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on November 23, 2016
It works fine when it works, but the probes seem to have a very limited lifespan. In the 4 months since I have used it on a bi-weekly basis it worked well - accurate, radio works, etc. After 4 months, though, the "BBQ" probe is totally erratic and inaccurate. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is 300 degrees off. Taking it out of the grill to ambient temperature and then putting it back in seems to 'reset' the probe, but I think that just shows that the probe is starting to fail.

First few months it was 5 stars, but now it doesn't work correctly.

EDIT: ThermoPro was quick to respond to this review with contact information for customer service and had a replacement to my door in a couple of days. I'm leaving the original review for posterity's sake, but the quick response by customer service has me back in the 5 star bucket. Defects happen, and they addressed it with speed. It is working correctly again and we are at 5 star levels of rocking and rolling.
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on December 15, 2016
So far so good. I have tested this thermometer on my grill on two different occasions. First test was on a 4 hr indirect cook to test the grill temperature at the cooking grate (with a cheap probe clip bought from Amazon). The second test was with the probe inserted in chicken breasts to test the internal temperature. Both test resulted in excellent temperature control and exact readings. I also tested boiling and freezing water and found both spot on accurate. Highly recommended for those of you trying to improve your grilling/barbecuing at a reasonable price. Time will tell as to reliability.
I have included photos of how I modified my Weber kettle to use this item.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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How hard can it be to buy a meat thermometer that is reasonably accurate and doesn't take a year to register the temperature? As it turns out, way harder than it should be.

When my trusty Taylor 14709 finally kicked the can after a few years of usage, I switched over to using my ThermoPro TP03A, which bit the dust after less than 6 months of occasional usage. I bought several other ones through both Walmart (don't remember the name) and Amazon (Victagen), but they all had unacceptable flaws; either they took intolerably long to register the final temperature, or when I checked them for accuracy by putting them directly into boiling water (I'm at sea level so it should be 212) they were a good 6-8 degrees off. Finally, I ordered this ThermoPro TP11 and prayed to the thermometer gods that I would finally find something that worked.

Well, I'm happy to say that after everything, I am very happy with this thermometer. I am also glad that I paid a few extra bucks to get the version with the additional wireless sensor, so I can monitor long projects (like cheese-making, etc...) from the comfort of my couch in the other room, rather than having to get up and check the thermometer every 5-10 minutes. This is a really cool feature that I just can't praise enough. Tonight, for example, I was grilling steaks out on my deck. I set the probe in the center of the steak, closed the lid of the grill, and brought the wireless sensor inside so I could tell when the meat was exactly the temperature I wanted. No more guessing games or going out to check the grill multiple times.

Time will tell how long this thermometer lasts, but so far it's very accurate (boiling water measures 212) and it registers the temperature much more quickly than the other brands I tried. Hopefully it lasts longer than the cheaper ThermoPro I had previously. If you found this review helpful, please consider letting me know. And if you have any questions, I'm happy to help!
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on January 10, 2016
We absolutely love this thermometer for our Traeger. No more opening the lid and cutting into the meat to see if it is done which causes it to lose moisture and be dry. No more over cooked meat. And no more going out in the cold several times to check if the meat is done. We simply put the meat on the grill insert the probe, close the lid and wait for it to hit the proper temperature. Our meat has come out moist and perfect every time.

It does say the transmitter is not water proof and not to use it in the rain but we solved this problem by putting the transmitter in a ziploc bag and zipping it shut with just the cord coming out of a small opening. We have done this several times and have not had any issues with the transmitter getting wet.

The only issue we have had is when my daughter knocked a book over on the receiver causing the stand on the back to snap off and break. The body is thick enough that we can still stand it straight up on the counter or just lay it down.
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on December 14, 2015
My old thermometer was giving me troubles so I came across this one online and I am very pleased with the way it works! Saved my butt when I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house. With all the children and cats running around and it being an absolute playground I barely even had to pay attention to the Turkey! I was able to properly host my family and take care of the rest of the dinner without any stress on over doing the Turkey! Going to be using this for all of my cooking needs!
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on November 23, 2017
Update: In my review below, I had a an issue with the transmitter and a user interface frustration with the receiver. ThermoPro reached out to me to inform me of a product that exactly met my needs and also took care of the hardware issue. Quite impressive.

