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on August 29, 2017
I wanted to like It's a Tea Potty. I'm a first time cat owner and the reviews for this litter looked so good that I thought we should give it a try. I hoped it would be as good as Next Gen Green Tea (which we love), since it's a similar product though less expensive. Here is my experience with It's a Tea Potty. It does track. I think all litter does. The pellets are small, light and hard. It doesn't clump well. It doesn't smell like tea or wood; it has a chemically smell. It does not mitigate cat odors. Most importantly, my cat doesn't like this litter. She tears around the house the a madwoman before and after she has to use her litter box. I'm disappointed.
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on May 11, 2017
As for kitty litters …. well, let’s just say over the years I quite literally have run the gamut! Out of sheer frustration with litters which make empty promises, and in my relentless search for something more environmentally sustainable, I recently gave Hinoki wood & Green Tea litter a try. The price was almost a deal breaker, but I reasoned that if it performed as reviews suggested and the description for use indicated, it might just be the logical choice. So, I decided to give it a go.

First: It does clump!!! Priority #1, as I do not have all day to sift through the litter, and the urine smell is really the big offender (high ammonia content, et al.). It might be a bit ‘goey’ at times, if removed while still very fresh, but this stuff really forms a tight enough ball to be removed with gentle sifting actions. One might have to search for a scooper with holes or slots of adequate size to accommodate the litter characteristics - kinda like All Bran cereal (pardon the analogy) - but, this is a minor hiccup. A major plus is that there is no goop on the bottom of the litter pan. As long as the fill level is maintained at the recommended height, the pee clumps before it ever can reach the bottom of the pan. Contacted the company out of curiosity about what is used as clumping agent: potato starch. As long as you scoop daily, the clumps can be removed without leaving a mess in the pan.

Second: You actually can dispose of the urine balls by flushing!!! I was very reluctant to consider routinely doing this out of fear of clogging the pipes, etc. But (and to my amazement), this product rapidly dissolves into an easily flushable ‘slurry' within seconds of hitting the water!!! No more collecting all the 'pee balls’ into a separate bagging system to be disposed of later while the odor begins to permeate the room (especially in the more humid summer months). I am soo-o-o-o relieved that this is now a thing of the past!!!!!!!

Third: It TOTALLY eliminates any urine smell! Even though I fastidiously scoop twice (sometimes 3x) daily, I could still smell the urine odor from my male cat’s contributions. But, with the Hinoki & Green Tea formulation, the pee balls form tightly enough to be removed with gentle sifting action, and there simply is no offensive odor. On the other hand, poo is poo…it’s just gonna smell a bit until the Hinoki and green tea have a chance to neutralize it. Then, simply nothing; no smell.

Fourth: The tracking is minimal. I’m a realist, and litters are just going to have some tracking, no matter what. But, this is less than all others I have tried (clay, walnut, Okocat, Feline Pine, etc., etc.). Although I tried a clumping pine litter (Feline Fresh) just prior to this, it did not clump very well for urine removal (broke apart easily); really did not neutralize the urine odors; and it tracked a fine dust in addition to the litter particles throughout the closest two rooms to the little box... not the home run I was looking for. Enter Weruva, and problem nearly entirely solved. There are but a few granules within two feet of the box, and that’s about it. Easy enough to sweep and put back in the box. Essentially dust-free.

Fifth: That this is environmentally friendly is icing on the cake, to borrow an expression. It makes me feel good to know that I’m not adding yet another stressor to earth’s fragile eco-system by choosing this litter, and that it is ecologically being sourced.

In short, this is the real deal! This cat litter holds the bar against which others should be measured. Feels like I have finally found the Holy Grail of cat litter!!! Truly the best cat litter I have ever used. For what it’s worth, I rarely take the time to write about products -good or bad, but I felt I needed to make an exception in this instance.

P.S. - Went through one 11.7 oz. bag between two large litter boxes (6 adult cats) in about 3 1/2 - 4weeks. I only wish the product was offered in larger quantity: 15 -20 lb. bags. (May be an import issue as this is sourced/made in Japan.) In lieu of that, I'd like to see a discount offered for purchasing more than one large bag at a time...say, 10 - 20% (?).
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on January 23, 2016
Ohhhh how much I love this litter! I've been on a litter journey for about a year and a half now. My cats have gone on the ride with me with no complaints or aversions (thanks, kitties!) as I try a zillion different litters to find the best for odor control but also not super dusty that'll harm my cats or me.

