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on March 3, 2014
I am by no means an expert in the realm of booster and car seats but I noticed a lot of negative reviews on here that are based on people not being informed. I thoroughly research these sorts of things before making a decision as my kids safety in the car is paramount. First I would like to address it being flimsy. Its designed that way for a purpose. Its not so much flimsy by flaw. This enables it to follow the velocity of motion and give in the event of an accident. The child is secured with the vehicle belt, so they will not stay in place as with a five point harness secured to a rigid car seat, so this would be of benefit that it would be able to follow the child. As to it moving around after installing... its a booster seat with NO anchors. Of course it will move, the idea of a booster is to lift the child up into position so that the seatbelt fits their body correctly. Its the job of the person buckling the child in to make sure the seatbelt is snug enough that the child and seat don't move around. If the seat can slide around with a child in it while buckled, it isn't on tight enough. This seat is a best bet pick by the NHSA for the fact that it has been rigorously tested and IS safe (when used right). Just make sure when using it with the seat back that the shoulder belt doesn't cross the neck or below the armpit (per the manufacturer in the manual). Make sure to put the lap belt on snug against the child and not over any heavy garments and the seat will not move...

Besides the above information, it was easy to assemble and looks like cleaning will be a breeze. It is a hard plastic seat (but aren't all child seats?) But the pad is thick and my two boys seem to like them a good deal. The real test for comfort will be this weekend when we make a two hour trip one way to see family. If I remember, I will update this with how the kids fair comfort wise since that is typically a concern for most when making a decision. I should add that my kids are car babies and like to nap when we go places, and the plus to this seat is that with the back in use the head supports make great "pillows" holding them upright vs falling sideways in the seat.
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on September 27, 2016
Seats are comfy, super quick buckle up, cup holders are easy for my autistic twins to use. Three seats fit easily in my Ford Explorer.
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on May 25, 2016
Great booster for a child that has outgrown the 5 point harness type. Please, recheck your seat's weight/height/age limits on a regular basis to ensure that you are using the appropriate carseat/booster. I would also like to address a serious SAFETY CONCERN! In reading reviews here, I couldn't help but notice 2 reviewers pictures of IMPROPER/UNSAFE use!! I'm posting a screen shot, in hopes that others don't make the same mistake. The one reviewer was unhappy with the uncomfortable position her child was in while sleeping in this booster seat. IF it's used PROPERLY, the child is perfectly comfortable.
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on July 21, 2015
I chose this booster because of the good safety rating and because of the good reviews. I also loved the design, the cushy back, the one-hand adjustment, and the sleek design. I can't tell you how glad I am it doesn't have big, bulky drink holders. My son thinks he's a big boy and he loves it. The seatbelt seems to fall perfect. Now, I'm a worrywart. I'd much rather him be in a 5-point harness. I check and recheck that he's in this seat right. But he and his dad convinced me he was ready for his big boy seat, so here we are. If he has to grow up, I'm happy with this seat. He just turned 4 and is 41 pounds.
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on April 9, 2014
I bought this seat to fit in a narrow seat space (squeezing in with 2 other carseats across the backseat). It is 17.5" wide at base--so a key selling point which met our needs. The raised arm rests make it easy for my daughter to find and reach her buckle (clarification: the arm rests do not rotate up, by raised, I just mean a space between the seat and the arm). [We also installed a 3" buckle extender which helps her with buckling herself since the seats are squished together--it fits with this seat--another selling point, since it did not fit our other booster seat.] The height adjustment is very simple with the release lever easily accessible for parent, located at the top center--important if using for multiple children/carpooling. This seat is lightweight and was easy to assemble out of the box. There is not much padding in the seat for child's tush, but for around town it is not an issue; if you were driving long distances, I might consider doing something about that. I also recommend protecting your vehicle seat from the underside--I noticed a small indent in our seat after using it for just a few days.
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on September 20, 2015
I bought this car seat because I was looking for a narrow high back booster to fit three across in the back seat of my minivan. We own a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan and the back seat is very narrow (for a family car), probably around 50 inches across. We are expecting our fifth child so we needed to fit three across the back. We actually bought two of these car seats, one for my 40 pound, almost 5-year-old boy, and one for my 51 pound, 7-year-old girl. These two car seats (combined with an Evenflo SureRide in between them) fit the back seat perfectly.

I like that the car seat grows with the kids. Since it converts from a high back booster to a low back booster, they will probably be able to use this seat until they are old enough and big enough to ride without it. The cup holders are a nice addition to the seat, and they are placed in such a way that they do not add width to the car seat.

My son has fallen asleep in this car seat. The sides of the headrest come out to provide some cushioning on which the head can rest. I've seen car seats with more substantial padding around the head, but my son does not have a problem falling asleep in this seat. Also, I have not had a problem with him slumping over when he falls asleep. This may be because of the placement of the chair or the preference of the child.

We were also very happy with the price of this car seat. It met all of our needs for the car and was priced in the mid-$30 range.

Overall, this is a great car seat. We would highly recommend it.
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on February 8, 2015
I have this seat for my oldest daughter. She's 8 and fits very well in it. The lap belt is on her thighs and the shoulder belt is on her shoulder where it's supposed to be.
I want to make an very important note to all the people on here saying they're buying this seat for their 2-3 year olds. Please don't put your baby in a booster seat. Boosters are made for children over the age of 4. Your child or grandchild would not be safe in this seat as a toddler.
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on December 13, 2016
The second seat for second child, and we decide to give older boy the new one, he is already too tall for the first position. I bought open box, It come without manual book but you could found at [...]
So just in case someone looking for it. Good luck.
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on February 7, 2013
I bought these seats for the design and overall specifications! I looked for weeks to find the perfect one. I bought two the pink angels and blue angels for my two kids in January 2013 around the 15th and received them around the 24th! My son is almost 7 and my daughter is a little over 3. They both fit in the seat perfectly! I love how easy they was to put together (less than 10 minutes each), installation in car was easy as well as removing them, and cleaning care. I haven't used the booster without the back, but love the fact that they came with a seatbelt guide for them! I have been using them for two weeks when I got my new van. Don't let the simplicity of them fool you I can attest that they are very safe. Yesterday we was in a major drivers side impact I was pinned from dash collapsing and the door caving in and my door cut off to remove me. Both of my children got clean bill of health at the ER (the ER staff was impressed how union juried the kids was & that I used high back boosters unlike a lot parents who do the booster only option) walked away without a scratch, bruise, or even soreness! Me on other hand not so lucky. This is a great product and now that I have to replace these due to the accident I am defiantly buying them for a second time!
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on August 12, 2016
I purchase two of these for my nephews, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality for the price I paid for them. They seem well made and are easily moved between vehicles. I also purchased a third in a different print, and they fit 3 across in my '16 Honda Odysseys third row, which made me VERY happy! They also fit three across in my sisters Chevy Traverse third row, however it is a very tight fit to buckle them in.
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