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I got this 128 GIG card to use with my new 2017 Kindle Fire 8 inch Tablet. So far it has worked perfectly with my tablet and it has automatically installed all of my Kindle books, all of my Audible books and many of my apps onto the SD card. Please make sure that your Kindle tablet is properly setup to use the SD card for storage. Those settings are seen by swiping down on the Kindle screen, touching storage and looking at the slide switch settings on the lower part of the screen. Turn all of the slide switches to the ON position which is to the right. I show that setup page in an attached photo.

I do want to point out that while this SD card has worked perfectly, not all of your apps will transfer to the SD card. I had about 17 that would not go onto the SD card and they consumed an amazing 12 GB of my device’s internal memory. I simply wound up deleting those apps once I played the game. This is not the fault of the Kindle tablet or the SD card but a problem with the way the application is written. Several of the apps were over 1 GIG in size.

This card has worked well and I simply plugged it into my tablet. I told the tablet to erase the SD card to make sure that it was empty and I simply downloaded my items from Amazon. They were automatically installed onto the SD card. I used 50 GIG of SD card memory for 1180 books, 106 large apps and 42 Audible books.

I own about 100 SD cards and I always do a speed test to verify the reading and writing speeds before I install the memory. I particularly did this on this card as the web page and the packaging do not list the speeds which is very unusual. The card checked out OK but it is not the fastest SanDisk class 10 card I have ever tested. The fastest write speed on this card was 45.886 MB/Sec and the fastest reading speed was 47.426 MB/Sec. I have attached the graphical test data for your information. I used a USB 3.0 port with a USB 3.0 card reader for the test. I have tested SanDisk Ultra cards that were twice as fast as this one.

Overall, this card worked well and I rated it five stars. If I have any future issues I will update my review.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2015
Works perfectly in my Dad's new Fire tablet. Now he has enough memory to store his media. Anyone who buys the $49 Fire tablet will need extra memory, and this SD card is a perfect match. All you need to do is insert the SD card into the slot on the tablet instantly recognizes it, there is no formatting needed.
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on October 5, 2015
The slot for the MicroSD card is on the upper right side of the device; covered by a sliding shield you push aside gently with a fingernail. It's similar to the shield covering many cellphone power outlets. Actual insertion should be gently done (never force card) by placing the metallic stripes on the card inside, face down and completing with a small push.

There is a manual on the Fire: Go to Settings, find Help, Search for "Insert and Manage MicroSD card" The manual has detailed illustrations and instructions on installation and use of the MicroSD card.

The available memory is slightly less than the advertised memory; that's usually the case with memory cards for various reasons.

One thing I was disappointed (well, two, if I count the lack of a tiny plastic case for the MicroSD card when it's not in the Kindle. This used to be almost standard) discovering I couldn't directly download my Kindle books or my Audible audio books directly to the card. For me, with the Fire's limited data storage and my 30Gb plus audiobook collection, this is a big drawback.

The whole point of the MicroSD card was to enable me to store most of my audio books (or a great many) on the device for when Internet access was unavailable - which is often given my occupation and travel. I suspect though, I will be able to transfer via usb cable.
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on October 4, 2015
Got it today for my Kindle Fire 8. It was delayed by a couple of days from getting my new Fire 8. The previous review said not instructions on how to install it. True. But please, I googled "how to install the SD memory in my Fire 8" and quickly got the answer with pictures. There is a little plastic plug over the opening. Use you finger nail to gently lift and push to the side. Hold the Kindle with the on-off switch at the top, SD card hole on the right top edge. Insert the SD card with the indent facing up. Gently click it into place. Then pull the little plastic cover back over the hole and snug it down. The Kindle knows what just happened and walks you though the options for using the card. Greatly expands the storage for movies, pictures and other large files. Really easy to install. Highly recommended.
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on February 21, 2016
I skimmed the reviews and haven't seen a similar problem noted anywhere so maybe it's just me. You can't save books to the card and read them through the Kindle app. (Apparently) the Kindle doesn't see the books on the card. I downloaded an app (ES File Explorer) that reads the files on the SD card. So, to read a book (or any document) saved to the SD card, I have to have the app saved to the Kindle (not saved on the SD card which is default), open the app, access the "documents" category, open the book and read the book within the app. To get the book onto the SD card in the first place I had to transfer it via USB like I would to a flash drive. I spent about an hour on Google figuring out how to get all of this to work. I'm not sure if this is all common knowledge and I just missed it but it was quite the hassle to figure out. Alternatively, you can just leave everything in the cloud and pull it out when you want it but you need wifi for that.
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on December 15, 2015
The card itself has no permanent problems, and performs as advertised, however it is not ideally formatted for use with Fire tablets. The card has a very large allocation size and because Amazon stores the videos from its own store as nearly 20,000 smaller files per video, each downloaded video will use approximately 30 percent more storage than the video app indicates. Meaning that if you have maybe 20 Amazon movies stored on this card, about 35GB of space will be wasted. This can be solved by loading the card directly to a computer, and reformatting it with the smallest allocation size available for exFAT, 8192 bytes. Then you'd only waste perhaps 300 MB over 20 downloaded films.
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on March 12, 2016
Update: Amazon told me to return the card because it was defective - a bunch were. I did and they claim it was never received. However, the other item that was in the box, the other defective card, was. But they only gave me a partial refund on that card and none on the one that was twice the price. They basically stole $60 from me and I am not happy. Stick with an iPad or a real Andriod tablet. Stay away from Amazon.
--New Update: after a complaint to customer service, I received a "good will" full refund. At least I was compensated but this should not have happened. If these were made for Fire Tablets, they should work. They do not.

