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Dr. Brown's Original Nipple, Y-Cut (9m+), 6-Pack
Style: Y-Cut (9m+)|Size: 6-Pack|Change
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on November 6, 2016
These have made a huge difference for my daughter, who was in NICU for about a week as she would lose oxygen when she tried to feed. The problem only subsided when she was put on slow flow nipples. However, as she has grown and we've gotten into bigger bottles, it seemed she was struggling with even the Level 1 nipples of many brands. I ordered these and I could immediately tell she was more comfortable feeding with them, and less milk leaked from her mouth, she coughed and spit up less, and overall it just made her feeding time more relaxing for everyone. I use them in the Dr. Brown's bottles but also found that they fit the "Parent's Choice" bottles from Walmart. She is now 7 weeks old and we'll be using them indefinitely.

UPDATE: My daughter is now 16 weeks old (4 months) and we are still using these preemie nipples. I contemplated moving up to level 1, but she still seems comfortable and content with these, to the extent that I went ahead and ordered a fresh set.
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on April 9, 2015 I am a breastfeeding mamma but I also work full time so I knew my son would eventually have to take a bottle. I had registered for the Avent Naturals and the Dr. Brown's bottles and had gotten the Level 1 slow flow nipples like I was told. At about 3 weeks after breastfeeding was established, I started pumping and had my husband give my son a bottle to start getting him used to them. We started with the Avent and he did fine with them...but he finished the bottle so fast! He was done in less than 10 minutes but would nurse for a good 20 minutes on each side at a regular feeding. Even with the slowest fliw nipple the milk was dripping out of his mouth and he also spit up more. I researched bottles that were good for breastfed babies and found medela Calma and Breastflow. I ordered them and my son took both of them but he still would finish the bottle way too quickly. The whole issue with bottles in general for breastfed babies is that sometimes baby gets too used of the ease of getting milk with the bottle and doesn't want to go back to the breast. At the breast babies have to work for it. I didn't want to jeopardize our nursing relationship so I kept reading and found a few posts from moms who had recommended the preemie nipples from Dr. Brown's. I didn't even know they made preemie nipples. I thought..what the heck??! I got them in and it has made a huge difference. It takes my son a least 20 if not 30 minutes to finish a 3.5 - 4 ounce bottle. He has to work for it just like at the breast. And because he's not drowning in milk he doesn't drip or spit up anymore. Dr. Brown's really should market these for breastfed babies. I've told several friends who breastfeed about these and all have switched!!
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on September 11, 2016
I ordered these based on the product photo, which matches the skinnier nipple used with the natural flow bottles, but that's not what I received. I've attached a photo of product photo on left and actual nipple on right.
review image
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on April 25, 2018
These have been a lifesaver!! Our little one was born about a month early and had issues keeping up with flow, either directly from the breast or pumped milk in a bottle. We tried countless brands of “slow flow” and specialty bottles, and he would still gag, choke, gurgle, cough, etc. He always swallowed a bunch of air while he was gasping, trying to keep up. This led to an upset tummy and a very fussy baby.

These are the only truly slow-flow nipples I’ve found. (Before this we thought regular Preemie nipples from Dr. Brown’s were our best bet, then I realized they made Ultra Preemie. There’s a huge difference, in my opinion! I would skip the regular Preemie and go straight to these, if you’re needing something slow.) He handles bottles like a champ now, and he’s even taking some feedings straight from the breast now that he’s learned to pace himself a bit. I definitely believe these nipples helped, and he’s had zero issues switching from bottle to breast.

I absolutely would recommend buying these if you are having any troubles with feeding or need a slow-flow nipple. These have been amazing!
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on April 25, 2017
Since we are first time parents we absolutely have no clue about baby products , so we bought philips avent, playtex bottles on others recommendations.but unfortunately they didnt work for our baby and he had colic.its such a hard time for us to see our baby suffer . So one day after some research we came across these, Then one day we saw these at Target and we bought few bottles and ordered some nipples as well from Amazon . Its the best thing we have ever done . His colic is gone just like that . I know the cleaning of these bottles is bit complex than others but trust me these are the best for babies who have colic issues .
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on January 1, 2015
I have exclusively used Dr Browns for both kids. I ordered these as an add on item and when I received them they were in original packaging but looked slightly different than my other nipples (slightly wider and a little cloudy). I looked at the bottom and they were made in China. All of the other nipples I have say Germany. I have since ordered another set in preemie flow... They say Germany. I'm worried these level ones were a knock off and have tossed them out.
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on June 23, 2016
I have used Dr. Browns for my son since he was born- I love them and will use them again for my next child (well, we switched from Playtex early on). I have a little technique to stop the bottles from leaking- which they tend to do a lot if the milk goes up the center straw. But for some reason these new nipples a leaking ALL THE TIME. :o(

-connect blue straw and white rubber stopper. make sure its tight
-pull nipple through twist cap- tug on end of nipple to make sure it is fully through
-pour milk in
-insert blue straw and white rubber stopper
-HERES THE TRICK: before you twist on the cap and nipple, squeeze the bottle. Keep it squeezed until the nipple is just about to tighten fully on the bottle. Then relieve pressure on the bottle at the exact moment the nipple gets tight.
-check to make sure no milk is inside (or slowly rising up) the blue straw. The pressure prevents milk from going up the blue straw and causing a leak.
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on March 31, 2018
Although my baby was not a preemie, I realized he was gulping down his formula from the regular size 1 newborn nipples that came with the bottle. Unfortunately, my baby suffers from reflux and frequently spits up, chokes, coughs...and the quick flow of the size 1 nipples weren't helping.

Switched over to the preemie nipples based on online advice, and it works like a charm. Baby now as to "work for it" and takes a good 15-20 minutes for him to finish a 90ml bottle, whereas before, it only took 5 minutes max. The longer feeding time helps my baby digest the formula.

Additional tip is to feed the baby at an upright position (almost sitting) and make sure you burp the little one (even if it takes a while!).
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on April 28, 2018
These are definitely faster then the level 2 nipples. I bought these a bit early and thought my 4 month old might be able to handle them as he was sucking his level 2 nipples so hard he would suck air past the side of the nipple. I gave up that idea halfway through his first feeding with these and put them in storage for a few months as he could barely keep up and started gulping after about 2 ounces. I guess it kind of worked though, because after that he started slowing himself down to a "comfortable" pace with the level 2's. I'm sure there are some parents out there that will more or less say I should have know better, but I though perhaps these would be like a level "2.5" as there didn't seem to be that drastic of a difference between the level 1 and level 2's. I'm sure someone out there will tell the mathematical differences in orifice size and set the record straight. And yes, this is our first kid, so I (we) are still figuring it out. :)
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on March 14, 2017
My daughter choked and sputtered a lot when bottle feeding. A speech pathologist told me she was having trouble learning the suck/swallow/breathe pattern of drinking, so she recommended Dr. Brown's bottles, since they have a slower flow. This has completely remedied my daughter's feeding problems. The bottles and nipples are specially designed to help prevent babies from getting gassy, which is a benefit, but I like them because they're slower flow than a lot of nipples on the market, so they're completely manageable for my daughter. The Speech pathologist also told me there is no need to graduate to a higher flow nipple; she said this is just a marketing gimmick bottle companies use, but babies are perfectly fine using #1 nipples all through their bottle-feeding days, if necessary. I'm going to stick with this level as long as needed: my daughter's 6 months now and this level is still working for her.
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