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on November 14, 2016
It's good and does all it says, but I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the clamps hit the buttons on either side when the phone is centered or close to centered. The clamps either hit the power button or the volume controls. The only way to use it is to have the phone way off to one side.

On the Galaxy S6, the power button is below the volume buttons, on the opposite side, more toward the center of the phone. This configuration means the clamp can only go on skewed to one side of the phone.

I looked at my wife's iPhone 6 and the buttons are more aligned, IE: all of the buttons are close to the top, so the clamp works fine.

I'm changing my review from 3 stars to 4 because of the email I received from the seller after I posted my original review. Their concern and desire to "make things right" is appreciated.
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on January 3, 2018
I bought this with a fair amount of skepticism, seeing how low priced it is and from past experience with suction do-hickeys. :)

Well, I'll admit this little gizmo has me stunned. Initially I planned on sticking it onto the wood grain area in my car but the foot was a bit too big and I couldn't find a perfect spot for it. My center console is a bit cluttered, thanks AUDI...

Then I tried the unthinkable: I put it on an uneven, textured surface. Imagine my surprise when this thing actually stayed put. Lizard foot! :)
It's been there for a month now, during both hot and cold days. It's holding my Sony Xperia phone daily without any problems and there is minimal bounce. Seem durable.

So far, so good. Might get a second one for backup. Can't beat this price. Try it.
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on July 29, 2016
[Update 8/25/16: I was contacted by the seller, Ipow, about my review, and offered a replacement, with longer arm and different phone holder, both of which I find significantly more satisfactory. The arm is several inches longer, allowing me to attach the suction lower in the windshield, where it is less in the way of my vision. The longer arm also has a support, which sits on the dash, although I find the longer arm is still quite stable without it.

The replacement phone holder is a great improvement on the 4-arm clamp, and is quite ingenious -- the sides that hold the phone squeeze closed with your thumb and finger, and hold the phone securely, then spring open at the touch of a button on the back. You have to see it to appreciate how it works, so take a look at "Ipow® Smartphone Long Arm 13 Inches Car Mount Holder Cradle With A Quick Release Button For iPhone 6 6+ 6S 6S Plus 5S 5,iPod Touch,Samsung Galaxy S5 S4/3 Note 2/3,Nexus,Nokia,LG G3,HTC&GPS Devices"

The photo on the Amazon page for that item seems to show the suction cup placed higher in the windshield, but that is not necessary, and I am now much more pleased with the lower placement I am able to have with this replacement.

I am grateful to Ipow for their efforts to ensure that I am pleased with their product. Ipow offered me a refund, or replacement with this new item, and did not request return of the original item -- exceptional action by Ipow.

p.s. I added two stars to this review, based on the great action by Ipow seller.]

The good news is that it hasn't come off the windshield in the weeks since I attached it. But, it certainly isn't a "Long Arm" -- it is rather quite short, and I wish it was a little longer. I also don't much like the clamp, because it is hard to grip, the one thumb lever being right up against the attachment circle on the back, it is hard to grip. But, it is a strong grip,so that's good. But, on my iPhone 6S, one of the grips falls right on the volume button, so I have to position the phone quite a bit to one side.

Luckily, I had another iPhone mount, with just two jaws, and a much easier way of putting the phone in and out, that to my delight, used the same socket and ball to attach. So, I switched that grip to this suction cup and arm, and am now quite happy. The other four-prong grip is now attached to the other suction, which does not have an arm, and sits on the center divider, ready to hold another GPS or other device.

The arm is quite steady, doesn't droop or shake. Great for Nexar and Waze while driving. As I said, I'd like the arm a little longer, to make it easier to reach.
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on January 20, 2016
I got this on a whim. It works great in my car, however if you have a dash that is texturized it could get tricky. It wouldn't stick for me on the texturized part but sticks fine on the smooth part of the dash. It does have a little wiggle to it when your driving down the road but I LOVE that it lets you bend the stick however you want it! it doesn't really bug me that the phone moves so much but i use it for gps anyways and I'm not really looking at the screen so much.
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on May 11, 2017
This is by far the best hands free cell phone mount out there, in my opinion. I've bought a few different more expensive mounts, but the durability was just not there, after a few months the head of the mount would get loose or the gripping mechanism would be damaged so the mount would not grip the cell phone.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this item because of the clamp design, but now that I've actually used it, it's perfect. Ironically because of its simple design, I don't see any way that this mounts clamp would brake; I mean unless of course there's an accidental damage done by myself or a passenger in my car, but other then that I feel like this item will last for ever, and for such a great price (7.99) you cant go wrong.

