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on January 10, 2018
The first time I plugged this in, it blew a breaker and nearly lit on fire. I'm an electrical engineer by trade and in my professional opinion, these power strips feature a great deal of shoddy craftsmanship. I opened them up to share with you all.

The power strip on the left is missing a solder pad connection or possibly even a pin to some component. I didn't investigate further as turning the electronics around would probably damage the plastic housing. Needless to say I have not plugged this one in yet and have no intention to do so. The power strip on the right comes with an additional solder bridge between the earth ground and the hot line of the AC connection in addition to all its other features. We are very lucky this didn't catch on fire when it got plugged in. It's totally unacceptable and dangerous to let products like this out the door. I don't know what manner of QA Amazon requires of it's products, but it obviously isn't terribly rigorous. I would warn everyone from purchasing these. If I could give 0 stars I would.
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on March 6, 2017
Good quality, reasonable price - not much to say about a power strip. As MANY people have noted, the mounting holes are somewhat oddly cut. Some people have modified the holes, I think that's overkill. Just use a flat-head screw, instead of the countersink, or V-shaped, screw heads. As another tip, put a piece of painters tape (or masking tape) on the back side of the power strip. You will be able to see the mounting holes through the tape. Poke a small hole through the tape at the very top of the mounting hole (to ensure both holes are at the same level in the mounting hole). Then just peel the tape and apply it to where you are mounting the power strip and drill through the holes in the tape - perfectly aligned mounting holes.
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VINE VOICEon June 1, 2016
This is your basic surge protector. It is small, light, and solid. Some come with power switches, others do not (this model does). The switch allows you to kill ALL power without having to unplug the cord. I have dozens of these from various manufacturers and have bought these for years. The key here is the word "Basics" in "Amazon Basics." There is a red light that comes on when you turn it on. This light says "I am protecting your devices—but just once." If you have a power surge the strip will protect your appliances BUT the light will go off and power will remain to your devices. THIS CAN BE BAD. If you have *another* power surge before you reset this switch your stuff will get fried. So, we have the convenience of "always on" electricity, meaning that in the case of a power surge that gets past your circuit breaker somehow you will be protected (once). You won't lose power to your PC or whatever 'always on" device you need "always on," but you had better hit the reset button to get that red light on immediately. Otherwise you are now unprotected.

If this is unacceptable to you (surge protection for your devices is more important than them always being on) you should buy something else. For the price these are adequate. They work and they are cheap. They will serve you well. They are better than a power strip (which has no surge protection) but not as good as a real amperage/voltage spike protector, which will cost a bit more money. It is important to know what you are getting when you buy devices like this. Anyway, I hope this helps. I got this from Vine to test, and while it is a solid piece of equipment, it is not "all that and a biscuit."
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on October 31, 2017
Not a whole lot to say about this item. It is a power strip with a 2 Foot cord. Solid construction, the On/Off switch feels very sturdy and both surge protectors work great out of the box. Couldn't ask for anything better, especially for the price.

If you aren't taking advantage on the price/quality of AmazonBasics products you are really missing out. I have never purchased one of their items that I am not thoroughly impressed with. And lots of times they are better made than similar items that cost a lot more. If you haven already tried an AmazonBasics product order one and you won't regret it. I used to purchase them because they are cheaper than most similar products made by other companies. After a few purchases I realized they are the same or higher quality than similar products that usually cost a lot more.

Note - I am in no way sponsored by Amazon, receive free/discounted items from them or have any ties to the company. I am just a fan of the AmazonBasics brand and you will be, too.
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on February 6, 2017
I surprised my wife with a new power strip...the wall outlet looked like a "electricians nightmare"...I was going to take a picture of this nest of wires and post on my review but I was afraid that my landlord would see this... so I turned to Amazon for some surge protecting and they had this great deal on a 2 pack!!!!....basic protection at a great price... it's like getting 2 protectors, for the price of one!!!!...power cord measures about 2 foot, the surge protector is about a foot long by inch75...need to go check her sewing room....going to buy more at this price, and as always Amazon back's there can't go wrong with that... this 2 pack comes in colors of your choice...
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on November 26, 2017
Not all of the plugs work, two of them do not work on each surge, very cheaply made product which I would not recommend.
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on June 30, 2016
First, I have not received this as a promotional item, or for free or discounted in exchange for my "unbiased review". So read on, this review is actually my experience with this product. I encourage all reviewers to begin their reviews with this disclaimer as too many reviews are now induced, and that information isn't disclosed until the very bottom which is a waste my time as I discount them out of hand. I've found if you run that product's Amazon page through this website [...] you'll discover it you should trust those reviews or not. But that's not a step we should have to go through and years ago, didn't.

Now for the product review. I only give 5 stars to outstanding products. I expect ever product I purchase from Amazon to be above average, so from me, a 4 star rating is considered a B+ or A-. Amazon Basic products are by and large 3 to 4 star products as they're never anything spectacular but always a good value and dependable product. Save for the ill fated Amazon phone.

I use these surge protectors as on off switches for all of those "vampire" products like my Wii, sub-woofer, etc that are always on and draining power when plugged in but don't have a separate switch. So the cost of the surge protectors are quickly off set with the electricity savings and wear and tear on the electronics themselves.

These 6 outlet surge protectors are more than functional but nothing fancy. The one off switch is large, easy to get to and the light is bright enough so you don't have to guess if the surge protector is active and functioning. Which is perfect for what I use them for. There are two features I'd have liked to see Amazon add, at least one USB port and one outlet turned 90 degrees for that odd plug we all have that will cover half of an outlet while taking up a full one. But at this price point, it's understandable why they haven't. Especially when you factor in you get two outlets for around the same price other sellers charge for one.

If you need a basic but dependable and easy to use Surge Protector, and don't want to spend a fortune, these will more than fit the bill.
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on March 4, 2017
Even though we have a large amount of outlets in each of our rooms, in this growing electronic era, we didn't have enough at central spots. In addition, we needed to replace some existing power strips that I have had around for years. The existing ones weren't only showing their age, but they also that just weren't built well (even though I paid more for them than I'd care to admit).

I ordered four of these Amazon Basic Surge Protector Power Strips; (1) TV, Cable, Stereo and Internet Area (2) 30+ Gallon Fish Tank (3) 20+ Gallon Fish Tank (4) for our Computer. In a quick comparison, it was obvious these strips were built better than the ones I was replacing (and cost a whole bunch less). The cord plugs fit in tighter, without wiggling, and the black cord makes it easier to hide behind black furniture.
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on March 18, 2017
Item arrived in short order. Cord had splits where it connects into power strip. Wires exposed. Quality control could use a person to inspect power strips before leaving factory. Do to cost, not worth returning or requesting refund/replacement. Will just wrap electrical tape around and keep exposed wires from being touched.
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on July 20, 2017
FAILED out of the blue.
Picked up two of these as extras, since we all run out of outlets with the number of small devices we need to keep plugged in, charge up, etc. One of these was merely doing minimal duty of supplying power to four wall warts for ipods and what not. Family informs me devices are dead ... The strip has the red light on, power switch on, ... zero power on any of the six outlets??? Tried two multimeters, power indicator and outlet tester. Switch on off. Different wall outlet in a different room. No dice. The lights on the strip are on, but six outlets totally dead.
Surprising failure to me, that has me concerned about the other one .... as I have had a multitude of these things over the course of decades, and even old ones keep on working just fine.
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