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on April 24, 2016
 I was surprised at how much I like placing my car mount in the cd slot. Normally I place the mounts on the dash or windshield. The cd placement allows for easier access and doesn't block any view of the road.

This has adjustable height and width.

What I like:
- Snug fit
- Fits small to larger phones
- Sturdy
- Easy to remove if needing to load a cd

I'm not a fan of cd slot mounts over windshield or dash mounts. I don't know why I waited so long to use this sort of product. Should have gotten one a long time ago. This was sent to me for an honest review.
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on October 18, 2015
I purchased an IPOW previously which was very good but I had also purchased this one, the Bestrix CD slot one as I was intrigued with the CD slot mount vs the AC vent. I feel as if this is the best mount for the following reasons: 1) it's the surdiest hold. I have a iPhone 6S and like the horizontal view. This mount allows for that and doesn't budge despite bumpy driving. The IPOW is equal on the vertical hold as this mount but horizontally, it does not hold up firm being tied to the AC vent. the screen always dips downward when going over bumps but not the Bestrix. 2) The button to widen the arm clasps functions a tad smoother and sturdier than the Ipow when removing your phone. 3) Being in the CD slot, my phone is perfectly centered. That slight distance closer to me makes a positive difference for ease of accessing my phone screen. 4) it comes in dark, or black color so it's more discreet, plus it just looks like it came with the car. 5) Lastly the owner wrote me after my purchase sincerely asking for feedback, which I felt was a nice touch. I had told her she should make a Youtube video on how to installl since it comes with no instructions. That said, the install was intuitive and it is the best in the market. Lastly, someone said they didn't like that it didn't have a padded backing... I don't find this to be a con. It is some sort of fabric material, plus my phone is in a case so that is moot anyways to me. I'm going to buy a couple and give away as Christmas gifts. But, I've had 3 different types of phone mounts and this one is the best. **UPDATE** I feel an obligation to the owner to correct my mis-statement... I received an email with very clear instructions but I missed it... Note, even with what I thought was a product with missing instructions, I still gave this 5 stars and with my error, would give them 6 stars now if I could. Please accept my apologies Nina. One thing I can tell with this developer, is they care about their customer's experience. Good luck amazon Shoppers!
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on January 27, 2017
Simple the greatest cellphone holder ever!! Practical, beautifully designed and it's never in the way!! I drive a Mini Cooper space is key in my car. This product solve my issues with my phone,that I used for everything, GPS and hands free talking.
review imagereview image
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on April 8, 2017
I have tried a few window mounted phone holders in the past and never found one to be sturdy enough to not vibrate and not distract me while driving. Also, I didn't really like the fact that it obscured some of my view of the road which was also a negative. After looking at alternatives I tried a vent mounted holder but that was not good for me as I live in NE and winters here are cold. I need my heating on and that would heat up my phone. I'm sure it was not good for my battery. I eventually cane across the CD mounted holders and thought I would give it a try. I drive a Toyota Tacoma and my CD player is located near the upper half of my dash. A prefect location for the phone as does not obscure my view and is pretty much at eye level.
Installation if the Bestrix was easy. No need for any installation instructions, although it did come with some. For my vehicle I did have to use one of the thicker shims that came with the holder to keep it firmly in place inside the CD player.
Pros: much more sturdier than other designs while driving. Phone does not vibrate annoyingly
Phone does not obscure view of road
Easy insert and removalet of phone and holder
Easy to rotate device
I can still play CD while mounted!
Con: it will still vibrate over bumpy roads. I think for my vehicle if there was a thicker shim than the ones provided it would resolve the problem. But this only happens on bumpy roads.
The cradle At the bottom of holder does not extend out as far as I would like as my phone Samsung s6, is in a case. But it does its job anyway.
Overall happy with purchase. Hope it lasts!
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on February 1, 2017
This is almost like the story of Goldilocks. I've been through many (car) holders for my phone over the years mostly of the windshield / suction cup variety and each one always had problems. If the arm was long enough to put it within good reach, too wobbly, suction cup failing from the heat of the sun (im in S. Fla). and about a year ago I came across a holder that fits into the never used CD slot in my car, I thought it was a great Idea especially if it doesn't damage the CD player. The first one I bought I used for the better part of 6 months or so and had no complaints other than it didnt really pivot side to side so the angle was straight on which made it a bit tougher to see and manipulate without looking away from the road.

