on June 28, 2017
I like the size and I like the surfaces. Mouse glide feels great, except at times when the cord snags on the edge, which requires some clarification. The metal edges are somewhat sharp, though not enough to cause harm to humans. I found quickly that it can harm my mouse, however. Along with my new Corsair MM600 pad I opened up a brand new Logitech G600 mouse that I've been keeping in its packaging as a backup, deciding it was time to finally retire my old, worn-out one. Upon use, I discovered that the braided cord often caught very gently on the edge of the pad when moved in certain ways, just enough to make a scraping sound, cause my mouse movement to feel slightly awkward, and to start fraying the cord of the brand new mouse. I flipped the mouse pad around every which way to see if it was just one particular problematic edge, but every side was the same. I'm currently looking into DIY mouse bungees to keep the cord off the pad entirely to solve this problem that really shouldn't exist. Rounded edges just seems like common sense for hard mouse pads. Maybe I'll try sanding it down, myself.
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on September 20, 2016
Quite simply the best mousepad I've ever owned. The full length feel is simply amazing, no more worries about centering the mouse or having your pad clip the keyboard. The texture of the cloth provides a very nice tactile feel on the mouse but is still gentle on your wrists. I'd highly recommend this product and would totally purchase again (I've bought a total of 3 now, one for myself, wife and son). Once you go full length you'll never go back.
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on May 3, 2018
Short Answer: Absolutely perfect mousepad on the go. Very high quality.

I am PC gamer. I having a gaming desktop and laptop. I bought this specifically to use with my gaming laptop while gaming on the couch or in a chair. I needed a hard, non-flexible, flat surface to allow my mouse to track accurately. This was the perfect answer for me. There is not too much to say about it. There are two sides - one a little rough with more friction/resistance and one very smooth. I actually prefer to use the rougher side face up because the smooth side has so little friction that my mouse goes sliding all over the place if I take my hand off of it for a second. This thing does not feel like it will bend easy, but I haven't tested that out. Its very thin as well so its very easy to throw in a laptop sleeve or in a laptop backpack and take it with you. It has four rubber feet at the corners, which help it stay in place when using it. If you want a mobile mousepad that will provide a hard flat surface on the go then get this.
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on May 22, 2016
The design of this mouse pad helps hide dust and stains much better than a plain black mouse pad. This is a mouse pad you could spill coffee on and after wiping it down you would never know. Looks awesome with my corsair peripherals.
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on June 26, 2016
I have a nice wooden executive desk and when I have time to throw on a PC game, I have to get myself situated. This involves my keyboard's position to change, and mouse gets to put in the right spot, then its game time. With all the movement, I hate to have my keyboard sliding on the bare wood, causing minor scratches. I used to have a standard semi-small mousepad with a gel rest that did okay but I realized after a while that the gel-rest would get in the way and the mouse would fall off the pad too often!

I decided to check out a "gaming" mousepad, and after many considerations, I went with the Corsair MM200 Cloth (not the anti-fray version) Extended Edition.

This mouse pad measures 3FT Long x 1FT Wide, plenty of length and width to accommodate any size keyboard and mouse. I currently have a Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder sitting on it, with about 4-5 inches of extra space on both sides of the keyboard and mouse.

The surface of the pad is a smooth, nylon-like weave. Its very tight knit and smooth no matter what direction you run your mouse or even your finger. The mouse glides effortlessly, but provides just enough resistance so you're not throwing your mouse off the desk. The bottom of the pad is a nice, non-slip rubber that doesn't move unless you pick up the pad.

None that I have encountered. It is a mousepad and does what it is supposed to do...hold a mouse and in this case a keyboard as well.

Overall, if you want a pad that can house your keyboard and mouse to avoid scratching up your desk while giving you a smooth surface to glide on, this is a top notch pad for the price.
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on February 9, 2017
Fantastic XL mouse pad. My past 3 pads were all hard surface, which are great and last long, but too small. I was running into issues where about 1/4 of my keyboard would sit on the mouse pad causing the keyboard to slip/move on occasion. I finally decided to upgrade to a cloth XL pad and I'm more than happy. I use this on a glass top desk and have no issues at all with the pad moving or slipping. Also tracking on the pad is good, I don't notice any difference compared to my previous Razer and Corsair hard top pads. It fit perfectly across my desk without overhang and easily fits my wireless charging pad for my phone, keyboard, mouse, and even a coaster for a drink. The quality itself seems very high which I would expect from a company such as Corsair. What really surprised me was that despite it being rolled up while in it's package the pad did not require any break in time to flatten it out, went right from the box to my desk with zero problems.