I'm just briefly going to mention a few other things I found were very good. The flexible arm is actually stiff enough that the phone stays right where I adjust it in all driving conditions, and the suction is made of this gel like material that has amazing grip.

So yes I def recommend this item.

NOTE: Also wanted to note that unlike many drivers I don't mount my cellphone​ on my windshield, I actually place the mount suction face down, in the middle area right by my shifting stick. It's a tiny area where I can just get enuff suction from the mount that it will stay in place. So if I can place it there, then on the glass would be a peace of cake.

Long review I know, but I want to make sure this helps anyone trying to by this item. At first I noticed that the clamp would press down on the volume or power buttons but after a little adjustment of the phone placement that was fixed. The good thing is that the clamps are so strong that even if you have to hold the phone with just two of the fingers of the clamps grabbing the phone it would still be good enuff to hold the phone without dropping it. I have a Google "Pixel Phone".
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on July 12, 2017
Update 8/28/17
The company read my updated review concerning the suction defect after 2 years of use and contacted me to give me a new one. They informed me that the new generation holder has been improved. Phenomenal customer service. After two years I never expected them to reach out for something like this. They have won me over and I have bought two more as gifts
Bought this in November 2, 2015. It worked great since than. It did have a little wobble as you drive but nothing that would bother me. But today after 2 years the suction part just completely detached from the rest. Seems like the sun may have taken a toll on it.
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on January 14, 2017
Hi y'all, I've just had this clip for a few days, but I already love it. I have mine attached to the windshield and it is not going anywhere. I was in a rental car for a bit (long story) so I had to move it back to mine. And it was easy to move (just use the little tab to get the sticky suction cub to unstick) and now it's once again solidly attached to my windshield.

However, if I could I would give it 4,5 stars... For 2 reasons: One, as others have noted, I agree that this should not be attached to the dash. I think the combo of the sticky material and most textured dashes will not work. But for the windshield 100% recommend... Nada for the dash. The other reason is the clip... I have mixed feelings. I love how solidly it holds my iPhone, but I wish I could get my phone in and out of it with one hand. I can't. The clamp is just too powerful to pry open with just the phome in hand. This may end up being a good thing, as I shouldn't be messing with it anyway, BUT... Well, I want what I want.

Meanwhile, I'm on a tight budget... And the price was AWESOME! The quality is superb. I love how solid it feels. And I love the flexible, yet somehow solid gooseneck. It stays exactly where you put it. I'm able to position my phone where I can easily see the navigation, but it in no way obstructs the windshield. LOVE IT!

In short, great price, great quality and great function when attached to the windshield!
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on April 11, 2016
After I took it out from the box, I just had to unscrew the ring, pop the grip and screw it back with the ring. Then just install it. Easy. Five mins total. My only complaint on this is that the grip doesn't always stand up well and I had to adjust the stand into certain angle to make it displayed at the correct angle. Overall, it's still a solid buy for the price.
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on April 28, 2017
I was slightly skeptical when I bought this BUT MAN! This is sweeeet! One of the best mounts I've used.
Can be used with my 5.5" size phone w/case - Moto G4 Plus.
It can fit my large Garmin GPS too.
Fairly stable on rough roads.
The suction cup is a sticky type so I had to use a circular base mount to the dashboard first.

I have not gone through summer yet - so I will have to update then - since other reviews show that there can be some goopy mess if it gets too hot.

Update - I have gone through summer with this. I use a windshield UV screen protector - so no direct sunlight hits my dashboard and I also normally leave my window slightly open to prevent heat buildup.
With this in mind, my mount did not fall over or lose connection to the base. No goopy residue. So this is great! Works well in summer.
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on February 18, 2017
This portable car mount is fantastic. After more than a month of using it consistently I have only had one issue with it. It has gotten a little loose. But it is easily fixable. All you have to do is retighten it and it works like new. I have had to move it a few times and it has not worn down. It remains flexible yet strong. It currently holds up my Motorola Nexus 6 with a big case and it carries it without any problems. I highly recommend this car mount as I cannot find any issue with it I just recommend that you mount it closer and lower to you on car windshield, and don't be scared to move it as necessary. It is easily removed and reinstalled.
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