I was a World's Best Cat Litter gal for awhile. Then I got another cat, increasing my household to 2 kitties and I found it to be not as effective for us. I also noticed little weird ant bug things that would appear around the litter and I wasn't cool with that at all!

So the search then continued and I found this litter when I was checking out my local pet store. A worker there recommended it to me soon after they first received this product. "Wood and green tea??? Yeah...whatever. I doubt this'll work", I said to myself. But low and behold, I was so surprised!

As soon as you open the bag, you can smell how fresh and clean it is. The pellets are a little big and remind me of rabbit food. They do track, I've noticed - probably because of their size. The freshness of the litter is great for odor, as one of my cat children tends to drop bombs frequently. When I scoop, the smell is gone and the litter continues to remain fresh. I've even had guests just comment on how fresh the bathroom smells and are amazed when I tell them the contents of the litter. It also has good clumping ability.

When it hits water, the litter kind of turns into a mush and sort of dissipates. I do flush this litter, but I let it sit in the toilet for a sec to help "soften" the pellets before flushing.

The only reason I'm docking this product a star is because of its costs. The price for an 11.7 lb bag is fairly high. I wish they would knock it down a few dollars or so. Even at my local store, it's around $24 but after taxes, it's around $26 similarly to the price on Amazon so I just order it now to avoid carrying it home as I have back problems and I don't have a car.
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on December 26, 2017
Not sure how many will be cross shopping SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter with this but if you are here's my take on them. We were using SmartCat but decided to give this a try. The litter is larger as the pieces are pellets. It doesn't track anywhere near as much as SmartCat but it does track a bit. Instead of getting it all over the room adjacent to the litter box and some into rooms beyond we only get a few pellets in the same room as the litter box. It does not clump as well as SmartCat but well enough to sift which takes a bit more effort with our scoop due to the size of the pellets. SmartCat doesn't really have any smell but Weruva's does have quite a bit of a scent especially from the hinoki.

Our cat generally doesn't care for strong scents and at first he preferred using the litter box with the SmartCat litter. When both boxes were switched to Weruva he sometimes tried to go just outside the box. However, with a bit of bribery (positive reinforcement & treats) he fully converted without issue. Some cats are much pickier about this sort of thing and may never convert. A previous cat of ours wouldn't use anything other than Fresh Step. Just be aware if your cat is picky about litter.

EDIT: 4 month update, taking 1 star off. We had to switch back to SmartCat as one of our cats is allergic to Weruva's litter which also produces quite a bit of dust, exacerbating the problem. After switching back I realize how much more tedious Weruva's litter is to scoop. I can scoop up the SmartCat litter and the fine grains fall through the slits in the scoop on their own with no (or very little) sifting. Weruva's litter requires a scoop with large slits for the pellets and even then it requires a lot of sifting which is an issue because it doesn't clump strongly and sifting breaks up clumps.

Here's a technique for Weruva litter that I found works relatively well by minimizing sifting: Use the scoop to lift out a clump and the surrounding pellets. Empty everything on top of the litter in the box. The loose pellets will fall away. Then gently scoop up the clump. This works best if your cats don't cover they urinate so you can see the wet spots on the surface. Otherwise, you'll have to gently probe with the scoop to find clumps without breaking them.
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on July 8, 2016
This is the best litter I've ever used. I have three cats (two large litterboxes) and this is the only litter that controls the smell - you can have your face right above the box and there is no stink. It's amazing. Unlike other litters, it doesn't need to be thrown out every week - I can get a month out of one 11-pound bag (I add more as needed). I had to get new scoops because of the pellet size (I was using regular litter before), but it was worth it. The only minor issue is that it doesn't clump extremely well, but with the odor control it doesn't matter that a few little pee pieces stay in the box.
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on May 8, 2016
Dustiness: 1/5 (can be dramatically improved to 4/5 with some effort, see below)
Scent: 5/5
Odor Control: 2/5
Clumping Strength: 1/5
Tracking: 2/5


This is not a litter for everyone. If you want a clumping litter, this fares poorly (not as effective as clumping clay litter). If you want a dust free litter, out of the bag this is poor but if you don't mind some extra effort this can be a litter as dust free as you can find. Being dust free is my absolute top requirement so I don't mind the huge hassle to make this as such. My reasons and detailed review are as follows:

DUST (1 out of 5 directly out of the bag) (4/5 after some dust removal effort)

Out of the bag, this pellet litter is dusty. I've used Ever Clean, Smart Cat and Precious Cat clumping litters prior to Weruva and Weruva is as dusty as the above mentioned clay litters. How did I know? My bathroom has black flooring and black tiles, and the moment I poured in the litter, against the black background, I noticed a very distinct plume of dust cloud. Moreover every day when sweeping the area around the litter box, the orange dust is unmistakable. It is not as dusty as Ever Clean nor Precious Cat (which I gave a 0/5 rating for being hopelessly dusty).

That said, I have managed to dramatically reduce the dust with some effort. I bought a metal colander with about 5 millimeter small holes from Chinatown for about $5. Take a scoop of litter, pour it into the colander (make sure your colander is over your trash bag and not the litter box!) and give it a good shake and swirl. You'll be surprised how much dusty and fine particles can be shaken out. Only after shaking out the dust did I pour the pellets into the litter box. I repeated this VERY tedious process until I obtained the desired amount of litter (I took a long time) but the result is a significantly less dusty litter box. It's an effort I'm willing to go through, as a dusty litter is bad for your cat's and your health. I stopped using clay litters completely primarily due to the dustiness. I did not give it 5/5 as there is still some residual dust but it is almost negligible.

SCENT (5/5)

The wood scent is very strong when you first open the bag, but it fades significantly when sat in the litter box. It never goes away though.

The strong scent means a period of adjustment is necessary. My cat was super curious about it when the bag first arrived in the mail. I didn't need to open it for my cat to catch a whiff. For some strange reason my cat thought it was food and gnawed at the packaging! When I first mixed it into her existing clay litter, she spent the first few hours sniffing it out. I watched her nervously for the first few minutes as she came close to eating the pellets a few times. The strong scent of the wood also put her off her litter box for a while (I only introduced about 10% to her litter) and she held off doing her usual business for a few hours. But once she peed/pooped in the litter box with the new Weruva litter, it was all good. When first introducing a new litter, it's advisable to mix it into the existing litter rather than leaving it as the top most layer. You want your cat to learn this new addition is litter, and they'll get it when they see their old litter mixed with the new stuff.

I took my time to transit my cat to 100% Weruva cat litter. After the initial introduction of about 10%, I stopped adding the old clay litter, and only topping it up with Weruva. I took a whole month to transit and I'm glad I didn't rush it, as my cat has absolutely no problems recognizing Weruva as litter. My cat grew up using exclusively clay litter (and two weeks of using very fine silica crystals after her spaying operation) so she has only known fine sand-like particles as litter materials. Many people have tried to rush their cats to accept a totally new litter material and texture, it should therefore not come as a surprise their cats reject 100% Weruva and go back to what they're familiar with.

Another potential issue with the scent is that because the Japanese cypress wood scent is so strong, you'll soon associate that natural fragrance with cat litter. When that happens, you may never want anything to do with this wood material anymore!


The strong wood scent masks rather than eliminates odor. It masks pee odors easily but cannot completely mask poop. If kitty pooped, you'll smell it for sure. If your litter box is next to your sofa or near wherever you hang out, this won't be for you.


It's described as a clumping litter but does not clump like clumping clay litter. With clumping clay litter, you usually get a round ball of clumped pee. With Weruva, I got a huge amorphous mushy lump. It looked like the pellets dissolve upon contact with pee and coagulate partially into a lump. As this is a pellet form (rather than granules), the pee spread over a large area, so the mushy lump is HUGE! It's also very soft and breaks apart when you try to scoop it. I spend A LOT of time picking out the smaller clumps that have broken off whereas with clumping clay, it's usually a 5 second deal of scoop, shake, dump. With Weruva, it's more like 5 mins of scoop, break apart, scoop, shake, dig to look for loose bits, scoop, dump, repeat.

