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on February 17, 2016
OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Fire HD 8 has got to be the best glass screen protector I have come across for the Fire 8 yet! I bought 3 of the Kindle 8's for my boys for Christmas. Because the Kindles were for my boys I knew that the Kindles would need to be kid-proofed. When I looked for what to put on their screens I weeded through all of the choices and read dozens of reviews before I settled on this one. This tempered glass screen protector has to be the 2nd best investment for the Kindle I have made while the outer protective cover case would have to be the first.

What I liked:
Easy to follow application instructions
Each kit included everything to install the protector including a sticker guide
Air bubbles are sucked out as the screen adheres to the Kindle
Can barely see the edging of the glass protector when in place
Screen resolution looks crispy
Touch screen functionality works as if nothing is there
Lifetime warranty

After 2 months of daily kid use, this screen is still in excellent condition and so is the Kindle, even after being dropped, kicked, scratched and probably about 100 other different things that would be considered tech torture. I purchased 3 of these and don't have a single regret. I paid $14.99 in December and it's nice to still see the same price listed. I would probably even pay as much as $19.99 because this screen protector is worth it.
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on December 24, 2016
I have a solution for installation so please read through this review... Have patience. A lot of patience. Ordered two for two Christmas fire presents. Here I am Christmas Eve and first one I thought I blew it... A dust spec in the middle and trying to reinstall was not happening, more dust everywhere. So I set it aside. I went much slower and didn't use the guide strips for the second screen protector and just cleaned and inspected to be sure dust free on my second device and made sure it was 100% aligned pressed middle and yes it went well. NOW BACK TO THE FIRST ONE... Taking a page out of adhesive installation of kitchen backsplashes I took a little dish soap and of course water on a paper towel and gently washed the adhesive side and rinsed both sides with very hot water... Be careful when rinsing, it is hot. Do not attempt to dry it with a paper towel... Instead take the "dry" towelette and gently just absorb any remaining water droplets from the adhesive side. Align and start from center and yes, it worked. Wipe the touch side with the microfiber and you have the picture included on this post. Two Fire HDs covered and protected with this protector.
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on November 26, 2015
I was dubious - use a glass screen protector? I was sure I'd break it. But it was very easy to apply, fits perfectly, and was reasonably priced. Maybe it's my imagination, but I think the touch screen is more sensitive. When you lay the glass on your screen, touch in the center and you can see it adhere all over. I got a piece of my dog's undercoat stuck under the glass (never should have attempted this with him right next to me) so I had to lift it again. Even that was no problem and when I laid it back down it restuck itself like I had never moved it. I think this is a great product.
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on November 27, 2016
I bought this OMOTON All-New Fire HD 8 glass screen protector when I bought my new Fire tablet. I installed it immediately upon unboxing the new Fire HD 8 tablet. While the screen was new and clean, it was easy to prepare it for installation. I followed the instructions and the process went well. I have only one very small complaint. There are little stickers that are designed to be used as hinges for the protector while installing it, and they don't stick well enough to hold it. This is a very, very small complaint. It installed easily. I had one little piece of lint near an edge and was able to pull that edge up and remove the lint and put it back down. When it was done, no bubbles or any other problems. I expect it to provide excellent protection for my Fire tablet screen.
If I have trouble with it going forward, I will adjust my rating accordingly. For now, it's easy to rate this at 5 stars and recommend it.
If you have questions about my review or ongoing experience with this screen protector, please ask in a comment and I will respond. Thank you! My pictures do not do it justice, but it looks excellent!
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on June 1, 2017
Installation is soooo much easier than flexible film protectors. The written instructions looked complicated until I watched the YouTube video. So simple!

So here’s what I did (probably overkill, but I wanted to get it right the first time):

1. Set up a table in the bathroom, did NOT turn on the bathroom fan, and turned on the shower. Once the water was hot, I let it run for about 5 seconds (someone told me that a little humidity helps to control the dust).
2. Washed my hands.
3. Because I had been using my Kindle for a bit before putting this protector on, I cleaned the glass with eyeglass cleaner from my optometrist, especially around the edges.
4. Followed the YouTube video instructions. Note: The Omoton video didn't use the included dust absorber, but I used it anyway.
5. Voila! Perfect installation - no dust, no bubbles.

