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on March 9, 2016
This is clearly a first iteration of what may someday be a good product. Right now, it's somewhat functional, but has some bugs. The main one is that, upon starting to use the headphones after a full charge, they run for about 3-5 minutes, then whatever you are listening to is completely interrupted -- not faded a bit, but cut out completely -- while a charming female voice says, "battery medium." First of all, after only a few minutes of use? This is not accurate -- the battery is good for about 2-3 hours (not very good battery life, IMO). Second, why completely interrupt the music/audiobook/whatever for this? I bought these specifically to use for playing drums along with music, so I now have to wait until I get past that 3-5 minute mark before I start practicing (it sucks when what you are playing along to just cuts out for a few seconds so someone can talk in your ear). I contacted the seller, and they suggested the usual (drain the battery completely, charge completely), and offered to replace them if I did not get a better result. When this proved to be the case, I contacted them and never received an answer. I suspect that this is a bug in the program and not a battery issue. To be fair, the sound is good, and they look great. The buttons are in an odd configuration that seems almost as if it is intended to confound someone operating it by touch alone -- angled buttons that look great -- but I don't see those when they are on my head, so unless I'm trying to impress someone, they should focus more on function than visual appeal. I will probably have to purchase something else when it comes to over-ear, bluetooth headphones. It's a shame that these didn't work out.

Second Update: While I thought the problem had been fixed with the new replacement phones, it turns out they are identical in every way, including the problem of the "battery medium" announcement minutes into each session. This is clearly a bug in the firmware that they are unable or unwilling to fix. Too bad, I think we are looking at a one-off product that will really not go anywhere.

Update: I made another attempt to reach customer service, and this time they responded immediately (they claimed to have not received my first communication). Upon hearing of the ongoing problem, they offered to replace the headphones. They provided a shipping label, but did not volunteer to send packaging. I returned the headphones and received a speedy replacement, which appears to be a properly functioning set of headphones. They still sound great, no annoying interruptions minutes after startup. Battery life is improved as well, although I have not put them through their paces on that count. I reluctantly give them 4 stars, due to the design flaws mentioned above.
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on July 6, 2017
Like most of the real and honest reviews I've read about the HIFI ELITE Super66 - Over-the-Ear, Wireless, Bluetooth Headsets, Microphone-feature, Noise-Isolating, Lightweight Headset Design headphones, the very first thing I would note is that they are far from noise-cancelling or noise-isolating. For roughly $50, I knew I was not getting a Dr Dre Beats or Bose quality noise cancelling product and I expected that. What I did not expect is poor quality construction. I purchased a pair in March and they have now cracked, exposing the wired connection to the actual headphone. I did not step on them or drop them. I am quite particular about my purchases. (I carried an iPhone 4s for almost seven years...never dropped it or scratched it) They were always stored back in the box after each use. Quite disappointed!
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on July 5, 2017
I wanted these to be a stellar experience with all the hype that surrounds these HiFi Elite Super66 headphones from ModernPortable, and for the most part, they are!

Audio Reproduction Quality: 4.5 / 5
The sound quality is clean and crisp. The rich bass compliments the audio track without overpowering it. I feel that the claims made by ModernPortable that their product is a direct competitor of Beats is substantiated by my comparison. I'd put it on par with a more premium brand. The tuning of the drivers creates a wonderful aural experience. Although it sounds really, really good, I would not put it next to top-shelf brands which feature superior acoustics and spacial imaging. That being said, this is probably the best set of headphones without dropping hundreds of dollars on Bose, Seinheiser, Klipsch, etc

Comfort: 4.5 / 5
Moving on, the padding around the ears and atop the head is really comfortable, completely deserving of a stellar rating in terms of wearability, weight, and comfort.

Appearance / Aesthetics: 4 / 5
I want to first express my disappointment for the aesthetics of this model in terms of what is presented on the manufacturer's website as an indication of what the consumer should expect to receive. I had hoped it would resemble precisely what is advertised in the image, with the silver-accented raised button icons and the brushed, textured finish that is depicted on both the silver (what appears to be brushed stainless steel), and black rear portions of the ear cups. I wish the (stainless steel?) metal banding was continued throughout, but was replaced with a plastic veneer in parts, and the black surface feels rubberized and lacks any kind of brushed texture as depicted in the product image. The silver accented icons is also missing. I am deducting 1 star for misrepresentation of aesthetics.

Initially, I did not like the fact that the power/answer button lacks any raised icon on the button, leaving the wearer to hunt for its location, however, this is a non-issue, as the wearer can still determine where the power/answer button is based on hunting for the top and bottom buttons (step forward/backwards).

Battery 5 / 5:
While I feel that the battery life is closer to the 8-hour mark (at least in my testing), it is within the advertised duration of 8-10 hours. I'd love to see this improved with future models either by upgrading to BT4.1 and/or increasing the battery capacity. In most scenarios, this is still plenty of battery life, so I cannot reasonably deduct any points here as it performs within specifications.

Note: The instructions mention charging the battery fully prior to first use. Although I followed these instructions, it later occurred to me that this unit is powered by a lithium polymer battery -- Lithium Ion-based batteries don't suffer from memory issues like Nickel Cadmium cells. This leads me to question if there are known issues pertaining to battery performance.

