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on June 18, 2016
I absolutely will not use clay litter for my two cats. I did try the crystal style litter for a couple of weeks (my cats aren't difficult they will happily use whatever litter is in the box) but I hated the sharp crystals tracked all over my home. One of my friends was using the wheat litter and I never noticed scent in her home so I tried this as the next alternative. One of my cats likes to nibble on the wheat litter when I fully change the box or top off what I've scooped out every few days. I notice the extra fiber they get from paw cleaning helps their stools which is nice for my older cats. That would be my only caution if you have a gluten sensitive cat that may eat it out of their paws when grooming. Mine don't so it's not an issue.

One of my boys has a kidney issue so he urinates often. I was scooping too much out and because it doesnt clump quite as well as clay litter you end up with a few dirty urine bits back in the box. My solution to minimize that is to lean the box to one side and collect what is clumped on the bottom vs sifting through and that is working much more efficiently. I scoop twice a day. Slight to no odor.

I LOVE THAT IT IS FLUSHABLE! Honestly that is a huge selling point.

On my 4th bag now and don't plan on switching!
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This is an excellent choice for litter boxes in smaller living spaces. I live in an open floor plan apartment, so there's no where to go to escape the smell of used cat litter sitting in a trash can. sWheat Scoop not only works well as a multi-cat litter (good clumping and odor reduction), but it's completely flushable, so the problem of lingering soiled litter smell is greatly reduced.
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on April 24, 2016
This stuff is pretty amazing. We have two cats who share a really oversized litter box that I made for them out of a giant plastic storage tub with a lid. It was taking 60lbs of clay-based litter to fill it to 2 inches deep (the recommended depth for cats to be "happy" with their litter box). The clay litter needed to be changed completely every two weeks, even though we scoop religiously every day, or the smell would just overwhelm our garage. Swheat Scoop was recommended by our vet due to one cat developing allergies. We were skeptical as all getout, but willing to give it a try. First of all, I can tell you that it only takes 1 25lb bag of this product to fill as much space as 60lbs of clay. It smells great coming out of the bag, like a grain elevator in a farming town. The cats took to it right away with no problems. Urine clumps up just as good or even better, and feces smell disappears immediately after the cat buries it (of course if they neglect to bury it, the smell lingers). Scooping is about the same as clay, although it seems to take just a little longer for the Swheat to fall through a regular scoop. We might look for one with slightly larger slots. The BEST thing about this stuff??? It really eliminates odors, at least to us it does. We have now experimented several times, and are consistently able to leave the Swheat in the litter box for 3-4 weeks (again, scooping religiously EVERY day), the smell never gets too unpleasant, and the cats continue to use it faithfully. We just keep adding a small amount to make up for what is removed that has clumped with urine or attached to feces. All in all, it has been a great switchover for us and our cats. It's a little spendy, but it lasts longer, has less dust, a pleasant odor, and yes, apparently you can flush the clumps down your toilet (this is something I would never do, though). The price on Amazon Prime, which saves shipping and tax, makes it a substantial savings over buying it at a local pet store. Highly recommended product!
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on March 20, 2018
I buy a LOT of stuff from Amazon, but I write hardly any reviews. I had to regarding this product. I have 5 cats that are all rescue cats, but one. With six litter boxes, we were really looking for a more natural litter that wasn't dusty and didn't track. Odor control and clumping was a plus too. I saw this product, loved the idea and most of the reviews and gave it a try........unfortunately. I put this product in the two main litter boxes that are used the most, as a trial. After using the 75 pounds I bought, I have determined that this may be the worst cat litter we have ever tried. First, it tracks like crazy. It is made of wheat, so imagine clumps and crumbs of urine soaked "cookie dough" everywhere. We have large litter mats in front of all the pans and we STILL have cat litter on the carpets, the kitchen floor, the beds, the window sills, you name it. We vacuum constantly. This stuff is VERY sticky when wet and the cats always have it stuck to their feet. The stickiness is an issue when cleaning the pans too. It never clumps hard, but remains moist and like glue on the sides and bottom of the cat pans, requiring a good deal of effort to scrap the pan clean. (BTW - I would NEVER flush this stuff down a toilet with a septic system! That would simply be asking for an expensive repair.) It is heavy, wet, and is not cost effective at all. The next big problem is the smell. Admittedly, it does a good job of masking the urine smell.........with it's own sickening urine/wheat combination smell. We've had cats for most of the last 40 years. We used to place rescued litters at our family business. We are very used to cleaning cat pans. The smell from this stuff almost makes me gag and my wife just can't stand it. I don't like perfumed cat litter, but this odor is worse. Lastly, and more importantly (and the push I needed to write this review), two of my cats have developed pretty severe skin allergies, resulting in constant licking and hair pulling......creating large hairless areas. We have never experienced this before. Our vet thought it was a food allergy but was skeptical. We tried hypo-allergenic foods to no avail. I had to dose each one with anti-histamines each day, and even that did not completely stop the itching. Removing this litter from the equation has dramatically improved the condition. Their hair is starting to grow back (in a different color! LOL) We never thought that cat litter could be the issue, until the vet asked about any litter changes. All in all, I would not recommend this litter. When I changed litter, I had to scrub the pans with soap and water and a rough sponge. Some of the dried on spots required scraping with a cedar shingle. I'm using a non-tracking, non-stick kind now. I like it much better. I know I sound like a real complainer, but I'm really not. This is just a bad product. At least it is for us, and our cats, and I thought other cat lovers should know of our experience before buying this. It is really too bad as this seems like such a good, healthy idea.
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on January 20, 2016
I was looking for an environmentally friendly litter other than "World's Best" when I found this, and was very happy with it. Very little dust - even when it starts to "break down" over time. And virtually NO smell, which is the best part about this litter in my view. I can't stand those perfumed/"cover-up" chemical smells that are part of so many clumping litters. And (for my nose at least) the World's Best takes on a kind of sour odor that lingers even after the boxes are scooped out, and grows stronger until you empty it and replace it with fresh. I was emptying and refilling the litter boxes much more often than I liked - not to mention more often than I could afford at the price.

