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on May 2, 2016
Update: I have three Microseven cameras. Two 1080i cameras and one 960P (the "old" one). I messed up when ugrading the FW and installed the same version to all three cameras - which killed the 960P. They warn you quite fairly to not mix FW versions, but I had forgotten the third, older camera was different. Customer support? Truly five star. Jim worked with me on the phone for quite some time to get the camera back up and running - as I was figuring I'd have to do an RMA. Very appreciated.

I've gone back and forth between four and five stars. Five stars would be because there are so many bad cameras out there and this one at least works pretty well. Four is because there are a few glitches that take a star away: The wireless seems to be a bit weak. Even with a NetGear Extender (AC750) and Router (Nighthawk AC1900), the cameras cutout on occasion. I still haven't figured out if it's the camera or just my network. Then, the setup routine for getting the wireless going is a bit less than optimal. At least they don't send a CD along with the camera as some other vendors do. Can y'all figure it out: No one has a CD player any more! Microseven also at least has a website where you can get the setup program. Surprisingly, some camera vendors don't even have that. Be sure to check if the camera you do buy does have a website. It could be a fatal assumption otherwise (some of y battle scars are starting to show up).

Currently I have three of these cameras.Two 2MP and one 1MP. The 1MP is good, but I do wish I had gone with the 2MP (1080P) even on that camera.

The night vision is actually pretty good. Here is a video of one of my cameras that I put together delightfully entitled "Otter Wars 2016".

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on January 21, 2017
I've owned more than 15 wireless IP cameras ranging from cheap to several hundred dollars going back to the early 2000's. I got this camera over a month ago. The video quality is fantastic and stands out from the other cameras I use, some of which cost more and boast similar specs. The wireless network reliability seems top notch. The IR light and night vision are also much better than the rest. The ability to manually set zoom from ultra wide angle to zoomed in on one spot makes this camera more versatile than most. The focus dial is a bit testy but this is not something you should need to adjust once you finish setting up. I'm about to order another one of these models and two B37s to upgrade older cameras that were never very good or reliable.

The first thing that I noticed with this camera is it a heftier than most. Heavy and hard metal. If you're uncle Earl were going to build a camera in the garage from scrap metal, it might come out looking like this hefty device. It's neither negative or positive feedback. Rather this camera is physically not like the many smaller, lighter, plastic big brand or 3rd party no name cameras that are popular today. That can be good or bad depending on where you need to mount it.

I don't use any of the software Microseven offers. I simply connect to network, find the IP address, and then have it stream and record on a Blue Iris DVR-like setup I have which instantly uploads motion triggered recordings to Google Cloud Storage and triggers emails in with a few snapshots to a Gmail label.