Great quality XL mouse pad for a low price from Corsair - I'd definitely recommend this over some more expensive pads I've seen.
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on April 6, 2018
I needed a mouse pad for my work station at home and I have for a decade used only a Func industries hard pad for my Wow gaming so I thought I would buy this for my work setup. Nope, I swapped them out and am now using this with my Logitech MX-518(I'm old school so 8 buttons is enough) because of the noticeably rougher topography the texture makes that baby fly with total control. The larger size(than my alienware Func pad) means that I have more room to move to make those long sweeps from lower left to upper right windows. Works great in Wow, SWTOR and other MMOs that I play regularly.
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on September 1, 2017
This is for the MM300.

Its just a mouse pad, right? Let me tell you, its one heck of a mouse pad.
Immediately upon opening the package, I can tell the quality. When I compare this to the Qck that I returned, this one far exceeded my expectations.

- The edges are stitched. That right there is great quality. Done of course to avoid fraying.
- The back is coated with a heavy rubber compound that grips very tight to the underlying surface.
- The top is *** silky smoothly *** like butter. Gliding my Zowie Z13 and Scimitar Pro across it so much easier. The feedback it gives me with my hand going across the surface feels great.
- The size is perfect. You can fit your Corsair Strafe RGB or K55 on this and have enough room for 400DPI hand movement. What's left is enough space to fit another keyboard.
- The quality is so good that even though this comes packaged rolled up, when you unroll it out of the box, it lays flat. That should tell you the weight and quality of materials used in this mouse pad.

This is by far the best mouse pad I've owned. Better yet, at the $15 after discount, definitely well worth the price. Highly recommended.
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on July 8, 2017
I've found my perfect mousepad. Thank you, Corsair.

—Has plenty of real estate for my mouse to roam free, but isn't one of those bathmat-sized monsters that all the cool kids have nowadays. Note to said cool kids: You WILL have to lift your mouse at some point anyway, if only to get your hand back from its new location 26 inches away from the computer. You may as well cut out the middleman and do it now rather than later.
—Surface is slick enough to let me speed my way through the most demanding FPS games, yet just the slightest bit grabby enough to give me the perfect degree of control.
—Not too thick, not too thin, not too heavy, not too light.
—Absolutely does not slip or move around on my desk top. Also does not blanket my desk top completely, with enough billowing cascades of material left over to make a car cover out of.
—Quality appearance, looks and feels well-made and durable, and goes very nicely with my Corsair gaming mouse.
—Lacks flashing LEDs, cables, epic skater graphics, or an icemaker. It's a gaming mousepad, a very good one as a matter of fact, and it doesn't try to be anything else.
—It just feels and looks right, all the way around. It's hard to describe, but you know it when you experience it.

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on July 22, 2017
So, most people would say it's a mouse pad it does its job right? It is stitched to prevent fraying, even better right? Well not my experience sadly... It began to fray within the first few weeks, and on top of the stitching fraying the bottom surface has no grip so it slides a lot and I am constantly moving it back into the proper position since I have a drop down keyboard on my desk and it does need to be perfect cause I like it that way. But it dosn/t end there unfortunately. There is a dead spot for this mousepad with my Logitched g502 proteous there is slightly center to the left I would say roughly 3 inches in from the left side and 2 1/2 inches from the top where the laser won't read (maybe the design or something) but it is always in the same spot and its extremely annoying as I run 3 2560x1440 monitors with a 4800 dpi so as most people do keeping the mouse in the center part of the pad this gets very annoying when gaming or just moving from one monitor to the next where my mouse just stops responding and being so adjusted to knowing the precise movements needed to get my mouse to where I need it and then having to lift my mouse and readjust it if I'm panning to hard to the left.

What sucks is I really wanted the extended version of this mousepad but the its too big for my drop down keyboard area but I guess I'll have to go back to my old corsair mousepaid which is actually warped and has a lot of fading on it even though that pad is only like 2 years old itself... so I don't seem to be having very good luck with corsair mousepads (even though I actually used the m65 for the old pad so I guess maybe corsair mousepad + any mouse really doesn't work)
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