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on December 5, 2016
Just purchased (at full retail, not one of those "discounted to give my review" units that seem ubiquitous on Amazon these days) and used it for the first time last night to make steaks. Very simple to use (and I used quart size Ziploc bags, no need for vacuum sealer), temperature control was consistent within 1 degree, and steaks were an even medium from edge to edge. After a quick sear on a cast iron pan, dinner was served and my wife said it was the best steak she had ever had. Very happy with the results, got that fancy steak-house flavor without the hefty price tag. Also tried fish, which turned out nicely as well. I'd estimate the unit can handle enough food for up to 6-8 people. I cooked 2.5 lbs of steak for our family of 5, and only used half the unit.

I like that this unit is all-inclusive (insulated container, rack, lid) vs. the clip-on type immersion circulators that go for the same price (or more). It is attractively built, perhaps a bit generic looking black plastic and stainless steel, and roughly the size of a bread maker.

The 5-star rating means it functions as claimed, is simple to use, and is a good value in terms of build quality, attractiveness, and functionality for the price point (<$150) compared to other options. There's nothing about it I found to be disappointing or surprising.

All sous-vide cooking devices do is control temperature in a water bath, so unless you want something bigger, of a different style or more luxurious build quality, etc. you won't get appreciably different results with more expensive options than you do with this unit - they all keep water at specified temperatures, that's it. So might as well save some money with this unit, was my reasoning (and use the savings to buy some prime beef).

The only thing I can't rate this on is longevity, so I'll update my review if anything goes wrong over time.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Gourmia GSV900, and highly recommend it for anyone interested in trying out sous vide.
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on January 9, 2016
I am a kitchen gadget nut and try just about everything that truly looks like a new way to cook. I have been researching the Sous Vide machines for a while now looking for the right machine and price point to take the plunge. I originally was going to buy an immersion style unit, but then I came across the larger $149.00 Gourmia self contained model on Amazon. I like the idea of it being a complete unit with a lid so I put it in my cart and had every intent of purchasing it with the Amazon gift cards I always get for the Holidays. When I was finally ready to purchase The larger unit was out of stock, that is when I stumbled upon the smaller $99.00 GSV550 9 qt. model. There were not many reviews but most were positive so I gave it a try.

The unit itself came well packaged and doubled boxed. I was surprised that the packaging and unit itself looks like a very high end machine. It has the size, shape and look of a expensive crock pot. It is however much lighter then I expected. After unboxing the unit I plugged it in and filled it with tap water. The controls are very straight forward and self explanatory, you set the desired temp and time then start the unit. Once on, the display shows the current water temp. A nice feature is the count down timer does not begin until you manually start it. This allows you to bring the unit up to temp, put in your food,and then start the countdown timer. It took 40 minutes to bring the water from a chilly 60 degrees to the 140 degree set temp. Using warm tap water would certainly speed up the process but plan accordingly. I knew this unit does not a use a pump to circulate the water but, when it first heated it up, the top 1/8" of the water was over 155 degrees I was alarmed that this would be a problem as Sous Vide requires precise temperature. I went ahead and put in my vacuum bagged chicken breast which helped to mix the water. I checked the temp with my Thermapen again and it was 138 degrees throughout the water bath. I then I checked the temp with my Thermapen every 30 minutes during cooking and it read a 139.5 to 140.0 throughout the water bath. I believe my initial concerns were unfounded and the hot water on top was a result of the prolonged heating to bring the water up to cooking temp and was not a problem with the occasional cycling of the heat during the cooking process. I would rate it Excellent for accuracy. The glass lid was great for keeping the water from evaporating, but because of the constant moisture the cooking process is not really visible without opening the lid. I feel this is a solid machine at a price point can not be beat. My only concern after using it a few times now is the size. It is great for two or 3 individually portioned servings but a large cut of meat, or cooking for a large family would be a an issue. I will try the larger Gourmia unit with a pump for comparison when it becomes available.
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I'm discovering so many things I can do with Sous Vide with the "The Everything Guide To Cooking Sous Vide: Step-by-Step Instructions for Vacuum-Sealed Cooking at Home (Everything: Cooking)" book and this Sous Vide machine is dummie proof. Even when I "overcooked' the meat for too long, it was still so tender, I almost cried. Love this machine. Very clear directions.
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on December 10, 2016
So I've been using it almost daily, or at least a majority of the days in a week and it has worked wonderfully. I'm still trying to get the temp and times down for what I make it in, but the food always comes out great from it. This was actually my 2nd one of these as the first one the pump died after only the 3rd use so I had it exchanged, but this one is going strong and without issues. I'm thinking of spreading out from just making meats and poultry in it to veggie and other stuff.

