gore filled situations.

If you don't mind missing that little bit of realism, in depth and thought-provoking situations, then you'll love this series just fine. I prefer that fuzzy gray of a character's alignment, characters that overcome challenges and hardships that cause them to grow and develop. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough to keep me hooked to the end.
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on January 20, 2016
There are a few pages of author's notes at the back of each of the first three books I've read. Therein he repeatedly states that he's writing fun stories, not great literature. Much like Star Wars isn't great cinema, but it is hella fun ... His words, or close enough.
And he is exactly right, both about Lucas' work and his own.
These are superbly fun stories, combining modern paranormal, sci-fi and military action into a cohesive whole that blasts through the imagination like Han and Chewie in the Falcon.
The author never promises technical perfection - states it right up front in each of his books, in fact. But for me, at least, the quality of the storytelling overrides such minor concerns.
Plus, he's cranking them out at a rate of one or more books per month - and while these aren't epic novels, they're each a few hours of very enjoyable reading.
They say that quantity has a quality all it's own. When you can get a healthy dose of both, it's worth five stars.
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Yes, there were proofreading errors and it needs editing, but overall the characters were intriguing and the writing was good enough to move the plot along and keep my interest. And maybe the story was a little choppy, as if the Author was moving faster in his mind than he could transcribe into words. But this first book in the series did what it was supposed to do. It developed the World, introduced the characters, and established the plotline. I could have wished for more history and background on the Heroine before her transformation. I liked who she became, but I wanted to know more of her earlier life. Although the reader is given the facts, her feelings and core personality is skimpy.

For me, It was a fast and pleasurable read. If you're looking for a Vampire/Shifter book with a strong Heroine, you may enjoy it. If you're wanting a sex -filled Paranormal Romance, you may find it lacking. At least in this first installment--not sure about the upcoming books, since I haven't read them yet. But I probably will.
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on November 9, 2017
I first read this book through Kindle Unlimited. I've been a science fiction/fantasy reader beginning with the old Tom Swift books I read as a kid.
I have a strong dislike for vampire books, other than the 1897 Bram Stoker version. This is primarily due to the fact most vampire books I've read were either horror(ible) or rip offs of twilight, neither of which I'm a fan of, I didn't have very high expectations.
Boy was I wrong!
This Author created a world. Then a universe. This story is everything from vampires to starships, to dystopian to a smart AI. The fact so many other authors are now also writing with him in this new reality he created shows the details in his planning.
No matter what type of story you like, either the original storyline or one of the Arcs will grab you and pull you in.
I have a very limited income, but even though I can read these books in KU, I know they won't always be available there. I own every title written, and jump on each new title as they are released. I'm physically disabled and I read a minimum of a book each day. As fast as this series has exploded, I wish there were twice as many!
(I am in no way affiliated with this author as of this writing, though I'd love the chance to shake his hand and say thank you!)
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on September 13, 2017
Amazon can thank this series for my decision to sign up for the e-prime due to there being 18 books. The premise and characters are unique and engaging. The lower rating is due to some bad editing, and some amateurish writing in areas. Overall I've found I've been inhaling these books. I'm on the 3rd book now within a week's time. Considering I work 70+ hours I think that says something. The writing and editing improves with each story. My favorite MC is a strong woman, like Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson. I do like some romance, but have dropped books because every page is about a promising heroine having to control her hormones every page. This series is fast paced with much detail and character development. One *not* spoiler, the cussing is considered an art. I've heard better, it's at more of a preteen boys' level. Maybe so as not to turn women off? Well, back to reading;)
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on December 3, 2015
I just read the first 3 books in this series in 2 days, and boy does it pull you in! They remind me a lot of Laurence Dahners Ell Donsaii series: the author has created a science fiction framework that introduces a fantastic element in a logical and consistent way, then used that in conjunction with a strong female main character and a series of conflicts to create a story that just rollicks along with magnificent pacing. It's just fun to read!

So don't think this is just another vampire book. Think Indiana Jones or Star Wars. Think adventure! The fight scenes are magnificent!

The author obviously has a firm grasp of military organisation, and is able to convey business and science related topics well. I also thought the backroom dealing was realistic.

On the minus side some of the characters do come across as rather cliched. Partly this is because there are so many characters introduced, and they do get fleshed out a bit by occasional POV changes. I loved the Romanian girl. I'm also glad the POV changes weren't overdone - that's usually a pet peeve of mine.

From an editing standpoint there are a few cases of misplaced semicolons (, however; instead of ; however, for example) and there are a couple of places in each book where the wrong character name is used (you can infer that it is not the named character talking but another). These errors are understandable with the author writing so quickly (7 days for a book?!), and I understand he's correcting them.

Really, none of these flaws harmed the flow of the books.

Be warned - while each book is largely self-contained, various plot threads draw inexorably to the next book, and this promises to be a long series. Some anxious waiting for the next books will occur, and I pray the author can keep up the momentum!

Don't expect great literature, but Read It! It's good! Five stars!
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