I purchased this item because every other probe thermometer purchased in the last several years was inaccurate or the probe ceased to function after a few months.
Accuracy seems good but the user interface is clunky at best. They should have surveyed a few users before releasing this product.

To start, the transmitter on/off/function button is either faulty or suffers from poor software design. The unit does not respond to key presses in a consistent or predicable manner. It sometimes does not respond when I wish to power-on which forces me to remove/replace a battery to get the transmitter to work. It can go into the Celsius mode and takes several attempts to go back to Fahrenheit. Takes several more attempts to power down.

Although the transmitter problem is likely a product defect, the receiver suffers from user interface problems. The top issues:

1) When setting the food alert temp, there is no temp down option. The unit starts with a 160 degree alert and the adjust button only increases the set temp. This would be a minor annoyance except for the fact that it rolls up to the 500s and then down to 32 before you get a chance to hit a temp in the 150s. And don't miss your desired temp or it's round the horn again!
2) The set temp does not stay on the display, even though there is a dedicated space for it. Common, designers, it's an LCD display! No additional battery usage to keep a few more segments on!
3) Setting other functions is not intuitive. Take a look at their product video as an example.

On the plus side, the temperature accuracy seems good based on my first two uses and they have a lifetime probe guarantee. Got to like that.

In summary, I would probably buy this again but would not consider it as a gift for a technology challenged person. It would not take much of a change to make this a 5* product.
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on December 14, 2015
I've only had a chance to use this unit once but so far so good! I initially got it to use for making summer sausage in the smoker and it was on point for that and there is a fine line between finished sausage and over done sausage so it has done what I needed it to do. I think I will definitely use this in the house cooking too! Great product and price!

Just contacted the company to get a replacement probe and they are sending me a whole new unit. Great customer service from a company right here in America! I have used this product repeatedly and it is accurate and easy to use. I will buy more products from Thermopro/ Itronics
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on January 1, 2016
I love this product! I was able to monitor the temperature of the turkey and the grill roasting it overnight before Thanksgiving in very cold weather. I put the transmitter in a plastic bag because it was snowing and, although it's supposedly weather-proof, I felt I should give it some extra protection. The temps were down around 10 degrees at times, and it worked fine the whole time. I'd say it passed my torture test, and the turkey was awesome!
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on September 18, 2017
After looking into these devices, and seeing first hand how some of the competitors products worked, we decided to go with the ThermoPro TP11. We have absolutely no regrets. It arrived well packaged, and with batteries. The instructions are clear and well written and explain how to pair the 2 devices together. They paired immediately and started working as described.

We've only used it once, and so far, so good. We had the receiver about 200 feet from the grill and it worked flawlessly.

The company is very proactive, sending instructional emails as well as making it clear that the temperature probe is covered for life!

We will follow-up should anything change. Highly recommended.

Over the New years holiday, our stove died leaving us with a $35.00 prime rib and no way to cook it. After thinking about it, we decided to cook the meat on our gas grill, even though it was 2 degrees F outside. I set the temperature in the grill, and used this thermometer while we watched football and had some wine! We watched the meat cook without ever leaving the house. Once the thermometer turned from blinking blue to green, we knew the meat was approaching our desired doneness (sp), opened the grill and was shocked at how perfect it looked. Brought it inside and had the best prime rib we've ever cooked at home!

We like the ThermoPro so much we bought another one as a gift to a friend who was thrilled to receive it! This product really works. Thanks!
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on May 30, 2018
I purchased this because of the great reviews and fair price, but I had to return this because it stopped working during my first and only use. First off, it took about three or four attempts to get the receiver and transmitter to sync. When it finally did, the smoker probe was reading accurate with my backup thermometer, and the meat probe was matching up with another digital thermometer that I own, but as I was approaching the second hour, problems started to occur. The meat probe jumped about 40 degrees hotter than the actual internal temperature, and throughout the course of trying to troubleshoot, the temp would fluctuate anywhere between 105-190 degrees. At first, I was just going to call the manufacturer and see if I could get a replacement for the meat probe, but the smoker probe started doing the same thing. I'm sure I was just one of the unlucky few who received a defected one, but I've decided to go with something different.
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