The bottom line with this camera is top quality video and a lot of features for the price. A really good deal. And I'm usually a pretty critical reviewer.
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on March 15, 2018
I absolutely love this camera! I'm dedicated to using Microseven because they have the best customer service of any technology company I've ever experienced. I've read some other reviews and people complain about their service and I just don't understand how this is even possible! Clearly these complainers have never bothered to reach out to Microseven! Not only do they have an email for support AND a phone number on their website, they have a button for QUICK SUPPORT, which I've been using for the past 10 years - anytime anything comes up - I hit the QUICK SUPPORT button and email them the Team Viewer password and they will login to my computer and fix any issue for me! The only issues I've ever encountered are with the fact that I have a 10 year old camera on the same network as my brand new cameras and the old camera needs to be configured on my router for dyndns. When my router dies, or comcast decides to change our routers, the new router needed to be reconfigured again for the 10 year old camera to stream remotely, but Microseven configured it for me for free, no questions asked! I know several other friends that purchase their cameras that also use this service so there isn't any way anyone can legitimately say they don't have excellent customer service if they actually reached out to them! With regard to this brand new camera, the 1080 Sony CMOS 3MP Wide Angle, it is by far the best camera I've ever used. It is so incredibly easily to set up! You don't even need any software on a computer if you don't want! I sent one to my sister so I can watch her view of the beach while I'm sitting at home in the snow storm :( She simply plugged it in- downloaded the app from Apple to her phone make sure you are signed into the wireless network that the camera is on and hit "search." The app will find the camera and then you just name the camera and "Whala!" You're done! If you want to share your cam with others, you just give the cam id and pin and they install the app or you can stream on the Microseven Website and give them the link. If you have multiple cameras like me, you can install the software on your computer -- it is just as easy -- you hit "search", the new camera will pop up, you hit "add" then name it and "Whala!" This camera is awesome because the microphone and speaker are so cool, you can remotely talk to whomever is on the other end! The image is crystal clear and the sound is even better! The icing on the cake is that they have a Microseven app that works with Alexa so you can just say to Alexa, "Stream the font door cam" and she will pull up your camera. I couldn't love this company any more! I have a friend that pays a fortune for Xfinity home monitoring and every time I go to her house her cameras are out - they are never working and even on the odd chance that they are, there is no intercom or speaker on them, they don't record or stream, they don't have a phone app, no Alexa and there is a monthly monitoring fee! We get all of this for a fraction of the price!!!! It is almost too good to be true!
review image
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on February 9, 2016
I am a verified purchaser of two Microseven M7BB77 cameras. I did not get a discount or free merchandise to evaluate this product. Personally, I take the reviews of those who get freebies with a grain of salt thinking that the sense of obligation might color the review even if it is unintentional. I also have another camera (other brand camera) which I will refer to from time to time in order to make comparisons, The price is the same and it is also 1080P so we are not comparing apples with oranges. Now to the Microseven camera. The construction of the shell is sturdy plastic. CORRECTION: The Microseven camera is made of metal. My error. I am not deleting my mistake because this is a genuine review and mistakes can occur but should be corrected to be fair. The other brand camera is made of aluminum. While that might seem like a minus for the Microseven, in reality camera are mounted high and generally left alone. In my opinion the advantages of aluminum over plastic are insignificant. Should the branch of a tree hit either during a storm, both would be damaged. The color daylight images of the Microseven cameras are sharp, contrasty and crisp. The night time images are clear and better than expected. Those images at night are black and white. The other brand camera offers clear daytime images as well but suffers somewhat in terms of night vision due to less clarity and there is a strange solarized portion as well as a green tint which comes and goes. This could be the fault of my Samsung Droid cell phone, camera software or the camera itself. I don't really know.
In terms of support, Microseven support is based in LA, California. You can call 7 days a week and speak with a technician who will take control of your computer to set up your camera if you need assistance (which I did). Jim of Microseven assisted me on a Saturday at 3PM and he was very patient and helpful. I called a second time (think it was Sunday) to ask a quick question and got through immediately and received the answer I needed. The other brand camera offers prompt, polite and helpful e mail support but no phone support.
In terms of software, Microseven software is intuitive and reliable. The incredible thing is that if there is communication failure initially the software keeps trying to connect until successful. 99% of the time the connection is established initially. The other brand camera has different software which gives up when communication between the camera and the router is lost. I have to shut down the program and restart it and then in most cases I am successful. But this is inconvenient.
Both the Microseven and the other brand camera are about the same distance from my Netgear X6 AC3000 router. This is a powerful and costly router, Although my house appears to be just a typical vinyl siding clad residence, I must point out that there is wire lath and phony brick veneer made of cement under the vinyl siding. I have no doubt that this is creating connection issues, However, the Microseven camera seems to handle the connectivity issue better than he other brand.
What would I suggest to improve the Microseven camera? First, I would incorporate a digital zoom with the software which I was told by one Microseven technician is being considered. Second I would replace the chrome or zinc plated mounting screws with stainless steel screws. As far as the other brand camera goes, both suggestions would also apply.
Not long ago we had a major snow storm on the East coast and both brands of cameras continued to perform well so I would say both are weather proof as advertised. Both are made to use micro sd cards to record mages. I have the other brand set to give me cell phone alerts and there seems to be false alerts being generated. I have not yet set up the Microseven camera for e mail alerts.
Both brands of cameras are functional. However, I prefer the Microseven camera to the other brand. I might even purchase a third one day. I also have a top of the line Swaan hard wired surveillance system. Hardwiring is a good way to go to avoid connectivity issues but the amount of effort needed to run concealed wires is incredible and if that is your preference you may wish to hire a professional installer. Microseven makes that unnecessary.
I have had my Microseven cameras for about a month. It is not possible to say with certainty how long they will continue to work to my satisfaction. But as of now I must say I am impressed.
Update Februrary14, 2016
The temperature is a brutal 4 degrees F and my two Microseven are working flawlessly. The other brand camera is showing a green screen (no image) when I click on the app. I am hoping that this camera recovers tomorrow when the temperature improves. If not, I will purchase a third Microseven.

