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on March 1, 2017
Fun flik with good production values. There's just something about dinosaurs eating people after I've had a frustrating day that just makes me feel better! Watched it with someone who argued it was "too predictable" but this far into the franchise I don't think any of us are watching it cause we're expecting big plot twists. We want to see some realistic looking dinosaurs eating people!!! And that's what we get here!!! Plus some added really nice eye candy in the form of the male lead. Very nice. Hot guy, dinosaurs eating people, guy is smart and sexy, dinosaurs are eating people, guy is brave and courageous, dinosaurs are eating people... yup, great movie!!!
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Bought to go with my Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy... No doubt next year that will come out with a 4 pack! In any case, I know that "world" got panned in reviews, but I really liked it. The some of the special effects were awesome - my fav the clear balls you ride around in, in the park. Wished I were in it. Until the bad dinosaur got loose of course... It's worth owning if you own the others.. I happen to be a brice howard fan and she was very funny in this movie. Just my humble opinion... but then I am not a movie reviewer, just a movie watcher. I would say that these movies are good for 8-10 years old and older... there is quite a lot of scary violence... a few words...but no sex or nudity. Too busy trying to survive the escaped dinosaurs to think about a roll in the hay. :)
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on October 24, 2015
Jurassic World Universal Pictures 2015 PG-13 Blu-Ray special edition

This is one of the “blockbuster” films for 2015. My review is written for those who have NOT watched it and are still undecided whether or not they will. As one of the “special features” commented, this was a sequel for a new generation, who may or may not have watched the first 3 in the series. In keeping with that, and considering that the original actors are 20 years older, this series unlike the Star Wars sequel uses an almost all-new cast for the story.
The setting however is very much like the first movie. Story-wise it’s on the same (hypothetical) island somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica. In fact at one point you get a glimpse of the now jungle-overgrown rooms where the first park was located.
Despite the tendency of life not to follow externally-imposed rules, which doesn’t end up so good when it involves the world’s largest carnivores and human beings as their hors de ouvres, the lure of continuing and expanding genetic recreation work (for profit) was irresistible and now we have a NEW! BIGGER! BETTER! Live dinosaur theme park—kind of like Disneyland with triceratops, stegosaurs, T Rex and, let’s not forget, our new, largest-ever carnivore, dubbed Indominus Rex.
Call me jaded, but I just didn’t see truly memorable moments in this film like there were in the first (or even in the second): the dinosaur close behind in the rear view mirror which helpfully observes that “images may be closer than they appear”; the ominous shaking of the ground and droplets shaken off leaves as an unseen T Rex approaches; the truly scary scenes with a pack of velociraptors on the hunt (although yes, we do again have velociraptors on the hunt, as well as ground shaking, droplets dropping, jeeps driving in reverse—sadly it’s TOO MUCH like the original to be really groundbreaking: in other words, the studio played it safe as they usually do with mega-million dollar sequels). And I miss the original cast too: the enthusiastic but misguided Hamilton who ran the first theme park; Jeff Goldblum as the chaos theorist; even Laura Dern and Sam Neill as the archaeologist couple.
I duly noted the controversy over the somewhat anti-feminist images in this movie: the heroine seemingly running through the jungle for much of the movie still dressed in high heels; the rascally, smelly, muscular alpha male rescuing her and sweeping her off her feet, (a contemporary, scruffy knight in shining armor) and all of that. And I didn’t really care. In some ways I felt it satirized the tendency of our society to still work much like it did in the early 20th century, despite our protestations to the contrary. Anyhow I became too engrossed in the overall action to even notice whether or not she still had her high heels on after the heroine finally (literally) rolls up her sleeves and gets serious.

Notice what I just said. Despite all my comments about the shortcomings of this film I still became engrossed in the action. Whether the story is derivative or not, this film tells it with unrestrained enthusiasm and somehow manages to fairly well-balance sheer survival, good guys vs. bad guys, a romance story, and the heartwarming “kids reconnecting with each other and their parents” theme used in somewhere around 50% of PG-13 films. Speaking of which let;s speak about that rating too. This continues what I feel is a misguided ratings policy in which people being eaten alive, blood spattering into the camera and bullets flying is PG-13 material, but don’t dare show too much of the human body in a tender setting, or it has to be labeled R. Seriously?
Bottom line: it’s probably impossible to re-tell a Jurassic World story and make it top the original. But translating the story for a younger generation, the film did a decent job. In part they had good luck as they cast Chris Pratt in the lead male role before he became famous in Guardians of the Galaxy. As for the lead female, Bryce Dallas Howard…well she’s no Merryl Streep or Cate Blanchett. Or maybe I’m just suspicious of any female with “Dallas” in her name...I give this a B. PS-there are naturally multiple flavors of this film in disc form. Mine came with a circular metallic case with the blue-and-silver Jurassic World logo stamped on the top cover. Inside were the Blu-Ray and DVD versions, plain and simple. No "digital" version, No separate chock-a-block special features disc, and I didn't get the 3-D version. 2-D seemed plenty real enough for me.
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on July 13, 2018
I really liked this movie. None of them will ever be as good as the first one, though. Still, this was a solid movie that pays a lot of homage to the original. There are lots of easter eggs for fans of the original movie. There is plenty of action and it does a good job of entertaining old fans and bringing new fans up to speed on the dangers of creating a dinosaur theme park.

