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on January 15, 2018
This screen protector is fantastic and I wish I could rate it 6 stars. In a horrific chain of events I tragically dropped my phone from approximately 4 3/4 feet directly onto cold hard pavement littered with gravel. (Dropped it out my car window) I hesitantly exited my vehicle and then proceeded to step directly on top of the phone which was screen side down. To my dismay I observed multiple cracks on the screen of my almost new iPhone 8. I then did the drive of shame back home where I could more closely observe the catastrophic damage to my phone screen. I slowly pulled it out of my pocket as a single tear ran down my face. Suddenly I was overcome with an epiphany. I had purchased and installed this glass protector on my phone. Is it possible that my screen was still intact? Is it possible that this 8 dollar product saved me from replacing my entire screen? I slowly peeled back the screen and was filled with joy. I haven't felt joy like this since I opened up my Nintendo 64 one 1990's Christmas morning. My screen was unscathed. I snapped a picture of the decimated screen cover, and gave it a proper viking burial. Thank you for your service tempered glass screen protector.
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on January 29, 2018
This product exceeded my expectations. After all, it's just a screen protector, right? Not with this company. It starts with Apple-like packaging that reflects the quality inside. They include everything you need including wet and dry wipes, dust removal stickers, installation guide, bubble squeeze card and warranty card (yes, warranty). The screen protectors come inside a foam pouch and have a protective film layer on one side (phone facing) and a plastic protective layer with tabs (for aligning) on the other. The instructions are very clear and have drawings as well as well written text in proper English. The alignment tabs are a great tool to get the protector on just right and not get fingerprints on it during the application. Strangely, the protector seemed to magically smooth itself out so didn't get any bubbles after applying. The company specifically makes it clear that the screen protectors are a little smaller because of the curved edges of the phone and to avoid lifted edges. Although I could see the edges, I couldn't feel them at all when holding the phone. Furthermore, when I put the case on it was not even noticeable. The company followed up to make sure I was satisfied.
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on November 25, 2017
I'm "that guy" who researches everything to the "nth degree." Five years ago I bought my entire family our first smart phones (iPhone 5). I took the new iPhones to the closest Big Box store to purchase screen protectors. There wasn't a great deal of choice then so I went with what the employees recommended which happened to be the most expensive screen protector--and at that time most highly rated--on the market. The employee at the said Big Box store offered free installation on all the phones. At the price they were charging I thought I'll have somebody with lots of experience doing this make sure it is done right. My daughters' phones were done okay, my wife's phone was "so-so", but my phone was done poorly. Lots of dust under the screen protector and what appeared to be two small creases. I asked the employee to do it over but he said I would have to pay for a new screen protector. None of this brand's expensive screen protectors fared well over the years, even though we take pretty meticulous care of our things. Lots of scratches and imperfections led me to conclude that brand was not all it was cracked up to be. In fact critical testing proved the surface to be quite soft and prone to scratching. Fast forward five years later and a long overdue upgrade to two iPhone 8's. I made the decision that I would be the one doing the screen protector installation on our two new iPhones. I'm leery of popular items that don't cost much (cheap cost = popularity not quality), but after doing all my homework TechMatte was the clear winner hands down. I purchased three packs (a total of 6 screen protectors) to do our two iPhones figuring I would make at least two attempts per phone. I did my wife's phone first and ended up using the second screen protector due to a small wet spot that just wouldn't squeegee out. Another 20 minute prep session and the second attempt was spot on. Three weeks later I got my iPhone and nailed a perfect install of the protector on the first attempt. Absolute flawless finish. To me the key is to take as much time as needed to do your cleaning and prep work on the phone screen. I took a small flashlight and located every dust or speck left on the screen and kept going over it multiple times with as many of the dust removal strips it took to have a flawless surface for the application. Take at least 20 minutes--or more--to prep the screen and you'll end up with a great finish. Just don't rush the process. As to longevity, I'm already convinced that the TechMatte protector is much tougher than the expensive brand I used on our prior iPhones. But even if these don't last for several years, I already have three spare screen protectors on standby I can apply if needed. As far as I'm concerned, TechMatte is the Best of the Best. Believe the hype, they're that good! Do the installation yourself and do it right. No more Big Box stores for me.
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on June 23, 2016
*I paid for this item in full, at my expense. I didn't receive this for free or at a discounted price.
Of the two screen protectors, one came from a crack (probably occurred during packaging or shipping).
Comes with cleaning kits, "squeeze card", dust stickers.
I was going to return the product after I saw one of the protectors had a crack in it, but decided out of necessity to use the other screen protector for my phone.
From the looks of it, the protector is like a firm plexiglass; I applied some pressure (after seeing the crack) to see how it would bend, since I've seen other reviews of other screen protectors being entirely flexible. (See photos)
Packaging sucks, and for that reason this product gets 4 stars. The sleeves that the product comes in are thin and sheer. The protective box seems sturdy by itself, but to protect glass during shipping, not reliable. (See photo, I applied pressure to it and it twisted) Either this box needs to be upgraded, or the shipping and handling needs some work. My product came in a bubble envelope with a hole, so maybe the reason why the protector came cracked was because of that, who knows? The "squeeze card" was also bent and no, I had not used the product prior to the picture.
The phone is responsive to the touch, and works fine with the screen protector.
Until further notice, this protector seems to be decent for the price it is. Will report back if anything occurs, see photos and make your own judgment.