Update: October 4, 2016
My enthusiasm for these cameras was short lived. Both needed to be replaced under warranty. The cost to return the defective ones was about $25 which included insurance for full value. The new ones as well as a third camera I purchased worked fine for a few months but now they are either not connecting or taking way to long to connect. I contacted tech support but my issue has not been resolved. When they work they work well but they are far too unreliable for me to recommend them. My advice is to stick with hard wired cameras even though the installation is time consuming. I am disappointed to say the least. I have downgraded my five star rating to two stars.

Update: November 5, 2016
Unfortunately another camera needed replacement. The good news is that Jim of Microseven was able to get the remaining two camera running and provided a prepaid one day shipping label for return of the non working camera. The official policy as was explained to me is that after three months the customer pays return shipping but as a courtesy this was waived. I think the average person will need assistance in initial setup but fortunately phone support is readily available. When not answered immediately you can expect a return call within 30 minutes which is quite good. I have upgraded my rating to 4 stars based upon the quality of the image, ease of obtaining tech support and the willingness of Microseven to honor the warranty. I still believe that hard wired cameras are more reliable but hard wiring is not always practical. I deducted one star because of the need to replace three cameras. I treat these camera with care as I would treat any delicate electronic device. However, it is likely that weather conditions over which I have no control are to blame. My final conclusion baring some unforeseen malfunction of another camera in the near future is as follows: if you must have a wifi camera this model is as good or better than the competition. Coupled with US based tech support I could see myself buying another.

Update: January 28
I decided to purchase a 4th camera based upon performance, build and technical support. In terms of value this camera is an excellent buy.
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on June 20, 2018
Has software built right into the camera..forget at first if u dont need the microseven software for your computer...log into your router. And find the camera ip address...2 camera I have...

just open a browser...on computer or cell phone..mines snd 192.168.0 19.....router assigned..

I had to use the included cat5 cable to hook to the router to go in and enable the wireless mode....after that..just as clear using cat5 cable or Wi-Fi...bit rate is 2048 by default...I cut it to 1024...and quality looks the same.

Night by default..pic...kets u set up detection cat quit setting it off at night..will send email...and alerts...easy to set up with built in browser software...I put a 256gb...micro sd card. ..browser software lets u connect to sd card...I doenlosded the microseven software from parent site...u need it to use it to connect to its service...then u have to get it to connect to Alexa is u want Alexa voice control..then sending it to a roku d
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 17, 2016
Best Wireless Camera I have seen. Ordered several models and found the Microsevens features, ease of setup, and picture quality, surpass the others in this price range. For under 200 bucks, you get a complete HD wireless unit that has many great extras as the detailed 4 area triggers to set up motion alerts, and any of these 4 set areas can be sized to fill your particular area. This is better than the full screen trigger with super a imposed grid to block out, this is much more precise and accurate way to set motion alerts, then select 2 snapshots to send to your email. What I did was create another gmail address and used that address to use on the motion alerts then I set this new gmail as a VIP alert on my iphone, this enables you to set a special tone when incoming alerts come from the camera, thus allowing you to know right away to check your camera and email because an alert came in to your VIP address. The company did not even mention this one, I discovered the idea. The audio quality is also good, you can hear a whisper ! The mic gain can also be set under camera settings. This is a Gem, feel free to ask me any questions.
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on April 10, 2016
Update as of March 2017: I currently have three of these cameras in operation, set up in March 2016.

