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on November 10, 2015
This review is just about the process of renewing your Norton subscription using a product key after purchasing the Digital Download. I have been using Norton for a few years, and I am reasonably satisfied with the product, but I have not compared it with competing products lately. Thirty days before the 1-year license expires, Norton starts popping up ever more intrusive reminders to renew, pointing you to their site, where they want $79.99 for a year. Renewing with this product on Amazon is half the price, and the renewal process is super simple. Immediately after purchasing the digital content, click on the "Your Games and Software Library Link", and activate the product. Then copy the (long) key shown. Then in Norton security, click on Renew my subscription, then click on "I have a key" and enter the new key. Sign into your Norton account to activate the new key, and you will have 366 more days. One slightly annoying thing is that it does not give you credit for any remaining days on your old subscription, but considering that the renewal is half-off this is not a big deal. There is no need to actually download anything or uninstall any old versions.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 14, 2015
I like Norton but....I already had Norton on my pc and when I clicked the renew button, it didn't give me the best price. Then I went to Amazon and bought it. The problem with buying it from Amazon it that it didn't add a year to my existing time like it would have if I had used the renew button on the program. If you do what I did, I suggest you wait until the last day of your currrent plan before you buy the new version.

Shame on Norton for not offering existing customers the best price.

Cheers to Amazon for offering the best price!
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on August 26, 2017
Be very careful with this product. I am not sure what happened, but when we downloaded this file and attempted to install it on our computer, we got a fictitious warning from someone posing as a Norton representative saying that our software could not be installed because our network had been hacked and we had 16 unauthorized users on our account from a URL somewhere in Ohio. What ensued was a 3 hour scramble to clean our network and install a 3rd party anti-hacking program to protect our network.... and the whole thing turned out to be a scam. We verified with Norton direct that it was a scam, the individual we talked to was not employed by Norton, and his phone # was connected to a fraud ring in China. If you get a pop up warning like this - ignore it and call Norton direct using their bona fide phone # (found online) and not the fake one on the pop up. Note for Amazon - check this out because somehow, some way, the scammers used this software to gain access to my computer and potentially all my passwords and accounts. I have had to put a freeze on all my accounts with the credit bureaus, all my bank accounts, cancel credit cards, the works.
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I originally gave this product a 3 star review. I am now retracting that review and rating to 1 star.
In a matter of days, this product slowed my computer down considerably.
I build, repair and maintain computers for a living,
I, of course, uninstalled my previous security suite, did a cleanup and made sure that my operating system was up to date and in tip top shape. I also checked my internet speed before, during and after to rule out networking and ISP issues. My speed was consistently high throughout.
I then called Symantec for a refund after only a week of use.
They directed me to a form on their web site that was pathetic to fill out. That form ALSO had to be printed out and MAILED to them via the USPS. THEN they told me it would take about SIX WEEKS to get my refund,. ,
Can you imagine that a company that is an INTERNET COMPANY requires a form be sent to them via SNAIL MAIL?
I, and millions of others who return this product are in essence giving them an interest free loan for six weeks.
SO, the product SLOWS down your computer and they will make you jump through hoops to get a refund,
Thank God that bought it through AMAZON where they just gave me a refund in a matter of one minute on the phone with them.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 17, 2017
Censored search results - not safety related! I could not disable/hide the huge Safe Search toolbar which was taking up too much screen space. I got frustrated and tried to search "I hate Norton toolbar". Norton censored my search results inappropriately! I know because I did the same search on Google and other browsers came up with all kinds of helpful results - which is how I figured out how to disable the toolbar.
Originally I just wanted to reduce the space the tool bar took up, but now I don't want Norton censoring out opinions about Norton - or any other item Norton decides it doesn't care for.
PS - Norton's own solution - Right-clicking the Norton button - did not work for me to take care of the screen problem. On Firefox, the tools - extension - got rid of the toolbar. Or the SafeSearch toolbar can be hidden, but still function. Before the censoring, I would have just hidden the toolbar. Also, tons of adverts show up when using Norton Safe Search.
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on January 4, 2018
This is probably the last time I use Norton. First of all this product would not install on 5 devices. It kept insisting that this was only a 3 license product. Got on chat with a support agent that had difficulty communicating clearly, but after some time we got it fixed. They changed the product internally and I just had to reactivate on all my machines.