***EDIT: 7/5/2016
I DROPPED MY PHONE! I was in line at a burger joint, about to pay. I was holding my wallet and my phone in one hand, while trying to open my wallet with the other hand, and my phone dropped face down onto the floor. I'm 5'1, but I dropped it at about chest level. I was so scared to flip it over and see that my screen was cracked, BUT IT WASN'T! Only the glass screen protector cracked a bit in the corner (WILL INSERT PHOTOS WHEN I GET TO BF'S HOUSE), but other than that, my screen is completely fine. THANK GOD! I highly recommend this screen protector! It really does work, and I am ordering my boyfriend a pair, since he has an iPhone 6+.
On a side note, the company contacted me twice to ensure that I was satisfied with their product, at which point I told them my other screen came cracked. They apologized and sent me a replacement PAIR for free, and this was aside from my warranty. I originally wasn't going to say anything because it could've been the shipping company's fault, so I didn't want to make it an issue for the TechMatte company, but they were so caring and generous to send me another pair for free.
Moral of this review:
1) Don't take the chance of not having a screen protector!
2) This company has really good customer service and their product is amazing.
3) They have a very good warranty!
5/5 for good product, good customer service, and good warranty! Cheers!
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on January 6, 2018
my testimony to the Glass protective screens are as follows.
I had purchased a I phone 8 and of course didn't want to spend what like 40 to 75 dollars on a sreen protector so I dabbled on Amazon. I purchased one from a competitor and to be honest I can't remember there name but let me tell you totally disappointed as I have oily skin and I also put beard oil in. The screen protector that I bought from a different supplier had the worst, I mean it wouldn't even clean with rubbing Alcohol smug marks just nasty, so I was now gambling to find another like my old one that I got from my verizon store on my old phone, so I ran into this one and believe me when I say WOW! no marks, No smugging, Just like you get from the retailers, and best yet under $10.00 Must say GReat buy and going to buy my daughter one. Hope this helps anyone else in the market for a great screen protector.
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on September 28, 2017
Afraid I’m not very good at remembering to write reviews, even for products that impress me, but I just had to do so for this one, so here we go....
Buy these. If you value your phone’s screen… Now! Because I am so clumsy and accident prone and somewhat famous for how many times I can drop my phone, having a good case has always been a top priority. My husband & I typically never buy the extra insurance or warranties for products but have actually started doing so with my iphones.... yeah, I’m that bad 😏 Never put a whole lot of thought into the actual screen protector, however when buying my last case on here, I went ahead and bought these as well.
Fast forward about a year & dagummit, I did it: had managed to drop my phone just right and just enough times that, even with a good case, I had cracked the screen a tiny bit in a couple places along the edges & corners… A “spider vein” was starting to work it’s way across the middle and I was scratching my finger a bit on those messed up spots. So, made an appointment at my local Apple Store, prepared to pay that small fee to get a new screen put on my phone. But then the nice, helpful Apple guy gets it, takes a look at it briefly from a couple of angles, looks at me and says “have you taken the screen protector off?” I had a screen protector?? Oh yeah, totally forgot I had even bought those and put that on here! “Do you mind if I take this off to take a look?” Of course not, my good sir… Just fix my baby and put her back in my hot little hands! He then proceeds to carefully peel off this wonderful piece of engineered awesomeness and hands it to me, saying “this saved your phone’s screen” - the screen was absolutely, 100% intact?! This innocuous-looking piece of thin glass had absorbed all of my damage and that was it - left there without my cracked up protector but a giddy girl..... husband laughed at me, because I was so excited that my clumsy, gracelessness actually had a happy ending to its’ tale for a change 😁
I immediately came home and placed an order for two more, since 2 come in a package; one for mine & teen daughter’s phones & another package to keep on hand, JUST IN CASE!
So, thank you, you awesome people and keep it up! This seven or so dollar investment is probably one of the best ones I have ever made… Clumsy and phone-dropping people; heed my cry and place your orders pronto!
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I waited to review this product until I could thoroughly test the screen protector. I applied the screen protector onto my iPhone 7 back in September of 2017 and just had to replace the screen protector with a new one and it’s February of 2018.