Because the pee clump is so big, it chokes the litter scoop, and you'll end up dumping clean litter sitting on top of the pee clump too. That's a lot of clean litter wasted. So I now scoop all the way to the bottom of the pan, scoop up the entire chunk and instead of dumping it straight into the trash, I actually flip it back into the litter box. I know, this sounds insane, but hear me out. The clean litter that was sitting on top of the clump is dislodged but the mushy clump remains. I can then gingerly scoop just the clump out into the trash, then proceed to pick out the smaller bits that have broken off. It's far from ideal but doing so has reduced wastage and has actually made cleaning the litter box faster (but still nowhere near the speed of clearing a clumping clay litter box).


Tracking is surprisingly bad given that the pellets are big. Every time my cat uses the litter I would never fail to find pieces tracked around the house. So from a technical point of view, I have to rate it's tracking badly. BUT in my opinion it's not a big problem as the pellets are large and orange. Spotting them is easy (they're usually right where the litter box is and where your cat likes to lounge) so they're not as big a headache as granule clay litter where you may not even see where they've tracked.


This litter is not for everyone. If you want to use it straight out of the bag, know that you'll have to deal with the dust and the poor clumping. If you're willing to put in some serious effort, you can minimize the dust (still can't help the poor clumping). That's really important to me, so I guess until I find a clumping litter that is not dusty, I'll continue to use this.
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VINE VOICEon July 21, 2017
We keep the litter box in a front room, and you can tell when it needs changing. We also wanted a biodegradable litter, and this fit the bill. It does a good job in controlling the odor, and since it is a pellet, not a clay litter, it doesn't get scattered as much.

4 stars because it's rather expensive and not available. I had it on my subscribe and save list, it will ship in one to two months.

Great. By then, the cats will be on strike. Seriously, good stuff if you can find it.
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on November 15, 2016
I think this is much better than World's Best. Here are some reasons:1. last so much longer, I buy this about once every 5 months for one cat (I scoop daily), I didn't even have to wash the litter box during that time. 2. little to no smell, with the world's best, it had a weird funk. 3. very very little dust, I used to see "corn dusk" paw print all over my furniture. 4. I think my cat was allergic to corn as well, no more IBS issue, so I have happy. One small issue, these wood pellets doesn't clump too well in liquid, it can break apart.
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VINE VOICEon March 7, 2018
Edited to add: It was time to order a new bag of litter so I put one in my cart to be shipped once I selected whatever else I wanted at this time.. While in my cart, the price has increased almost $5.00. I posted below that the price was already high for the amount of litter one gets so I'm switching back to Dr. Elsey's. Also, over the course of using up the bag I reviewed below, I've come to like it less. It tracks and is not all that much better than any other litter. I do appreciate companies trying to develop healthy litters though because a good litter is worth seeking out. I look for value for the money and don't compromise on our food, etc. but for now I'm skipping this litter. Too much money for one month's supply. Finally, it really doesn't smell like my shower mat perhaps because it is much more processed. I usually use an item for a while before reviewing and wish I had done so with this litter.

Okay, I admit I got a little heartburn over the cost of this litter but I have a Hinoki shower mat and it smells heavenly Hinoki Wood Shower and Bath Floor Mat, Large. With every 40 pound bag of clay litter I bought, I'd swear something had to be done because each 40-lb bag felt heavier than the last. Since my cat eats Weruva food, I thought I'd give this It's A Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea Litter a try. So far, I'm committed to spending the money. First of all, it's lighter and I can lift it. Imagine that! I like the fact that the litter is a natural substance, made from waste Hinoki wood.

I scoop daily anyway and add a little of this to the litter Mediterranean Gold Cat Litter Odor Eliminator (Large, 11.64 oz) so I don't notice much difference in whether or not the littler smells. Still this litter is so pleasant to use and it clumps. Perhaps It'll go on sale sometime and I can stock up because I think I've finally settled on a permanent litter. I gradually changed kitty over and she had no objections, thank goodness as I like this even if I'm not the one having to use it LOL! I also like the fact that Weruva is committed to developing cat healthy products. BTW with one cat, a bag lasts me 5 or so weeks. She doesn't dig and bury her waste so it's easy to scoop, therefore, litter may last her longer than a real digger. Regardless, I like the litter.
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on July 7, 2016
Smells great, cats seem to like it well enough. It doesn't really clump... & when it does, the clumps break apart when you try to sift it with a scooper, so I ended up wasting a bunch. It doesn't really track when you first use it but the more the cats break up the pellets, the more it gets stuck in their toes. This bag lasted me almost 2 weeks with 3 cats.
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