Worked for the first three months just fine. Then, my Fire tablet said the card was "unrecognizable" so I put it in my computer and it "needed to be scanned to be repaired" which did not work. I contacted Amazon who sent me a replacement (a 16 GB version - I bought a 128 GB) and it did the same thing. First, it was fine. Then, it was not recognized and then corrupted. Before I tried the new card, I reset my Fire as the tech support recommended and didn't install any apps.

I usually go-to SanDisk SD cards. These cards are damaged in some way. When I plugged them into my computer, they said "Generic Card" so I can't help but think these are actually knock offs that either SanDisk or Amazon has produced.


I replaced this with a PNY 128GB that is $15 less and I have had no issues. There is a Samsung micro SD that costs the same but comes with an adapter you can use if you need to plug it into a computer. I would avoid these at all costs. As I read reviews, others have had the same issues. Same your time and money and look elsewhere.
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on October 29, 2015
My big beef is that I can't store books on the memory card. That was really why I bought it. I think they should say out right it can't be used for book storage.
Otherwise it was really easy to install on my new 50 dollar tablet which I love.
Cannot be installed on the hdx 7" tablet (which I bought in July, not knowing these cheaper versions would come out) . I was disappointed about that. But with the newer version and the card, I will live quite well.
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on March 21, 2016
It is always great to have extra storage, got here when the arrival date told me it would and it fits in perfectly.
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on July 26, 2016
I got one of these and a new Fire (2015) on Prime Day. I've spent all the time since they arrived with Amazon, trying to determine where the problem is. Amazon has a couple of trouble tickets going (no word, more than a week later) and I've been doing a bunch of experimenting trying to isolate whether it's the card, the, the software... I'm now leaning strongly toward the card. (Particularly after seeing some of the other reviews...)

I had issues downloading my content to the card. It's hard to say, just from that, what the problem was. I did a few hard resets & things didn't improve. I then took out the card (just in case) before doing the dreaded factory reset of the Fire. Re-registered & put the card in. It went from "Music" and "Books" to "Other" and didn't give me a count of anything. Then I noticed that books I know I'd downloaded (do them in alphabetical order to keep my place) were suddenly NOT on the device (card). Then Storage said "Other" and "Books" but only showed about half of what I'd downloaded. (The PC showed the correct number of books on the card.) A few days later (still waiting to hear from Amazon on those tickets), I looked at the card again on the PC & the total was WAY less than before - even less than the number of books the Fire claims it has (by a significant amount). I hadn't added or deleted/archived anything or even been connected to Wi-Fi.

So, after looking at so many other 1-star reviews & seeing so many failures, I decided to call SanDisk myself. (Before I did, I tried their little product recommendation link I found in someone else's review. Interesting note - Amazon is NOT listed under brands, nor is the Fire listed under products.)

I spoke with a Nick & gave him the brief rundown of things disappearing, etc. He consulted his supervisor & came back and told me they do NOT have any cards made especially for Amazon - they work in anything. There's nothing designed for the Fire. Yet, the product description from Amazon clearly states:

Exclusive "Made for Amazon" SD memory card - the only one tested and certified to work with your Fire Tablet and Fire TV

Someone's not got their facts straight....

And, he told me to reformat & try again & if it doesn't work, they can replace it. Given all the other reviews from people who have claimed to try that & it continues to fail, I think I'll opt to return it. And, I think I'll be buying a different brand of SD card from now on. And I'll try one in the Fire & see if my other issues persist. Given that both the Fire and the PC are now not seeing things that should be on the card, I'm thinking the card's the problem. (Which isn't to say the Fire isn't partly to blame...)

Very disappointing experience. And I'm really annoyed at the advertising falsehoods.
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