I really didn't know how I felt about the new direction of the plot at first, but I'm made my peace with it. Basically, it centers around the old idea that humans will exploit something that should be wondrous and special for personal and financial gain. Also, the old adage about when anything new is created the first thing some people ask is how can it be used for war.

After watching the second movie in the new arc, I've come to like it a little better. Also, since I heard what they're planning for the series. They're opening the world and trying to get away from just retelling the same story with new characters. While I loved the original and want to see more of it, and I'm sure many of you do too, I also understand that we'd eventually get tired of it and we'd be comparing it to the originals and they wouldn't hold up.

What I am really worried about is them leaving the island. My least favorite part of the entire franchise is in the second movie where they take a few dinos to LA. I loved the first part on the island where they're in the wild, but not when they're in the city. It just turned into godzilla at that point. So I hope they handle that aspect better, going forward. I see a few possibilities that i'd love to see explored.

This is a good movie, though, that I think new and old fans alike can enjoy.
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on December 24, 2017
Crazy ride, thrill a minute adventure. Great storyline. Lot's of gore. My husband loved that. Soldiers, helicopters, a few sexual innuendos and a few people disappearing every few minutes. Lot's of blood and velociraptors. Flying death birds. Each Jurassic movie, to me, had it's own charm. To me, this one with a few secret surprises, made the movie impossible to miss. It was like watching a horror movie though. I would NOT let children watch this movie at all. This is not a family movie. Not by my standards.I would never go on an island with these horrible creatures. Challenging enough to sit through another time. My husband wanted to watch it. He enjoyed it thoroughly. If you are a fan of the first three, I believe you will like this one. The ending is amazing. Enjoy!!! But beware...Very Graphic.
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on February 18, 2018
I've been wanting to see this movie for quite some time but before the rental price for it was way too high. I found it one movie night for a good rental price, finally, and decided we were watching it for our weekly movie night. This movie was great! Some movies that have a lot of sequels get a bit boring, but the Jurassic Park sequels have yet to get boring. Really great story line, and Blue was my favorite Raptor. She was awesome in the end. My kids loved this movie as well. Usually the fall asleep before the movie is over, but they were awake and excited all the way to the end.
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on May 23, 2016
This is a fair and interesting sequel to Jurassic Park. The premise is surprising, but logical. The acting is excellent, the script high quality, and the direction is right on. It is amazing to see how much special effects have changed and improved in twenty years. People like Steven Spielberg advanced the art with their first movies (think Jaws) and the industry has done it's best to push the envelope to beyond what was expected. If Jurassic World 2 is as good as this film, it will be well worth seeing. Jurassic Park was followed by The Lost World, a poor sequel at best. Jurassic Park III was only slightly better than The Lost World. Let's hope this new set of films will continue the initial high standard. The PG 13 rating is a good one. Young children would be frightened.
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on June 9, 2017
We simply adore Jurassic Park and dinosaurs as a whole. Needless to say, when Jurassic World came out, I was ecstatic. I remember leaving the movie theater with an enormous smile on my face, feeling giddy like I did when Jurassic Park 3 came to theaters. I purchased the 3d DVD for my Visio 3d TV and DVD player. It worked just fine without any glitches. The 3d elements on this movie are OK. I have seen more engaging 3d composition but this has definitely become a staple in our 3d collection. As far as the movie goes, I loved Jurassic World, the dinosaurs, and the characters.
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on November 3, 2015
Nowhere near Jurassic Park (original) but I can certainly have it up there with being better than Lost World (second film) and Jurassic Park III (third film, obviously). It was how you imagine Jurassic Park to be if it actually opened to the public. The CGI was on point, some of it was over done and looked too real (fake) and some of the genetic manipulations like putting a smaller T-Rex head on a Pteranodon body (to scale) was a bit over done. The movie is a fun nostaglia packed ride and I'm actually looking forward to the next Jurassic World if Hollywood decides to go down that road. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were a really good team playing off each other. Also getting to see Brian Tee (Fast and Furious' Johnny Tran) be ***SPOILER*** eaten by the Indominus-Rex felt good since he messed up that 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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on December 21, 2017
As someone who was obsessed with dinosaurs as a child, I have always loved the Jurassic Park franchise. The first will always be the best, but this film does a wonderful job of both paying homage to the original and giving us something modern. It continues to ask the questions that Crichton was concerned with - just because scientists can do something, should they? The second and third films were mediocre in my opinion, but this one really stepped back up. The acting is decent, the plot is fast paced, and the characters are likeable. It falls short only in a few small ways: a couple characters are needlessly killed off, the character development feels a tad rushed at times. But overall, if you enjoyed the original JP, this is a good modern follow up.
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