I think the only part I don't like about it is when you start it up, the timer already begins count down immediately instead of starting count down when the water gets up to temperature. So what I've started doing is just starting the gourmia with just water in it, wait till it gets up to temp, then I just restart the device so that the timer starts over again and I place my food in it at that time.

As for sound, you can hear a slight hum from it since it does have a pump that circulates water, but to me, it's barely audible. for those that are complaining about it being very noisy, it's probably because they got air bubbles trapped in the water pump. There are instructions on how to best fill water in it to prevent air bubbles and instructions on how to get air bubbles out of the water pump as well. I fill it up exactly as it says too and I have yet to have an issue with air bubbles (knock on wood).

One thing I'll admit, it's a bit larger than I expected, but that's just my fault for not taking into account the water capacity of it (or checking out its dimensions).

It's been working great though and I am very pleased about my purchase, I only wish I bought it a lot sooner :)
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on May 3, 2016
Easy to clean, maintains temp as indicated. I use this at least once a week. It has replaced the crock pot and you can set it and forget about it till dinner. Steak and fish come out perfect.
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on February 13, 2017
I really like this little cooker. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and the learning curve for how to use the machine wasn't steep at all. The only complaint I have is that the quick start instructions didn't state that when pressing both the temp and time buttons that you had to keep pressing them until they cycled through. My first meal only cooked in 80+ degree water for an hour or so. I managed to figure it out after a few moments of playing with the sous vide, but it would have been nice to know it up front.

The oven is quiet - it makes a little noise at start up and then goes into a nearly silent running, which is nice. The LCD displays are clear and easy to read. In general, I am pretty pleased with my purchase. If I needed to, I would buy it again and would recommend it to any friend looking to purchase a sous vide.

Gourmia - if you're paying attention - these are some features that might be nice to add to the next version
- Clock (not because one is needed, but it would help with the rest of the features listed below)
- Delay start
- the ability to start the timer AFTER the water has heated up - not while it's heating up.
- The ability to cook without a timer attached to it
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on March 1, 2017
After a long [mostly internal] debate about whether to go with a water oven such as this or a circulating Sous Vide cooker, I went with this unit... and I couldn't be happier.
--This machine heats water fairly quickly. As I am doing other prep work, I generally fill and plug it in. In just a few minutes I hear the beep telling me the water has reached the desired cooking temperature.
--I've cooked entrees (Steaks) for 4 in this... and there's plenty of room to cook a smal roast, or larger cuts of game... up to and including a large whole turkety breast.
--This cooker has produced STARTLINGLY EXCELLENT results. I avoided trying to cook filet mignon at home because I invariably overcooked it trying to get the inside to the proper temperature and I didn't find it flavorful once I did this. FAST FORWARD to my Sous Vide experience with this machine, and I was able to effortlessly turn out 4 filet mignons that my dinner guests described as either "The best filet ever" or "the best steak ever"! That's encouraging.
-The cooker maintains temperature to within 1 degree of your set temperature. After some research, I always set my cooking temperature to 1 degree above what is recommended.
- After use the cooker is easy to clean --> dump the water in the sink, and wipe the inside and outside clean and dry.
-The only downside to this cooker is that it does require a bit of storage and counter space.

I used my cooker with an entry level vacuum sealer. Now that I have been converted to a full-on Sous VIde fanatic, I'm going to upgrade to a better vacuum sealer, but this cooker does a great job for me, and I couldn't be happier!
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on March 3, 2017
Very nice product BUT it will not operate above 179 F even though the above response claims it will heat to 212 F.
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on March 1, 2017
Nothing to add to how great this unit is, or the benefits of cooking sous vide, but a comment about Gourmia customer service. we got our unit in November and loved it -- until the circulating motor died a few weeks ago. I emailed Gourmia and had a response within a day. They wanted proof of purchase and asked me to cut the electrical cord so they knew I wasn't scamming for a free second one. I replied immediately with a picture of the cut cord and they shipped a new one the next day!

We also have their GM 100 Marinator Marin-Aid Express and it works like a charm. When vacuum sealing marinated food for sous vide, I like to partly freeze the bag and contents so the liquid doesn't get sucked out...
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on February 4, 2017
Excellent product, exactly as represented, nice quality, I've been doing tougher cuts of wild moose, elk and some venison and it has met all my expectations, now I just need to get more accurate on my cooking times and seasoning
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