While annoying, this by itself would not have made me dump Norton. Its their constant advertising and scare tactics. I don't want to use lifelock, it had a terrible reputation before Symantec bought it. I also already have a different better password manager. Stop bugging me about your IDsafe. Norton's used to break every time Firefox updated forcing me to buy a different product. I'm sure its gotten better, but why change from something I'm already very satisfied with? Besides the regular advertising (my PC is not a TV !) scare tactics like with the Krack vulnerability really annoys me. This vulnerability affects wifi, but if you are on a wired network at home, guess what it doesn't affect you. Not everything is vulnerable to this. Also many products have patches for this vulnerability. This is all about pushing their products and I've got other things to do then be distracted by advertising.
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on September 23, 2016
Buyer Beware. It says "secures up to 5 PCs, Macs, iOS & Android devices." This does not include iOS devices. A family member and I purchased one for each of us (because we have a mac and 2 iOS devices each) thinking that we would need 3 devices to protect our devices and we come to find out we can only use the program on one device (the Mac). I contacted Norton directly and was told they only offer contact back-up and anti-theft protection on iOS devices only and that is described on their website. The Amazon description does not tell any of this in fact it states that it does secure my iOS device.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 31, 2017
I have used Norton for several years and have been relatively happy. I paid for a 2 year subscription two years ago -- before upgrading my computer to Windows 10. After upgrading my computer to Windows 10, Norton updated my software from the old Norton 360 to Security Premium. It worked smoothly but coverage for 10 devices with added protection for families with children was simply overkill for a retired couple. I decided to save money by switching to the more affordable Norton Security Deluxe. I chatted online with a Norton agent in order to receive advice on the best way to remove Premium and install deluxe. The helpful agent offered to do it for me by taking control of my computer. That was probably my big mistake. After the Norton agent removed Premium and installed Deluxe on my desktop computer I chose to do the same by myself on my laptop computer. The laptop has no issues but the Deluxe installation performed by the Norton rep has some serious problems. I returned to Norton support. Three different technicians spent a combined 3 hours and 15 minutes on my computer and have been unable to leave me with a successful installation. Their final solution was to tell me I would have to create a new User account on my computer and delete my old one. I started that process but have run into some serious challenges in creating an alternate account that will successfully handle our Outlook accounts and successfully network with my other computer. I've decided that Norton is the tail trying to wag the dog. I am currently looking at alternative products. Very disappointed with Norton after many good years.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 20, 2017
I purchased this product and traveled a few days later. "Your Norton product activation failed because the product key that you used is not valid for the geographical region that you are trying to activate it in. This issue can occur when products are distributed to you outside of the region they are intended for. Symantec recommends that you return the incorrect product to the retailer where you purchased it from and request a refund" is what Norton tells me. I am in Ecuador, South America for a minimum of 6 months. I purchased an item which is useless for me. I downloaded it in the USA and simply can not use it.
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on February 8, 2016
Thanks so much to those who posted easy instructions for renewing by purchasing a new product download from Amazon.

Just to clarify a few things about the process:

After purchasing a new download from Amazon you need to go to Your Software Library and follow the instructions to get the product key displayed. All you need to do is get the key displayed. There is no need for downloading the software through Norton (or Amazon).

I purchased shortly before renewal was due but I think that I could have purchased this earlier (possibly for a lower price) and waited to use the key for renewal. Apparently, you will not get credit for time remaining on your subscription if you renew this way unless you contact Norton and get them to credit you. I waited until the last day of the subscription.

The instructions to use the Norton Security connection (launched from Norton icon in the bottom screen toolbar in Windows 7) worked well without downloading and installing NS software. I pressed the "renew" link and then used the "I have a key" link on the window. I entered the key and then it launched the account login to activate the subscription. After login, in my case, the window seemed to hang but apparently the activation was successful. The NS window went to 366 days remaining. I believe you must have or create a NS account for the activation to work.

One thing that wasn't clear was how to renew on other devices. I found that I could renew these with the new product key (at least one another computer) by repeating the above process on the other computer. It did not require the activation step.

To double check whether everything has gone as planned I logged into my NS account (using my browser) and made my way to services. This showed the new installation and that this was activated on two devices.

One thing that might be tricky in the future is whether your new product "matches" your current product for renewal. Apparently if it does not this renewal process won't work (presumably you have to uninstall the old and install the new product). In my case the Norton Security Deluxe matched my old Norton Security. I wasn't sure about this because Norton Security Deluxe was a new product name but in this case it worked. This may be a problem in the future if NS launches completely new names and products.

Thanks again for the great renewal instructions.

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