I previously installed a tempered glass protector on my smart phone. Immediately after installation, I dropped my phone face down causing a large scratch and several cracks in the screen. Much to my relief, when I lifted up the glass protector, the phone screen was perfectly intact. Phew! Hopefully, I won’t ever have to find out if my new Kindle glass protector performs similarly, but I’m a firm believer that it will if I’m clumsy enough to have another destructive drop.
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on August 5, 2017
This product is superior in quality to the screen protector that I was previously using and includes a set of items to help ensure it's applied successfully. Even so, I did have two problems which may have been my fault but I thought I'd pass them on. The hinges didn't actually hold the screen protector in place while cleaning the screen beneath or while peeling the backing from the screen protector. They're a nice idea, though.

When the protector is applied to the screen, the adhesive does immediately begin flowing across the screen for a nice smooth attachment. Unfortunately, I followed the directions which said to press firmly in the middle of the screen. This was a mistake as what had been a smoothly adhering screen protector with no bubbles now had a big fat one right where my finger had pressed. I can only hope this vanishes over the next two or three days because none of my attempts to get rid of it have made a dent.

Just wanted to give people a heads up. Buy this but watch those hinges and whatever you do, don't press the protector to the screen if it's already adhering with no problems.
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on June 1, 2017
I ordered the Omoton All-New Fire HD 8 (2016 Release) Screen Protector. Upon arrival, I noticed the screen protector was well packaged! I was very impressed as to the construction of the box it came in, as well as all the components and the directions. I followed the instructions exactly. Everything was great. I noticed a small defect, and when I say small I mean the size of a pen dot, at the bottom of the protector. This caused an air bubble about half the size of a dime. I contacted Omoton via Amazon and they were very helpful. Not only did they apologize but went out of their way to send me a new protector free of charge. I had it within another 2 days. The new protector is now on my tablet and is STUNNING! Responsiveness is 100%. You can't even tell I have a screen protector on it.. especially once I put a case on it! You can see fingerprints some, but I'd say is is no worse than what the actual screen looks like with fingerprints. Overall, I would highly recommend.
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on July 7, 2016
This does protect the Kindle screen very well, but it also makes the touch screen less sensitive, even though the description says it does not do that. I finally took it off and tossed it because I was frustrated with it. I bought a case that closes over the screen like the cover of a book instead. Not quite as guaranteed protection as this heavy-duty protector, but the Kindle functions better without it.
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on May 21, 2017
edit 1/08/2018 : the replacement has cracked. so in addition to the below review the replacement has cracked. this item is not good. will buy from a different company than omoton to replace it. 9H hardness is one step below diamond quality and simply removing it from the screen to try and get rid of the bubbles makes it crack. just an all around extremely bad experience from the product and company. I highly recommend trying other similar products.

original review: the product is okay. got a nice size bubble on the left side and left top corner. the bubbles aren't too noticeable when gaming or doing other things but they are there. item seems to protect the screen which is my main goal for the item. to me as long as it protects the screen the item is worth the price I paid for it. the protector does not interfere with the applications in the least. everything is still responsive, and works like they should. it fits on the kindle and inside of my case. 1 out of 5 stars because of the bubbles and when the seller contacted me and I replied to them they stopped all communication. edit: since last I edited my review today they replied here. all communication has now not been cut off. still one star so far though.
6/2/2017 seller cannot seem to use my actual email address and doesn't know how to leave their email address in the comments. seller seems to be putting blame on me for not emailing them back despite me not receiving any emails from them at my email address. I am a very unsatisfied customer now.
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on May 5, 2016
This screen protector is amazing-- you can't even tell it's not the actual screen! Well, that is, you wouldn't be able to if I hadn't cracked it. I followed all of the suggestions from past reviewers... the shower trick worked really well and I deliberately didn't use my new Kindle very much until applying the protector. My problem was that even though I kept everything super clean, I still kept getting air bubbles, and they were very persistent. I actually found I had better luck minimizing/preventing bubbles by installing the protector from side to side instead of from the center out. I had one last little group by the top right corner, and when I went to lift the edge of the glass, it cracked starting at the very corner... completely my bad, since the instructions clearly say not to do what I did! The screen protector still works really well. I plan on purchasing another one to replace the one I broke. It is totally scratch-resistant and it really does stay super clean--no fingerprints!
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