Over time I started noticing more CD slot mounting units come out to mixed reviews, I settled on one seeing that it could pivot from side to side but was hugely disappointed by how cheaply it was made and how poor it fit and held into the CD slot. I returned it and ordered the Bestrix and while it may not be as sturdy and well built as that very first one I bought, I can't really complain about a single thing with this device, It simply does the job well. I've had this unit for 6 months or so now and it is holding up perfectly. I just bought a second unit for the wife's car (I was originally gonna give her my old one) but at this price, it's silly not to give her one she can see and use with ease. So yeah, now I own two and couldn't be happier. This really speaks a lot for Bestrix and what a fine product they have here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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on April 25, 2016
Installation a breeze, even without the emailed instructions (nice touch by the way). Can be easily removed, a feature no so with my earlier vent mounted one. Love the low profile.
Vent mounted holder blocks air flow and care had to be taken to keep phone from over-heating in cooler weather. Same with dash mount on sunny days. Cd slot mount keeps my phone out of the heat, dash sunlight and glare. Can be installed in reversed position, depending on location of cd slot allowing full access to radio buttons. Works perfectly in my Honda Fit.
Especially like the release button on the back. To release, put thumb on front of phone, forefinger on back just over release button and squeeze gently. Holder slides open easily to remove phone and stays open until squeezed shut. One-handed operation, whereas my old holder required two hands and was not easily adjusted for different sized phones.
Almost took away one star as it bounces at bit on rough roads, however phone & holder stay firmly attached. All in all, the best phone holder I've owned, and I've had several!
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on November 23, 2016
The ring that secures the phone-holder to the base has become loose within a few weeks of usage. It wouldn't tighten all the way on the beginning and I thought that's just how the design was. But now it is so loose that the phone holder wobbles and changes position everytime my car goes over a speed bump or pothole.
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on July 9, 2018
Just grabbed an iphone X and an Otterbox case (Symmetry series). I had shelled out a bit of money for a magnetic qi charging car mount, but the magnet just wasn’t strong enough and the phone kept sliding off. I have never had luck with vent mounts- they’re either cheap/weak, or in the winter the heat output is directed at my phone and causes it to overheat. I decided to go with this cd car mount and wasn’t expecting much.

Installation was a breeze and took literally thirty seconds. It came with instructions which helped. You are able to install it either “right side up” or “upside down”- upside down just means the phone sits below the cd player, whereas right side up means it sits higher. Upside down worked perfectly for me as it only obscures the car stereo dash buttons and I use my phone for all car audio anyway. Upside down installation also keeps my phone out of the way of the air vents! This thing seems very secure in the cd holder and I’m pleased with its ability to hold my phone. If you have a thick case/phone, it might not work for you- mine is not very thick, and seems like it’s just at the threshold of a good sized fit for this mount. I also really like the button release, so I don’t feel like I’m constantly messing or tugging on my phone or the mount.

I only took one star off because it does seem semi durable but the plastic seems a little on the cheaper side, so I’m not sure if this is a long term quality product. But my initial impression is pretty great and I’m actually much more pleased with this than the other $60 magnetic mount I was using prior to this.
review image
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on June 18, 2018
I had high expectations and I really wanted this to work. I have the Galaxy S9 Plus its slim and have a slim cell cover. This holder states it is universal it has the flexibility to open wide with a push of a button which I liked but the cushioned side holders do not hug the frame fully than there's the issue of the bottom holder which keeps the phone more secure this area has two prongs and it extends I liked that it extends but the two prongs keep my phone from sitting flat because they are not flat they curve in and the frame of my phone sits on that curve. It may fit without my cell phone cover but it will be unprotected so that's
Not an option. Maybe is not universal. I had to purchase another one with a bigger cradle and prongs that were flat not curved.
UPDATE: I initially gave this product a one star but will change it to reflect four stars. Please be advised this product reflecting a one star does not reflect the company's excellent customer service. This product I will not consider Universal so one needs to be cautious when ordering however, the company was willing to satisfy me and offered several options to keep me happy. It's seldom you find good customer service these days for that reason I will be changing my one star to four stars. The company needs to be informed on what product works
best for their investment.
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on August 11, 2017
This product arrived in a timely manner & in good shape. It functions as advertised in my 2017 Subaru Forester along with my iPhone 7. My lady friend liked it so much that I gave it to her as a gift & she's now using it with her older Samsung Note in her 2015 VW Tiguan. It's great for when you're using Google Maps or Verizon Navigator for driving directions because it holds the phone conveniently close by & you don't have to take your eyes off the road as much to follow the on-screen directions, which makes your drive safer as well! Now I just have to get another one for myself!

Update: I now have purchased another one of these car mounts for myself and it works as well as the first one. I'm keeping it in my car to have handy if I need to use if for a Google Maps or Verizon Navigator route assist to a destination!!
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