Bottom line - if you're looking for a flushable, environmentally friendly litter with minimum dust and no smell, this is it. Like all lightweight litters, however, this one gets tracked very easily. So don't expect to be able to put aside the broom & dustpan.
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I got little little tiny gnats when I started using this litter and cats hated it. Thought I would mix it with my World's Greatest litter, but cats would not use it with this in it. Terrible at clumping and no urine reduction smell either. Stupid enough to buy it twice and put one bag with Tidy Cat on the patio as my one cat will only use Tidy Cat and it got moldy due to humidity shortly after I put it out there, it is an enclosed lanai. Save your money and buy World's Best Litter in the red bag, my one cat doesn't mind it and it is the BEST. My other cat I have to use Tidy Cat, he doesn't like the World's Best. The new changed 4 in one strength Tidy Cat does the job for him (black label)
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on May 4, 2017
Have been using sWheatscoop for a long time. Faithful customer here. Works great, absorbs great, controls odor great!
If you are a cat owner, you know that it doesn't matter the litter, it will get tracked to some degree, but that comes with the territory.
My only complaint is that it does create dust when I clean the litterbox. I keep the littlerbox in my craft room, and anything very close to the box needs to be dusted often. Still, this is my preferred litter for my cats. I like it much, much better than clay....
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on April 8, 2017
love this stuff, it clumps well, flushes down septic systems. We use it to toilet train smell and flushes well
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on March 3, 2016
I always use Sweepscoop for my cat's litter pan. It's easily biodegradable and easy to scoop.Also, I am able to recycle the plastic bag that it came it. So nothing goes to the land fill.
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on April 22, 2016
We purchased this litter to use with the LitterKwitter system since it's flushable. We have used this for about 6 weeks and here's the breakdown:

Odor - barely any but not as good as our old clay litter
Clumping - Hardly but maybe it's the design of our litter pan but this litter will break apart easily and a standard litter scoop doesn't get it all
Flushability - No problems there
Dust - No dust at all
Tracking around the house - It's actually worse than clay. This litter sticks when it gets wet so if our kitty has been playing in the bathtub and then gets in his litter he will track it everywhere. I have to sweep every day. It even gets in my bed.

Would I buy again? I already have. It's perfect for what we need right now during this training period. However, if we were to go back to a litter pan, we would go back to clay litter.
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