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on July 28, 2015
My cat Mia Loves this product! I have learned that if you store the packs upside down and cut off the fold at the bottom you are able to get out more of the product. Walmart does carry this product for .94 cents.
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on September 2, 2016
My cat is 26 years old. She prefers the liquidy type food now. I had bought these at the store before and she loved them. Was glad to see I could get them in bigger quantities. The store usually has just a limited number because lots of cats like these and they are out of most favors. I purchased a good supply for my cat sitter to use while we take our fall cruise. I store them upside and cut them with top on bottom..slides out easier!
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on October 8, 2015
Like many cat owners, I have fed my furry little darlings cat food with gravy or sauce, and watched them lick off all the juice and leave the rest. I have long thought some enterprising pet food manufacturer should introduce a food that was just gravy or sauce. Well, Hartz has! Delectables Bisque is a smooth food about the consistency of thick gravy. My cats LOVE it and lick the bowl clean every time I give it to them. It's a bit pricey, and there isn't a lot in the little pouch, so I give it to them only a couple of times a week, but seeing every bit eaten instead of just the gravy part - well, of course, this is ALL gravy - is gratifying. I hope Hartz continues to manufacture this product; I will certainly continue to buy it as long as it's available.
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on October 1, 2016
We have had our little tabby cat "Precious" for at least 20 and maybe even 21 years. Before we found this Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat for Seniors she was gradually losing weight and we began to really worry that we may not have her for long. We then discovered that the only teeth she had were he K-9s, then we decided to try this product. We've been feeding her this product for about two or three months and she seems to be gaining a little weight and seems to be noticeably healthier and happier. We think it is because of this product and it seems to have just the right amount and mix of vitamins. We have found that our cat doesn't seem to care for most vitamins but she loves this stuff. Just before posting this; I just ordered two boxes of the Delectables Stew for cats 15 years old and older, so we hope she will like that too. This cat food is a little expensive but we will get it for our cat as long as she eats it. When we make our orders we usually get the product in two days; although we are happy Amazon Prime members. If you have an older cat and it doesn't eat much ~ you might want to try this. Our Precious loves it. :-)
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on August 23, 2016
My Siamese cat is 22 years old and enthusiastically seeks mealtime with Hartz Delectables Bisque. This is the only product he faithfully eat to completion. Other cat foods we have tried before in the past would always be wasted because he would only consume a portion of it and left unsatisfied and hungry. It was a blessing coming across this product because it is the only thing he will eat, leaving his bowl spotless. I always know when it's time for him to eat because he will greet (even wake) me with his declaration of persistent meows letting me know it's time for his Bisque. My cat highly recommends this product!
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on September 5, 2017
A year ago our 18 year mainecoon was wasting away and seemed like she wouldn't be with us much longer. We tried wet foods and she wasn't interested. Then we discovered bisque! She is now 19 and doing much better now. We give her two bisque packets a day as well as her regular food. It's the hilight of her day and she will yell at everyone when she thinks it's time for bisque. Highly recommended!
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on January 13, 2018
My 19-year-old cat has a bad tooth but can’t be anesthetized due to a heart murmur. She’ll eat dry food occasionally. Even wet food must be a puree - she licks around any chunks. So her favorite is gravy but there are few gravies out there and this is the only one without chunks. She sits in the kitchen all day demanding this bisque. She gets Nutro soft loaf in the morning but usually barely eats it. She gets this bisque at lunch for medication mix-ins. She eats it all and demands more, but I make her eat the soft loaf because this is not a complete cat food with vital nutrients like taurine, so I can’t just give her this all the time. I do give her more bisque on days she eats her Nutro. Sometimes I thin out the soft loaf by mixing in some bisque, then we both win.

I almost gave it four stars because of the lack of taurine but I make it work and it fills a gap in the cat food market. Just be sure your cat is also getting a complete cat food.
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on June 26, 2015
My senior cat will eat this. I add a bit of water to it to aid in hydration. It's a good medium to give her medication. I wish this item were more widely available. I started out buying it at Walmart which is often out of stock because I'm sure people have discovered how useful it is. It is cheaper there, less than a dollar. (I should add that my cat will eat the Senior version also.) Not sure how nutritious the recipe is but eating trumps not eating at this stage.
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on February 5, 2018
Only opened a couple pouches but my cat has gone crazy for it so far. He is 17 and super skinny so I'm looking for something to get him to eat more and right now this is doing the trick. How I use it...he is notorious for licking all the gravy off his wet food so when he asks for more food, I just squeeze some of this on the leftover meat, stir it around and give it back to him. He gobbles it up and seems to be eating way more of the meat when the bisque is on it. Now he is quite finicky and may change his mind tomorrow but for right now, he is loving it....fingers crossed.
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on April 28, 2016
These packets don't have a lot in them and cost about $1 apiece, but are worth purchasing if you need to get a picky cat eating. I mainly use it for sprucing up wet food for my one sickly cat who sometimes eats his food & sometimes doesn't. (My Marvy boy has diabetes & anemia. Now the vet said maybe cancer too.) If he is picking at his food I just squeeze a packet of this lickable treat on top and he'll start eating again. It seems to get his appetite up again because even after he licks this "Bisque" off the top he'll continue eating what is underneath.

My girl kitties also enjoy this every so often as a treat. We have seven cats and all of them will eat these delectables lickable treats (which is VERY rare. Granted some like it more than others, but there isn't one that will refuse it).

All the kitties prefer the bisque flavors over the ones with meat shreds. (They will lick at the juice on the one with meat bits but often leave the pieces of meat behind) So far I have tried this tuna flavor and the tuna & chicken one. They seem to like both equally.
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