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UPDATE: 6-10-17
I'm posting An updated pic which shows my eyes before using this product to today (Mesa than a month later).

One of my eyes are swollen, but you can visibly see the bags have essentially disappeared beneath my eyes.

I'm sold. This product is the real deal!

WOW! Seriously, wow!

I started using this on May 19th. I'm using this and thei eye gel by TruSkin. I am 38 and began to get very baggy eyes and lines around my mouth.

No matter how much sleep I got, water I drank, and coconut oil I used, they stayed. And this bothered me a lot. I've been trying to handle this for six months.

I found this product on Amazon and decided I had nothing to loose. I started using it a week ago.

I took a picture of my eye lashes (as I'm using a lash booster and wanted to track that progress). I just took another picture tonight -- LESS THAN A WEEK LATER.

I didn't notice my lashes, I notice HOW AMAZING this product is. My eyes aren't so baggy and the lines around my mouth are diminishing!!

I don't know if it's the serum or eye gel, so I'm leaving this review for both.

I am wearing no foundation, powder or concealer in both pics (eye makeup that I forgot to wipe off in the right pic. But def nothing under my eyes). The pictures have no filters and are not retouched in any way.

I cannot believe this is after one week. I can't wait to see it after a month.

I paid full price. I have no affiliation with the seller and get nothing from this review, except hopefully helping others to SEE the results. I hope this helps someone :)
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on October 25, 2016
LOVE THIS PRODUCT. At nearly 70 yo it's hard to find something that vanishes the under eye lines, wrinkles and puffiness ("bags" actually) but this product does all that. No kidding. For someone at any age, this product is a miracle. Wish I'd discovered it long before now.
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on April 9, 2017
I got this product because I am not one of those people that if I stay up too late, or I cry, or I was drinking, that I have dark circles. I have them NO MATTER WHAT. And by darks circles, I am talking nasty gray/ black triangles under my eyes. I have been using this product for a month now. I took before and after pictures. I have used several products to try and get rid of them and this is the only product that I saw ANY difference. Now, it did not magically get rid of having my dark circles since I was 6 but like I said, I did notice a difference. I took 2 different lighting pictures and I had been out in the sun the day I took the after pictures so I do have more colour. Be careful when you are pumping to get the first amount out because I was pumping and pumping to get it going and a whole pump came out and I felt like I used half the stinking container. A tiny bit goes a long way.
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on April 29, 2017
I have the worst dark circles. It got to the point that I was too scary looking for my students at the university I teach. Figured I needed to try an eye serum and gel. Found a good deal with TruSkin Naturals and love their product. My under eye dark circles seem to be lightening up. I look forward to seeing more progress!!! Included is a before (left) and after (right)
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on January 19, 2018
You know what they say - in order to see if something worked for you stop using it. That's exactly what happened. I'm 58 years old and I thought my eyes looked "tired" all the time. One had a persistent bag underneath it (who knows - maybe that's a sinus issue) and I had some darkness and light wrinkles. Based on all the reviews, I decided to try this.

I loved the way it felt going on and how easily foundation could be applied over it. I never really tracked for improvement, I just really liked the feel of it around my eyes. When I finished it, I tried to order another bottle but it was out of stock. So, I decided to try a different product - you know, always looking for that little miracle in a jar. What I have noticed is the difference in my eyes from not using it - not good. Needless to say I'm moving back to the TruSkin Eye Gel now that I see it can be ordered again. Yay!
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on April 9, 2017
Wow, I love this eye gel!! I am a new mom and sleep deprivation is an understatement. My eyes were looking very tired, puffy and my dark circles and crows feet were coming out in full force. I had to stop using my previous skincare regimen due to being unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding! I'm so glad I found something safe and natural that actually WORKS! The eye gel is's got a cooling sensation that helps reduce puffiness and my dark circles I've had my whole life are almost diminished. Great product, great company! Definitely worth trying and especially for the price. Thanks truskin!
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on July 2, 2017
THE BEST EYE GEL!!!! I really love it!! I love the texture and the dark circles have little by little faded away. The puffiness has reduced quite a lot!! My look looks more rested. Honestly, I have tried so many products for the zone under my eyes, and this is definitely my favourite by far!!! I would highly reccomend it and definitely buy it again!!! I would also like to say that I have never encountered such an awesome custumer service in my whole life!!!! It's the best customer service on earth!!! I received so much attention and care from their part. I have never felt so pleased!! THANK YOU ERIcA FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE ATTENTION!!!
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on September 10, 2016
This has got to be the best eye cream I ever tried!!!! I work in the beauty and skin care and I can use anything and I do from cheap brands to prestiges brands that cost 100's of dollars. With little or no results. So I figured I would research eye prod. Lead me here to Amazon it got great reviews and was so cheap in price I Love it!!!!!! Where have you been all my life! Now I will get the hole line of Tru Skin products! Thank you.
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on January 19, 2018
These products are top quality and do what they are supposed to do. In addition, the customer service is exceptional. I always come back for more of their products and anxiously await any new products. FYI, if anyone happens to have dry cracked hands this winter, use the Vitamin C Moisturizer on your hands before bed. I woke up to silky, smooth hands without any more crack on my knuckles! Awesome! Simply Awesome! Quality in a class all its own. :)

My eyes are no longer puffy with dark circles! Which I have had since I was a teenager. I am 47 and my eyes are back to normal. I will never stop using this product.
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on February 23, 2018
I love the TruSkin Vitamin C Plus serum as well as other products by this company. However, I'm on the fence between 2 stars and 3 stars for this Eye Gel. I bought this a while ago. I tried for several weeks, and didn't see much improvement. At the time, I wondered if I had too many other factors going on with a stressful life for this to make much inroads. I rediscovered this staring at me in my medicine cabinet and decided to give it another go. I washed my face, used the Vitamin C serum, then this. This gel actually stings my eye area a little, and not in a "it's working" kind of way - more of an uncomfortable, unpleasant irritating way. I haven't seen any difference in my eye puffiness or fine lines.

I understand products work differently on different people. I reread through the reviews on here and am just scratching my head over the miracle reviews. I'm not the type who will cross paths with a cute guy on the elevator, and if he says hi to me start doodling his name and my name intertwined on my notebook. I don't know, maybe I should and get rosy and excited over everything. In all honesty, this product didn't come close to being doodled on my binder, but hopefully it truly did it for the others.
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