Setup was fairly straightforward (with exceptions noted below); it helps if you have experience setting up IP cameras, otherwise plan to be in communication with tech support as the pamphlet supplied with the camera does little more than get you started and will not guide you to handle camera settings.

Pros: Good camera resolution, compact design, good user interface (including setting motion detection and e-mail alerts) once you learn to find your way around. More than adequate field of view.

Cons: Unable to use M7 software to monitor all three cameras at once via split-screen (software does not permit cameras to load). Port forwarding does not work properly to enable me to set up URLs so that I can view and control cameras from any outside computer. Tech support was initially quick in giving me advice on this (which did not work), but a followup query was ignored. After some fiddling around I was able to get access to camera controls remotely, but not to the live camera image. Microseven offers access to live streaming of your cameras on its site, but their software appears glitchy and they apparently have "updated" it at least a couple of times since I added the cameras to their site; this results in your cameras going offline and you have to power them off and back on again to restore live streaming. Obviously, this is not an acceptable solution if you're away from home and need to see what's going on. It is less than helpful to be told that there are many ways to do port forwarding for this camera, without instructions on a specific method that works. Microseven had a limited (and now obsolete) set of instructions for port forwarding online. It would be nice if they updated it instead of expecting customers to rely on their unreliable live streaming service.
Image quality is not quite as good as that of at least one camera costing considerably less.
Support, while generally good, suffers from the English-is-not-my-first-language phenomenon.
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on April 26, 2016
Very impressed with the quality of the camera as well as the customer service. I've read that both were great in the other reviews and that was why I purchased this. I use it on my cell phone to monitor the front of my home and I can always check it to see if there are any kids causing trouble when they are getting off school. The mic on the camera is also great quality as well. I do also have it set on auto record when motion enters the selected corner of the field of vision. Great camera and i plan to get more to monitor some other areas.

I used a wireless bridge and i think i may be getting a better transfer rate by doing so.
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on October 17, 2016
Bugs, head lights will trigger the motion sensor. Even if you reduce the sensitivity all the way down.
Head lights, even outside of chosen range make it go off.
IR light, lights up one small circle in the middle really good and the rest of the picture is in dark, unless you provide your own light.
Hardware is made cheap and it is machined to where it is lose, even if you tie down the screws all the way. (It may be mine only)As a result, after the installation is done and everything is set, you can move the camera back and forth, and it presents itself by about 1/8" or a 1/4" at the tip of the camera. That really doesn't cause a problem as the weight of the camera keeps it from moving, until you are about to adjust it to a fine line where it does not cover neighbor property and it does yours. The screws feel like they will break if you tie them any further. ( says a person who installs stuff like this all day long for living)
The rest functions fairly Okay.
Oh, one good thing is, the microphone picks up sounds, good.
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on November 12, 2017
The camera housing appears to be well constructed and picture quality is good, but the software needs work. When used in motion detect mode the camera only records for 15 seconds before starting another file. So if you are using text or email notifications be prepared for allot of notifications. There is no way to limit these notifications based on frequency. My old Logitech camera allowed me to instruct it not to send additional notifications for a set number of minutes. I have also noticed that the after recording for 15 seconds the camera does not always continue to record even when there is motion. For example, I have a recording of a delivery truck approaching my garage and I have a video of the truck leaving, but there was no recording of the individual who actually exited the vehicle, walked to my door and then returned to the truck.
After installing the camera I also discovered that installation of the insecure Adobe Flash was required in order to use the camera's web server. If I had known this prior to installing the camera I would have returned it.
Tech support was prompt when I submitted questions, but the language barrier made the communication process frustrating and I finally gave up after repeated attempts to get a simple question answered.
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