Interface / Getting Started / Ease of Use: 4 / 5
Hearing voices in your head? No, it's not you...well, probably not anyhow. When powering on/off, or when battery levels drop, a woman, of non-North America origin can be heard announcing that the phone is paired, or that the battery is high, medium, or low. It is my belief that the type of device being connected to should not be preset. Rarely am I connecting to my phone. A simple connect tone would suffice. Perhaps a firmware update will be released in the future to eliminate the voice prompts by what sounds like a middle-aged Asian woman where English is not her primary language. I also do not like having my music interrupted with the voice promots of "Battery (high|medium|low)". Again, a simple audible alert when the battery is low will suffice. Lastly, no quickstart guide or instructions are included in the box -- instead, consumers are directed to their website. What if the consumer has a device with no Internet access? I am deducting 1 star for these inconveniences.

Connectivity: 5 / 5
Aside from having to hunt down instructions via the manufacturer's website on how to begin pairing (addressed above), I had no issues with the Bluetooth connectivity. Range is going to vary with any wireless device as it depends on transmitter power and environmental conditions.

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on April 2, 2017
I love these headphones and I didn't use it that often because I didn't want them to worned out. I only use them on special ocasion but they're starting to fall apart now
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on April 9, 2017
More sound bleed than I'd like, and the "noise canceling" leaves a LOT to be desired. Battery doesn't last very long, and the charging cord isn't long enough to really listen while you charge, so that's annoying. Great sound quality but considering that I like to use headphones to study, they're not that practical – if I listened to music in the library, I'd get glares because of the sound bleed, and if I wanted white noise/silence, I'd still get distracted by people around me. These are probably good for the price but I'm saving up for a more expensive set. Disappointed.
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on January 25, 2018
The headphones had a very foul chemical smell. They sounded great but I couldn’t stand the smell
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on October 22, 2017
Have to update my review. They WERE great headphones for the first couple months, but now they smell. How do headphones develop a smell?!?!? The smell has gotten worse over the week. Kitty litter is what comes to mind, hard to say exactly what the smell is. My wife and I have tried a variety of things to get the smell out, but nothing has worked. Again, I ask, how do headphones even get a smell? Otherwise, the headphones were great. Disappointing...
Here is my initial review for the first two months I had them: Love these headphones! Great sound and very comfortable fit. They stay in place nicely while I'm doing things around the house, and in the yard.
Buttons are easy to find and set up nicely. And the bluetooth stays connected even when I'm not right by my phone (within reason.)
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on December 26, 2017
This is not a bad set of headphones--if you can get past the smell. Straight out of the box, this product stunk. This is saying something, as I am a chemist, and my olfactory senses are fairly deadened by years of working in the lab. I tried spraying it with Febreez. I tried airing it out. I thought that over time the smell would dissipate. It didn't. In fact, it seems to have gotten worse. I leave it in my office overnight, the smell of musty gym locker mixed with sweaty underarm and overripe jock strap is so overpowering, I'm embarrassed to have other people come in the room. (I mean, what kind of chemicals did they use to make these headphones? Am I going to get cancer from them?) So now the headphones are banished to the garage. But they can never come in my house again. Ever.
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on October 11, 2017
UPDATED 2017-12-08 - after 10 months of near daily use (M-F), these have broken at the exact same point as other users have depicted, just at the hinge on the cam. Given that I spent $50 on these, I understand that I am not getting Bose quality, but I expected more than 10 months out of these, given the poor quality & 90 day warranty, I am reducing from 4 stars to 1 star, buyer beware!

Been using these for a while now.
I have had 0 issues syncing the bluetooth with any device.
The fit is comfortable on my big head, and the ability to adjust is a nice touch.
Two annoying things:
1 - The damn voice telling me the battery level every so often with no way to turn this feature off
2 - The do get a little sweaty where it contacts your head - a fabric with a little more breathability would be nice
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on July 7, 2017
Easily the best wireless headphones I've ever worn. I use them in the field, all day at work, on the plane, in the gym, and they never get uncomfortable or slide off my head. The sound and build quality is fantastic. I'm a gamer as well and have spent several hundred dollars on gaming headsets that don't hold up even half as well with infrequent use as these have with constant use.

The battery life is pretty damn remarkable - I've left them in my bag for over a month between uses and they boot up, pair, and hold the charge they had when I powered them down with zero issue. The one thing I don't like is the built in mic but I prefer to use my $800 phone to answer calls anyway, so no problems for me there.

Do yourself a favor and try these before you drop a ton of money on flimsy plastic sets, uncomfortable ear buds, or overhyped/overpriced sets with lower sound quality.

UPDATE - February 2018
So its been two years since I bought this set and I've worn them almost daily, all around the world, in many different conditions. The battery life remains upwards of 8 hours of continuous use - most recently as I spent all day in Brussels exploring the city on foot. I wear them in light rain, heavy snow, and high winds and they keep my ears warm and whatever I'm listening to crisp and clear.

The robot lady does say "battery medium" right after turning them on sometimes but I've learned to ignore her - it means literally nothing. I generally assume they have at least 5 hours in them unless she says "battery low" in which case I have around an hour left.

People are correct in stating that the microphone isn't great but I didn't buy them as a phone set so I don't really care. I paid nearly $900 bucks for my phone, so I don't mind using it as a phone.

I still LOVE the ability of being able to plug these in to a 3.5mm jack when my battery is low or I'm using my computer. After two years, the leather on the cups hasn't frayed or split and they pretty much look brand new.

If they ever die, I'll buy another pair in a second.
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