I’ve dropped my phone several times with the screen protector on and it hasn’t cracked. My phone was not in the case all the way when I dropped it last week. The phone flew out of the case and went sliding. I though for sure the screen would be shattered, but only the screen protector was cracked! It literally and physically saved my phone’s screen from shattering!

The screen protector was easy to apply and comes with all the wipes and tape you need to clean the screen. Have patience and apply the screen protector in a well lit area. Turning the phone off helps the alignment of the screen protector and the black part of the screen.

I highly recommend this screen protector!
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on August 14, 2017
I bought this in November, 2015. Applied it to my iPhone 6 (which has been protected for even longer in the same otterbox defender case I purchased a while back). Today, my screen protector finally cracked.

I was so darn impressed with the tempered glass. Once I found my purchase history and who/where I got my screen protector from, I had to write this review after making another order. I don't remember back then why I chose amFilm over Maxboost or JeTech or any other label, but I am so pleased with how long this screen lasted.

The screen lasted because of the otterbox, quite simply. I never abuse my phone but I don't baby it either. It's had many many tumbles. And despite the fantastic otterbox, the fact that the glass has lasted me almost two years is amazing. No scratches visible when shoved in the same pocket with keys everyday. I miss the vinyl/poly screen protectors, but having a 0.2mm glass cover on top of the iphone glass screen is very reassuring.
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on December 23, 2017
I bought this for my wife's iPhone 7. I've installed plenty of these without any issues, but for some reason these protectors suffered from the halo effect around the edges. I tried all the protectors and all the tips and tricks with the same effect. I've read that this is a common problem with some iPhone screens.

The manufacturer includes a process to address this very issue in the instructions, so I contacted them, informing them of the issue and included the requested pictures. That was a month ago and I have not heard anything back. So I guess it is time to move on to something else.

12-30-2017 - Support reached out and sent me some replacements to try after reading my review. Unfortunately the end result is the same with a halo around the outside edge of the screen. To be fair, I have now tried glass screens from 3 different manufacturers on my wife's new iPhone 7, and they all have the same halo problem. I've installed the same type of tempered glass screens on my iPhone 5s, 6 and X with success, so I don't think it is my technique. I going to try one of the plastic film protectors next.
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on December 31, 2016
I have the iphone 7... So far this has proven to be a good product... I drop my phone WAY too much. I switched to the iphone regardless of this fact two weeks ago. I have dropped my phone a few times since... So far so good... I do also have a caseology case on with it... The biggest drop so far was from about 4 ft high on the shelf above my toilet... Bouncing off the edge of the toilet, slamming into the side of my porcelain pedastal sink to land screen first on the hard floor. I was so nervous to pick it up............. But it was fine. Thank GOD. It however is a losing a star because while protection so far has been good, and the picture clarity is amazing... I just get nervous with an edge being partially exposed around the edge of the phone... My caseology cas has a lip... So it isn't soooo bad... But still I can't help but think this puts the phone at risk... Reviews are good though... So I suppose I'll stick to it.

I bought this item btw. Through reading reviews. If this was helpful please indicate so!
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